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  1. Looks like Krypton Coaster is pretty sweet, but to be honest, I've ridden a lot of floorless coasters and they're not my favorite style. I think I might like Kraken the most out of them, but I'm not sure.
  2. I'm all about Blu-Ray. I pretty much only try and buy things on BRD, anymore.
  3. Why not call it Santeria? It's in keeping with the Mardi-Gras theme they have now, since it's basically just a combination of Voodoo and Catholicism. Of course, there's all of the death curses and dolls, and candles and oh wait a second... Those who practice Voodoo already do that stuff as well.
  4. My parents gave my wife and I a Wii fit this year. I'm really happy cause it pretty much rules.
  5. Since Wes linked to this thread, I'll go ahead and resurrect it. This is the start of a 1/2 sleeve that was supposed to be finished already, but my artist keeps re-scheduling: Then I have the original EPCOT Center logo on one calf, and snoopy hugging woodstock on the other. For now.
  6. Wow. These are so awesome. Keep 'em coming.. pleeeease.
  7. Q1) Are you Male/Female? Male Q2) How old are you? 27 Q3) When you go to a theme park, do you prefer riding wooden roller coasters, or steel roller coasters? Depends on the ride. Either way I like aggressive rides. Q4) Of all the different roller coaster trains, which do you prefer and why? Seated, standing, inversion etc… Sit down, no restraint preference Q5) What’s your most favourite ride? Probably Maverick @ Cedar Point Q6) When your on a roller coaster what do you think is the most THRILLING part of the ride? (Gives you the biggest bu
  8. Why would you go and ruin their conversation like that? I guess i just don't get it - if I was talking about something anywhere, and some know-it-all busted in to the conversation uninvited to correct me, I'd tell them to go f themselves.
  9. Yes, you are - The S&S coasters, perhaps? Oh, and the mag brakes are passive, they only help slow the train down, there's no pulling the train over with those things..
  10. Clipper's Loose Cannon is probably #1 on my favorite beers right now, followed by Magic Hat no 9 and Imperial Dortmunder. However, I discovered this the other night: http://www.breckbrew.com/beer/smallbatch.html Breckenridge 471 Douple-Hopped pale ale. It made me fall over it was so great. What I'm waiting for though, is my local "69 Taps" is getting in Dogfish Head 120 Min IPA on draft next month! -Josh
  11. It can ALWAYS be worse... http://www.rcdb.com/ig460.htm?picture=17
  12. Did anyone else notice the woman in the original video they described as a "frequent patron" at that particular BK, was... well... she certainly fit the description. Or am I just an a-hole?
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