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  1. I'm out here as well...Flight Deck just broke down. I'm also in what sounds like the same fleece jacket
  2. Had an awesome time last night hanging out with the gang! I'm on for round 2 tonight! Here's a few taster photos from last night. I can get used to this FAST! Overweight Lord Surprise Goldy ERT! (Taken in station before boarding)
  3. I'm not going to lie...the visual scan at SFDK looks downright ridiculous and hilarious. I'm waiting for SFDK to throw in the audible "Visual Scan" with their insanely noticeable salute and panning back and forth...
  4. Probably less painful than Green Lantern. Shoot, I'd take Colossus 100x over Green Lantern again. I might even consider Ghost Rider over Green Lantern Call me a masochist but I actually loved both Ghost Rider and even Green Lantern! I've riden it twice and had similar results on each ride. They really aren't what people make it out to be (when it comes to being awful). I had far better experiences on those 2 coasters compared to my "credit" ride on Revolution at SFMM. Ready to ride GL (or any ZacSpin) again...preferably unbalanced!
  5. The ultimate YOLOcoaster...I've seen these floating around on Youtube from time to time. I can only imagine the head rush one would get if they remain inverted when going through the valley...Seems like it would be really forceful. SFMM should get one of these installed in their former Deja Vu spot...would be a nice compliment to their carnival Sling Shot.
  6. They did "Knott" mention anything about 2014 attractions, and there wasn't much they could say during our Q&A. There was plenty of Knott's "Haunt-ness" to share though!
  7. I'm going to be completely honest here. Be prepared for lots of lines! But you can still get a lot done! I highly recommend you actually hit up the back of the park first. You can get Zombie High, Corn Stalkers, and Toy Factory done with very little wait. Everyone's going to jam to the "headliner" mazes which will be CarnEvil, Slaughter House, Dia De Los Muertos...Werewolf Canyon and Madame Marie's are what I call the borderline of the heavy crowds. Eventually crowds disperse afterwards and the lines more or less even out through the park. Are you a pass holder?
  8. So, now for the writeup on our SCBB visit on 9/21/13! Rain was threatening but did not stop us (or anyone else) from enjoying a day at the 'Walk. We all still had an awesome visit despite UT/Deck Ornament not running. Here's some highlights of our visit. - TPR member Blue Fire Guy and I had a little competition on Ghost Blasters. Naturally we both aren't very good at this ride so both of our scores were low. This was the first time I had actually "won" on this ride though. (It's not easy to film and shoot ghosts simultaneously) - Wipeout fun! We found that doubling up actually gave this ride more momentum and with both of us leaning in sync at the right times, we were able to get this ride to pretty much whip us around upon command. I love this thing! - We attempted a Clench 'n Squish on Rock-o-Plane. Tight squeeze, more momentum on getting flips going. We primarily concentrated on mimicking a top spin and just balancing our cage upside down by locking/unlocking our cage at the right times. - After the rain cleared, though still not the nicest of days, we decided to hit up Logger's Revenge. Were there always misters mid drop? That got us pretty wet. - Shorter S&S towers rock! Still not as good as the puny Larson/ARM tower we did at the fair but still really fun! - Crazy Surf...'nuff said! - Fun in Fright Walk. We had 2 Fright Walk virgins in tow so visiting was a must. Video uploading and will be available here: - Tilt-a-Whirl (which gave me an awesome ride last year) left much to be desired this visit...no real whips or spins. - After all of my praise of Fireball, we got 2 'dud' rides as we got all the low swings on the ride's finale. Still better than the Zamperla Nitro I did at the fair this summer. - Single train op on Giant Dipper left lines spilling out of the building. It moved fast however. -Lastly, I still have yet to land any rings in the clown's mouth. My rings came within inches of the mouth however. With threatening weather according to Wunder, it doesn't look too bad! Or so I thought... ... A well-lubed Highway 17 ... Arrival in Santa Cruz. I think I'm making it tradition to eat at the Santa Cruz Diner on future SCBB visits...great food and great price! And we've arrived at the 'Walk! And I don't see any rain either! The gang...ready to blast some ghosts! ... Ready to roll! (Not our scores) ... Double fisted ghost blaster! Many people I've ran into are completely unaware of this ride. It lives hidden tucked in a corner in the "Pit" section of the Boardwalk. More pix later! Time to ride what I'm calling "Tsunami Soaker." Not to be confused with SFDK. It had actually started to drizzle while riding Tsunami. After being crushed at Knott's (riding their Wipeout) it was my turn to get revenge She's smart for riding solo Jeff is freezing his butt off And it has arrived...good old wetness! Quickly we take cover. That will be $5 if you want to stay dry! Taking cover... The rain is just pouring here! Thankfully it was only just a quick passing shower. But it would have literally been a shower, just needed the soap and we're good to go! Meet Deck Ornament. Classic carousel time! Ready for rings! Also ready for rings! Rings: The Clown After lunch we decided to hit up Haunted Castle...another great dark ride, one of the only 3 dark rides in Northern CA. Control panel nerd shot... Now for some Undertow porn! Translation: It will open when it opens and not any time sooner. :o No Angry Gumball, these aren't gumballs! And the rain's back again! Top Speed 55mph....nope! Honestly, it felt like it was actually running about this speed today. Despite the lack of airtime the ride was giving, it sent me flying around! Laterals are insane on Dipper, which is why it lives as my #2 woodie! Wipeout! Reminiscent of a Jackson Pollock painting! The entire ride cycle captured in a still image! I wish this were my bedroom window More Haunted Castle! Nope, not Summer anymore! Fireball with it's lighting package...looked pretty neat! ... Time to get heading out and take on what will be an amazing meal at the Santa Cruz Diner! 'Nighty night SCBB!
