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  1. I love how these people just make up random crap. It would be one thing to complain or talk about something that actually happened, but these posts talking about you doing stuff and getting banned at parks that you haven't been to for years are amazing. I think a lot of these people need to up their medications. And you'd think after ten or so years of this nonsense, they'd get bored and take up a more enjoyable hobby. Like punching themselves in the skull. You did not repost that person that claimed you stole a bus, though. That's still my favorite. dt
  2. ^That game rules. We played it Christmas Eve one year while drinking and almost injured ourselves from laughing. So much fun. dt
  3. Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere But Not Here dt
  4. Migraines every day for a week. Not fun. dt
  5. Deadpool was amazing. Will easily be one of the best movies of the year. dt
  6. Porcupine Tree - Four Chords That Made A Million dt
  7. This pre-show is indeed death, but I think the one you used to have to sit through before you FINALLY got to the movie at Terminator 3D was worse. dt
  8. Is that a assumption, a joke, or are you actually being serious? I'm being 100% serious Nobody had said anything about the ride being rethemed because The Jolly Green Giant and Grimace broke into the park, shat on the track and changed the colors either. Post Of The Month dt
  9. Above freezing during the day, and supposed to be in the '50's next week. Melt, stupid snow, melt! dt
  10. Almost a week later and vast parts of this are are still not plowed. dt
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