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  1. I'm sorry that you read it that way, I'm all for proper fastening of the restraints in a safe manner, so that riders won't fall out. But I don't see why stapling the riders in a forceful manner makes the ride any safer then just closing the restraints so that they are snug without the additional extra force. The only reason I had with that comment were to gain a couple of millimetres of leg-room, which makes the ride a lot more comfortable to ride, without the light bruising and crushed bladder that you were to be given before. I'm however delighted to say that since the press day the crew
  2. The newer ones, have some 'X' shaped plates between the seat pillars underneath the seat itself. Just one of the things that have been evolved of the design of these trains to make them lighter/stronger/easier to manufacture/maintain.
  3. Helix opening day!! So yesterday were the grand opening of Helix, didn't really bother with the ribbon cutting and speeches, but arrived a little later to enjoy a day at the park. But there are images and videos available from Liseberg themselves. and Helix blog We also had a little blog followers meet up, which after some greetings and general discussion ended up on a ride together on Helix, which may have been one of the funniest experiences ever (sorry Hans ), there is a photo of us available on: projecthelix.se The day was really great, not that much crowds in the park, apart
  4. ^ Yeah, the Lisebergbanan 2.0 seems like a good judgement on how it all is. It's something I have heard from several people, so it's must be true
  5. ^ yeah I survived, but I didn't like the feeling I got after the first ride. But I feel a lot better now. And the ride I got earlier today was the best one so far. So it's clearly getting better the more they run it. Unfortunately there are some technical difficulties so it have been broken a couple of times today Though I got plenty of images early on so there is plenty of stuff to post tomorrow I really hope that they get it running by tonight so I can get some delicious evening/night shots as well. EDIT: It was shut for 2 hours due to sensors on the brake-runs malfunctioning,
  6. I wouldn't trust the accuracy completely, as it looks like the accelerometer was ultra-sensitive. If you check out after the middle of the graph, you can see where the second launch section is. That's a completely straight and smooth bit of track yet the readings there fluctuate a lot. That one is just the raw data from the sensor, it's extremely sensitive and picks up all vibrations. But we are working on it, I'm however stuck at the last hurdle, which is to get the graph smooth, will continue to work with it on Sunday since it's the opening day tomorrow On the meet up discussed e
  7. Haven't been on either of those but they are really weak on Helix. Probably some of the weakest ones I have been on.
  8. ^ Ouch, you don't really have to go all in in pushing them down, they are a lot easier to push down than Kanonen, so no real need for all the extra pressure. Below is a quick print out of the data from our accelerometer, just the vertical axis. Will do a better one later on, but I have to do some matlab coding first Quick printout of the data from our accelerometer
  9. The second launch feels better in the back since up front it feels like you are slowing down quite a bit until the launch kicks in, in the back there is no lag It's due to that the launch can't start until the train is all on the launch track. On the launch itself, the the speed up is all in the beginning, but since the track is pretty steep and the LSM units will keep the train at the final velocity once it's reached then you don't get any feeling of slowing down until you hit the top-hat.
  10. The glitch were that if you wanted to book a ticket from Gothenburg to Kungsbacka which kost 37 SEK, you could get a ticket via Kopenhagen This gave you 4 or so hours in Kopenhagen, if you wanted to stay longer just get a "return" one (Kungsbacka to Gothenburg) via Kopenhagen again That didn't matter anyway, they really threw themselves at it with all their weight on them, and then after that gave it a quick hard pull to see if they are locked. It's weird, especially if you compare that to Lisebergbanan where they only do a visual inspection and Balder where they just pull in the
  11. ^ I agree with Simon, too bad that they have fixed their booking system glitch that could have given you a two way ticket for just 37 SEK If you drive up, then I can point you to some great parking close to the park, the free kind
  12. Thanks for the comments!! You hit the nail on the head. Both me and Andreas agrees on this, we are on the same boat, in this matter. Though I have left the boat after my first ride and is starting to enjoy it instead for the damn good ride it is. And as I said, the general public absolutely love it, I have only heard top-marks from all of them. So the review of a bunch of opinionated enthusiasts doesn't really matter at all It's a great family friendly thrill ride (it was actually weird to see all these kids running around in the station on such a major coaster ). Forgot to
  13. Helix Press Launch Event Just got back home after a great day out at Liseberg and the press launch event of the new coaster for the 2014 season, Helix!! I have to say that after almost 1.5 years of following the construction of this ride closely that I had some massive expectations of the final product. The expectations were taken down a notch or two when the park released the POV, but they were still pretty high. This close watch over all the phases of the construction of Helix is sort of a curse, and my worst fears came true on my first ride. I left my first ride, which was in the very b
  14. After a couple of laps it have gotten better. Clear difference between the trains. Front is definitely better than back in my opinion. Now for some more rides
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