  9. Well, yesterday was a great day at CGA! Haunt is near completion but still lots to go from what I saw! Here's some notes from the day. - Short lines for Gold Striker...rode total of 7x! Could have very easily done more but with the rest of the park dead, it was inevitable to take advantage of no lines everywhere! - Walk-on Grizzly ride...We ended up paying for it though as we were held captive in the brake run for 5 minutes...Snooze time! The ride itself really wasn't too bad. It's the horrid dispatch times that make me avoid this ride like the plague. - Ran into Flagg o' Dim and rjvader as we headed toward Gold Striker. We did a few rides with them. - Of the rides we did, Flagg, rjvader and I got completely drenched on Logger's run. We had the 2 of us heavier riders in the back of the log and the lighter one up front thinking it would be more hydrodynamic but nope! Epic SKLOOSH time! Not once but twice! - Mini ERT sessions (no leaving seats) on Flight Deck and Drop Tower - Lots of Haunt stuff up but still what appears to be a lot to set up within the next few short days. So here's some random photos from the day! Oh man...so crowded! Why did we pick such a busy day?!? Beautiful day to be riding Gold Striker! ... Haunt is in the air at CGA as Friday creeps closer by the minute! The Gauntlet. That Trending Now sign looks out of place though. Crowds were just pouring into the park. At first I thought this sign said "Knott's" With insane crowds like this, I was able to snag a front row ride on Flight Deck! Let's play a game here. It's called "Count the Empty Rows"! This was a common site today. Some more "Haunt-ness" in the park. Be excited! Artsy Fartsy shot of the Von Roll With short/no lines, We couldn't resist taking a flight on the flyers! This sign became the center of our conversation today among our group, after reading on CGA's Facebook about Centrifuge and how riders were unaware of any signage on this ride and seating the larger rider outside. We call it "Your sign's too small: The Ride" We even got to ride Psycho Mouse in the early afternoon as lines were short! Normally at this time the queue is 3/4 of the way full. Something's missing. And I know you can figure out what ride we're at... Just after our ride, the line magically grew and yea...make it a 30-40 minute wait. Zombie High still looks like it has some work to be done. I think I see facade work to the lower left. Toy Factory looks like it's gotten some changes. Boo....why does this ride have to be down? Well, I did ride a surperior one down at the 'Walk the day before (better as in, faster movement, cool lighting package and music, all in the dark). Haunt flowers from above...nice touch! Another look at Gautlet heading back up. Soon this will be full of fog and crazy clowns! ... Hi Jack! And what we really liked: the "Ride Grave Yard." Wait, what's he doing here? A look at one of the new mazes from Star Tower, Dia De Los Muertos (DDLM) DDLM signage And the long, snaking queue. I wonder how full this queue will actually get. Hearse on Inverti-garden...very fitting! After being soaked by the log ride...Flagg o' Dim is still ringing out his shorts. rjvader...was this an acceptable amount of wetness? Let's take a ride on this... I'm going to take an outside seat (refer to my seating diagram I posted on here: [Ouch!] [Whee!][Whee!] [Ouch!] ) Why? YOLO! Let's do this! (I'm not looking forward to this... ...(These restraints look pretty gross) Maybe taking row 1 won't be so bad... Bang Ding Ow! (Yes, the front outside seats sucked.) Some more Haunt-ness...Something's probably goofed on the sign though. I thought it was Madame Marie's Massacre Manor. VooDoo ChopHouse is their special meal they have going on. Slaughter House signage...can't wait! CornStalkers now lives on the opposite side of Barney's. And it will utilize Barney's queue for the maze (which seems like it will work out rather well!) Alright CGA, time to call it a day and grab dinner! One of our groupmembers (JeffyJosephNorcal) won 4 basketballs with 5 shots...let's be annoying GP and dribble! Until Haunt....See you soon!
