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  1. Cool idea for a thread. There are some really nice photos here. dt
  2. Don't really care who wins the SB at this point, just hoping for an exciting game. At least New England won't be there... dt
  3. I'm interested, but not buying one any time soon. I want to see a lot of quality stuff developed to use it before I spend my money. dt
  4. Almost three feet of snow. Not pleased dt
  5. Yeah, the stunt show was fun for one viewing. After that, meh. It's time for it to go. dt
  6. I'm going to be really curious to hear from people that rode Ghostrider in the first few years of operation, when it was one of the best coasters on the planet. Hoping for a return to its former glory... dt
  7. I saw this in the store, but didn't buy it. I will have to fix that. dt
  8. Looking forward to checking out all the stuff that's been added since my last visit, probably some time this summer. dt
  9. This is a very cool looking project. Hope to get back to European parks some day. dt
  10. Never was much a fan of this coaster, as it's just way too painful. Kind of sad to see the buzzbars go, but they can make the coaster actually not damage your spine, it's a good thing. dt
  11. Go Arizona! Really hope they make it to the SB out of the remaining teams. dt
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