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    The brown/orangish color = new post White = no new posts Vibrating/Moving Icon = "Hot" topic (usually a topic with more than a page of posts) I spend far too much time reading web boards... dt
  2. I'm wearing my "Home Of The Whopper" boxers... Dave "Truth In Advertising!" Thomas
  3. ^I'll probably smack you on the ass and scream "Are you ready for some Dirty Deeds?" in my best Bon Scott voice... Actually, you like Dream Theater and Rush, so you are automatically cool in my book, so I'll probably leave out the ass smacking stuff until I get to know you better... Dave "will be in LA soon" Thomas
  4. I'm going to go see Constantine tomorrow. I hope it doesn't suck too hard. The main character in the comic is a bitter, drunken obnoxious man, which of course is just what you think of when you hear the name "Keanu Reeves"... :? dt
  5. Rock! I'll be at the Swan in a couple of weeks, I'll have to think of entertaining things to do for the camera... dt
  6. Kanonen looks like it will be fun! Dave "we'll find out in a few months!" Thomas
  7. I should get the groom ones for when I go to WDW in March, and when people ask "where's the bride?" I can lean in close after looking around and whisper "at the bottom of the lake"... Dave "I'm sure Mare will bail me out when security hauls me away...I hope" Thomas
  8. Black Symphony X t-shirt Gray sweatpants 5 points for anyone that actually knows what Symphony X is without looking it up on Google or some other site... dt
  9. The tower at Martin's Fantasy Island. If, of course, the topic is "your favorite drop ride to cause spinal damage!" My favorite is probably ToT, or the drop at PKI. Dave "that one at Heide looks like it will be fun!" Thomas
  10. ^You can sort of, almost, see my head in that pic. Good choice! Best small park: Knoebels. There is no contest. Best Big Park: IOA I do like WDW a lot. But I give IOA the edge because of the Dragons. And Mythos... dt
  11. Hmmm...that picture looks like something the police would find plastered all over the walls of some axe murderer's home... Dave "looking forward to this park this summer...I think" Thomas
  12. I used to work in games, so I'll add some stuff. Elissa is right, get invovled in the modding community. It's stuff you can show off, especially if your mod gets finished. If you want to be an artist, I'm not sure that majoring in Computer Graphics is a good idea. I think you can teach yourself almost as much by purchasing a decent 3D program and learning on your own. It depends on how motivated you are, of course. If you're interested in the computer graphics end of gaming at all, I advise you to hang out and read over at http://www.cgtalk.com. Especially read the various discussions about all the schools and programs out there, as the place is packed with people that work in the CG industry and you can pick up a ton of pointers about schools and programs there. Getting into a company can be hard. You may have to take a testing or tech support job to get in. You'll make crap money and the job will likely drive you mad, but if you do decent work and can stick it out, you'll usually have a chance to move on. That's how I ended up in marketing. Hope this was somewhat helpful. Any other questions, ask away... dt
  13. Ugh, I still have nightmares about country music day at BGT! Having a fever that day didn't help, either! For those not there, try to imagine a really hot day, and you're walking around looking a park themed to look like Africa, and songs about whiskey and pickups are blasting out of speakers all over the place. And all sorts of people walking around wearing cowboy hats, garth brooks t-shirts and bad tattoos. And old people dancing with small children (which seems to happen around country music all the time. I've never figured it out, and really, I don't want to...). Not a good day to be at a park, especially when your idea of musical entertainment consists or Rush or Opeth... dt
  14. I'm Dave Thomas, owner of the Wendy's corporation, and apparently posting this from the great beyond...it's cool how the great beyond has internet access, though it needs more diet coke machines. And porn. Well, every place needs more porn. What park will be the first to offer the first in-park adult bookstore? I'm placing bets on a Six Flags... dt
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