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  1. It is official, the old people have sold their souls to satan, who in exchange makes them not lose even though they get lost and do stupid things that would eliminate anyone else EVERY WEEK!!! I actually sort of hope they win now, since they've become so amusing... dt
  2. Man, that's it! Every thing I take out of my basement to sell on Ebay will now be haunted! I will be rich and be able to buy my own island from the proceedings... Dave "buy my haunted old games!" Thomas
  3. Age: 43 Middle Name: Allan Pet Peeve: Stupid People Color of your bathroom: White and green Best Movie of ALL time: The Matrix, Clerks, Hard Boiled, Girls Of Double D Best Song of ALL time: Either Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World, or Superior - Be Mine (our wedding song) Best TV Shows: Current: Lost, Alias, 24, Amazing Race, Deadwood, The Wire, The Shield, Six Feet Under, Sopranos. Best Ever (besides the above): Babylon 5, Fawlty Towers, X-Files, Millennium Favorite Band/Artist: Dream Theater, Opeth, Savatage, Rush Favorite Ride at Disney Parks: Tower Of Terror (MGM), Space Mountain (WDW) Yummiest Ice Cream: Chocolate If you could eat lunch with one person, who would it be: Christy Canyon. And she better be wearing something low cut! Seriously, as I've spent a good chunk of time around "famous" people (mostly musicians), I'd rather eat lunch with people that I know and don't get to see often... Morning Person or Night Person: Night person Pets: Two cats (Jasper and Katie) and a dog (Sadie) Favorite Color: Black (until they make a darker color) Where you would go for fun (not an amusement park): White Water Rafting! Coke or Pepsi: Diet Coke Opinion about Peanut Butter and Jelly: PB, Yes. Jelly, nah Best Vacation Spot: Outer Banks, NC Cook or Go Out: Go out. I love sushi, but don't make it Beach, Desert, or Mountains: Beach
  4. ^You saying "black anaconda" sets up about a billion or so jokes, but I will refrain... dt
  5. Bwahahaha! That's comedy gold! And "Pyromania" goddamn owns!!! dt
  6. As someone that worked at a game company, and has made money doing 3D stuff, let me add my opinion. A lot of stuff that you read in that EA article is true. EA is probably the worst offender, but all development places have "crunch time". Pretty much any part of the entertainment industry is like this. I used to work in TV, and can tell you stories of sleeping in edit bays between takes on projects. You have to understand, practically everyone on the planet wants to work in entertainment/games, as they think it's "cool". While it may be, it's also work, just like every other industry. You will put in long hours. While things are changing, it will happen at a glacial pace. There are tons of people applying for what (when compared to other industries) are very few positions. Sometimes the pay is great, sometimes it sucks. You have to decide is this something that you really want to do, something where you'll get just as much satisfaction out of doing the job as you do collecting the check. The entertainment industry also is packed with people with lots of enthusiasm but very little business sense, which can also add to the trouble. You need to not only be skilled with your area of knowledge (animation, programming, whatever you do), but have really well developed people skills, and a strong sense of when a situation might be going "bad". The net is full of tales of entertainment houses suddenly going out of business. Job security is not a given in this industry. You may have to move (unless you live in CA) to get your job. And your first job will likely NOT have anything to do with animation! To get in the door, you'll likely have to take a position as a tester, or doing tech support, or some other low-end position, as someone getting a game job right out of school is pretty unusual. Of course, 3D is not confined to games. There's more TV or advertising related work out there. Yeah, most of it will be lame assed logos for bad infomercials that will air at 3AM, but it's production experience, and you'll learn how to get stuff done fast (all TV deadlines are usually defined as "yesterday") and on shoe string budgets. So don't limit yourself to games, at least not right out of school. And the most important thing you can get in school is not software training (if you figure out one 3D program, you can likely teach yourself any of them), it is CONTACTS. The more people you meet, the better. These people can help you in the future. Knowing someone that works at a company can often be the edge you need to get an interview over someone else, especially in the beginning. Do internships, go to Siggraph and other user group meetings, take advantage of any sort of interview programs your school offers, and above all else, learn to deal with all sorts of people. You'll often have to work with people that you would likely not want to have hang around your house, but being able to work with people and be part of a team will be to your advantage later on. OK, I'm sure that's enough of my yammering for anyone. If there's something specific you want to know, or just have general 3D related questions, ask away... dt
  7. You can see why the folks in Vegas complained about that potential coaster, since the area around the Stratosphere is so classy and all... dt
  8. I found it to be the most disorienting ride I've ever been on, and also one of the roughest. It's especially hard on your legs, since you have no way to support them, and they end up banging against the seat. I'd probably ride it again, though on an inside seat, and I would certainly never wait an hour or more for the ride like many do. It's an interesting concept that I'd like to see another company take a stab at producing... dt