  10. Believe it or not, that was one of my iOS 7 camera filters. I like it a lot!
  11. Fun day at the 'Walk, will post my write up probably tomorrow evening. Long story short, UT remains a concrete deck ornament, or what I call a "Roller Coaster Statue."
  12. Ok that works better, as long as I keep my swipe vertical
  13. I have a feeling that some people may run into a few snags with the fingerprint scan. I'm assuming it's utilizing the same technology as many of the other fingerprint ID-ing systems out there. At my work, we clock in and clock out via fingerprint and sometimes the device has difficulties reading...Most of the time the scanner window just needs a good cleaning/wipe down and it's good to go. Some people however just have trouble getting it to read. iOS 7...getting used to it visually. Still looks strange, particularly the icons. Also, I don't know if any of you guys have had this hiccup but I seem to have difficulties getting the bottom slide up feature (quick access panel) to actually slide up. It seems as though I have to have my finger on a super precise spot. Yup, that little bar in the lower center is what I have to work with and its 'hit detection' is rather minimal. Lock screen looks nice now! I don't know if it's so minimal due to how close it is to the 'slide to unlock' hit area. Once it is open the panel itself is pretty sweet, no fumbling through my settings to turn on WiFi, brightness, etc.
  14. I wish I got around to riding it more (2 rides for me is not enough for me to soak in my ride experience) but from what I recall, Zonga was pretty intense...not what it was supposed to be since it became a botched Schwarzkopf... As far as what's fresh in my head...I'm going to have to go with Monte. Loop wasn't crazy forceful, but sitting in that last car, going full speed up the back spike...Some good height and a good sudden positive...I actually brace myself for the sudden/sharp upward curve. I've ridden one other shuttle loop, which was Tidal Wave at Great America. I only rode once but I don't recall it being as intense as Monte (I always heard that the fly wheel launches had quicker acceleration compared to the weight drop models).
  15. Well, tomorrow I'll see SCBB's concrete deck ornament for the first time...Bummed that it won't be running but at least there's an awesome collection of flat rides to hit up before they go into limited op mode. I'm assuming that when UT does open, it will be part of limited operation mode as there would be no need to go into offseason rehab as soon as it opens.
  16. We actually did see some signage in Riddler's queue during WCB. I thought it sounded like a neat idea and should be a pretty neat event. Now I wonder how many winners were chosen, or how many ERT riders will be present.
  17. Is the parallax effect really that hard on the batteries? I'm going to turn mine off and see if there's any improvement. It's neat but subtle that I probably won't even notice the difference.
  18. Wow, that was some fast construction! This looks like it will be one of the best Wing Coasters to date.
  19. Some more moments during WCB! - Riding YOLOcoaster for evening ERT...I get elbow punched by Blue Fire Guy when hitting the brakes after having ejector airtime. This isn't the first time he has punched me on a ride, and this was on the opposite side of the face -Scream, during WCB...my group had just completed our lap and when we approached the station, we overshot the retractable floors. In short, we broke the ride. Even the ride op asks us if we broke it. We then slowly inched our way backwards until we were lined up. -Triggering sensors on Timber Mountain Log Ride...all just by raising our hands. I'm sure you all remember the "SIDDOWN!" from before. The pre-recorded voice is still present and was rediscovered by accident when one of my friends reached up as she stretched her arms (it was a long day) at saw mill room. Suddenly I hear the "SIDDOWN!" voice. I realized that her stretching tripped the sensor. In the next room (dark cave room) I raised my hands for the approaching drop when I hear the same thing. Again I found the sensors going up the final lift. On our next lap (this was during ERT) we all raised our hands and began waving them...suddenly I hear "SI-SI-SI-SIDDOWN!" The stutters worked best in the cave room (first drop in total darkness). Was a hilarious way to end West Coast Bash! At the end, I imitated the voice in front of the ride op when he asks "Are you guys playing with our sensors?" in a joking way
  20. Same cat, different spot...She still loves pinball!
  21. My afternoon ride on Full Throttle during WCB. I wish SFMM did more with the photo as in at least putting the ride's name on there. Even the on ride photos have the incomplete feel
  22. It definitely felt tamer. I actually find a puny 70' ARM/Larson drop tower more intense...never underestimate those little guys
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