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  1. This just reminds me about those kids at Columbine....
  2. ^ Tell me what the name of the Tommy gun is? I hate it when people say ohhh My favorite gun is the Uzi and the Tommy Gun and they have no idea what it really is! Btw it was the M1A1 Thompson
  3. Nice... Who in there right mind would bring a gun into the Magic Kingdom
  4. No its all gonna be 24 all day and night! yippie! I actually Lied about Clinton Photo Op! Didnt Vault used to called Slurm or Splurge or somthing like that?
  5. Hillary is AWESOME I hope to God that a anything but a republican is voted in! Btw she did a photo op on Golaith Why didn't Ctu Agent answer my question?
  6. Donut cause fat people can't resist me! What would happen if Chuck Norris and Godzilla had sex with jesus and there Jizz mixed and created somthing great?
  7. 1. Dont make a whole new form for a simple question 2. Post a reply 3. Scroll down to the Add Photo, Video, Or Other Attachment Bar 4. Hit Browse Find your park 5. Add
  8. Actually I like the M16A1. It has good range and can take a beating!
  9. I need some objects for a coaster is there any 3ds software out there I could use Gravimetrics 3ds software is good but my 3ds always comes out grey so any help?
  10. couple of weeks ago when was the last time you drank starbucks?
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