  9. Yeah, that was the Take Two Baltimore office. I used to work there too. I, um, don't miss it a whole lot... dt
  10. Here's ten of the greatest recordings of all time: Marillion - Misplaced Childhood (GREATEST ALBUM EVER!) Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine Queensryche - Operation: Mindcrime Porcupine Tree - In Absentia Joe Satriani - Flying In A Blue Dream Yes - Close To The Edge Dream Theater - Awake Conception - Flow Pain Of Salvation - The Perfect Element Opeth - Blackwater Park dt
  11. I don't watch AI, but when I saw that guy's photo my first thought was "I bet he has some skeletons in his closet", which was followed by "And I'm sure he does a lot of disturbingly unspeakable things with them too". dt
  12. Woo+Katamari would = THE GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME!!!! Sucks that that's not true... dt
  13. That happened one summer when I worked at Hersheypark. The whole park lost power for about six hours. No one was injured, and it was more annoying than anything constantly having people ask when the power would come back on... dt
  14. Life Of Brian is the best. And Fawlty Towers is the funniest TV show ever! I still need to get that DVD set... dt
  15. I like floorless coasters, but they don't offer the OMFG experience that some inverted coasters do in comparison... dt
  16. Mahavishnu is indeed godly. If you like that, check out some other '70's fusion stuff, like Return To Forever, or the solo works of Al DiMeola or Jean Luc Ponty. For more current stuff, it's hard to beat Planet X or Derek Sherinian (he records under both titles). dt
  17. There's going to be a Jaws 30th Anniversary DVD this June, according to the news over at The Digital Bits... dt
  18. ^When we were in Orlando a few weeks ago, I forced Mary to watch that "Top 7" show, which we decided should be re-named "Top 7 Ways You Want To Stun Gun Krista!" Man, she is annoying!!! dt
  19. Wow, when I was there a couple of weeks ago, it was easily the busiest I've ever seen the place. Can't imagine how annoying it would have been to be there now. Let me second the recommendation for staying at places around the lake. I've stayed at the Boardwalk and just stayed at the Dolphin, and really like staying in that area. Besides easy transportation, the whole boardwalk area is a cool place to walk around and there are decent places to eat. Of the two, I preferred the Boardwalk, but both were nice places to stay... dt
  20. Bizarre that I never saw any sort of "transferring" page, but everything seems cool here. Does seem a bit faster too! dt
  21. OK, both shows last night kicked ass! Especially the second one, where the brothers raced to the finish line! Plus, the two words that always equal quality entertainment: GIANT AARDVARK!!! I still can't believe for as much as they screw up, those old people manage to stay in the race... dt
  22. I think that BGW is among the most overrated parks ever. Sure, it's a nice clean park and all, but there is not a lot to do there, and the coasterse are all "ok" at best. Alpenbrake is one of the worst inverteds ever, and Apollo's isn't exactly exciting either. And the food is VASTLY overrated! It is only SLIGHTLY better than anything you'd get at your average park. I will never understand the fuss over it. Anyway, if you like to walk around and look at scenic views and flowers and such, it's a nice park, but for riding, I find it lacking. I haven't been there since 1999, and am in no hurry to go back. PKD, while it's not the park it used to be, is still a pretty good park. Lots of fun rides, the operations are pretty good, and they have a decent water park (stay away from the enclosed slide of death!). They are currently re-tracking Grizzly and that will be closed until sometime in May, but everything else is supposed to be up and running. I've found that the wood coasters at PKD run much better earlier in the year, so now is a good time to visit. For riding, I'd really recommend PKD over BGW... dt
  23. SF parks pretty much win this award. I've had some "amazing" experiences at SFMM and SFWOA, but for the money, you can't go wrong with some of the stuff I've seen at SFA. Once, we approaced a cart that sells drinks/hot dogs. There were two employees behind the cart, one talking on a cell phone, and the other eating a hot dog. We ask for bottles of water, the one on the cell phone ignores us, the one eating holds up her hand as if to say "I'm busy stuffing my face now, you'll have to wait!". We eventually got our water... There's a restaurant in the park that serves, among other things, chicken dinners. The only thing is, SFA apparently thinks that one jumbo sized pack of chicken from the local grocery store each day is plenty, as this place always runs out of chicken! One time we're in the place, and of course people are asking for chicken and they're out, and one of the employees behind the counter yells "We're out of chicken! The next person that asks for it is getting kicked in the ass!" Nice... I've seen some disturbing bathrooms here too, like the one that was flooded by a broken toilet, and three employees, including a manager, just sort of stood outside of it and watched the big puddle of water, as if they'd never seen anything like that before. Oh, and this is also the place where I saw Robb's camera get stomped on by a ride op. What a park! dt
  24. I have the same name as the guy that runs Burger King or something like that... dt
  25. The train ride at Knoebel's. It's long, it's pitch black at night, and you get to see rodents eating corn! dt
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