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  1. Many years ago, my ex-wife and I went to SFMM on Cinco De Mayo, and the place was a tomb. In fact, we left like at 4 because we had ridden everything so many times we were sort of bored. I have no idea if it's like that now, and I'd certainly steer clear of the park if there's some sort of event or promotion that day, but we found that was a good time to visit. I've been to other parks on Memorial/Labor day, and they do usually seem less busy than normal, especially later in the day when people leave to make their journey home from the weekend. Might be worth a shot... dt
  2. Knoebel's is not only the best park in PA, it is perhaps the best park anywhere. And it has the best wooden coaster ever with The Phoenix. Hersheypark and Kennywood are also both excellent parks, among the best in the US. Dorney is OK, probably not as nice as it used to be with a fairly "eh" collection of rides. It does have a kick-ass waterpark, though... dt
  3. Those were really good pics. I'm thinking that something would burst into flames if I attempted to walk through the gates, though... dt
  4. No go with XP's built in winzip, unzipped fine with WinRar. I'll try on some other machines later to see if it will work there... dt
  5. ^You can play that if I get equal time to play a CD from my collection... Dave "hope you're in the mood for some Dark Tranquility" Thomas
  6. This seems like an odd marketing move, as usually pop acts like this are not recycled for the next generation by the record company, since they're considered "old" by the new generation. And it's far too soon for a reunion tour, as they haven't been away that long. I guess someone at a record company is really desperate for a hit record... dt
  7. My favorite is still Dorney's. Going to try and get there on a warm day this year. I remember Holiday World as having a pretty good one, but I haven't been to that one in over five years, so I don't know what it's like now. My favorite things at a water park are lazy rivers and the wave pool. I know that runs against everyone else's preference for slides, but I am a contrary bastard... dt
  8. That Jesus/Lightning sign was near Dorney. I really need a picture of it as it really makes no sense! I was sort of bummed to miss openening day, but we were in North Carolina, so we were a bit far away to drive up. I'll check the park out next month. You're absolutely right, Knoebel's is a park you can have fun at no matter what the weather conditions are. I think I could have fun there if I just went and walked around and didn't ride anything. It is indeed one of the best parks ever! And yes, it looks REALLY odd to not see the Whirlwind there! I will miss it's constant cry of pain echoing throughout the park. It's a shame it didn't "accidentally" fall on the High Stirker when they were removing it, though. Feel free to contact me about the weather any time. My view out the window can be no less accurate than the stuff the guys come up with on TV... dt
  9. Most of the ones I've seen recently have been done with 3D Studio Max, but in the past I've seen ones also created with Maya and Lightwave. Pretty much any of the higher-end 3D animation packages can be used to create those animations. I have an old coaster model I should dig out and re-animate using the better rendering technology that's available now. Perhaps when I get some of the other animation stuff I'm doing out of the way... dt
  10. Nah, not going there next week. I probably won't get a chance to go up there until later in May, hopefully when it's warmer!!! Good to know there was some good weather there yesterday. We were driving back from North Carolina yesterday, and I remarked during the rainstorm, "This is a good day not to be at Knoebel's!" I guess that wasn't the case at all. And yes, Knoebel's is among the greatest parks EVER! Anyone that's never been there really needs to visit... Dave "East Coast Rules" Thomas
  11. PS2, XBox, Sega Genesis (that one is packed away), and various PCs. I do most of my gaming on PCs... dt
  12. And you get to meet me!!! OK, perhaps that's not as exciting as I think it is... dt
  13. We just came back from North Carolina, where we spent a week at our house in the Outer Banks. We stopped in Williamsburg, VA, on the way back to eat at The Trellis, a godly restaurant where the "Death By Chocolate" cookbook originated from. They have the best ice cream desserts EVER!!! So of course we had to get some... After coming home and dealing with cranky animals and getting some groceries, we ate (I had sushi!) and watched some random stuff on TV, and a couple more episodes of Season 3 of The Shield on DVD. Ah, ice cream, sushi and TV violence. That's a good day... dt
  14. Most modern cameras have a Firewire port on them, so you'd need a Firewire capable video card for your computer. You hook the camera to the computer, and access and control the camera through a video editing program, like Adobe Premiere. You pull the video in from the camera to the hard drive, and edit the video, then output it back to the video camera. That's the simplest way to describe it. Hope this helps! dt
  15. ^^CR Wings is GODLY!!! I still drive over there occasionally for a wings fix. Best wings ever! dt
  16. Phoenix Spiderman Mummy (USF) Millennium Force Tower Of Terror (MGM) Dave "just limited it to 5!" Thomas
  17. ^Yep, the Corolla is the King of Cars! Dave "'95 Corolla" Thomas
  18. Yeah, well, a boomerang is a steel coaster... Dave "let's hope it's not that!" Thomas
  19. Sort of off topic, but I was under the impression that re-using MiniDV tapes was a bad idea, as you'll get a lot of drop outs and such. Anyone know if this is the case? I've never actually tried it. Your message made me think of this. If it's not a problem, I have a lot of old tapes I could re-use! Good luck to all that entered the contest! I didn't enter because I've been too busy with other projects and travelling. Not that my random cat footage and death metal soundtrack would have won anything but the "fastest ejected" award... Dave "should have submitted the old video segment set to an In Flames song" Thomas
  20. Dinosaur = funniest ride EVER!!! I think I laughed for five minutes straight after my first ride, as I could not believe how silly it was. It's "dark, dark...DINOSAUR HEAD!!!" What a waste of technology... dt
  21. ^100% agreement. Starliner was exceptionally unimpressive, and I don't understand all the fuss over it. Dave "the best part about our visit to Miracle Strip that night was leaving!" Thomas
  22. Registering the car is going to be all but impossible since you don't live here. Plus, if you buy a car and it breaks down, you're stuck with the repairs, but if you have a rental from a decent company, they'll get you a new car and you're on your way. You're really going to have to rent a car, as the public transportation system really is not going to help you get around to parks. It's expensive, yes, but for the ability to go wherever you want and make your own schedule, renting a car is going to be thw way to go. dt
  23. I've stayed at BB and Whiskey Pete's many times. They're both OK places to stay, with BB being a bit better. Sometimes they do jack up the room rates in Vegas (like during trade shows), so it always made sense to me to stay out there for under $30 a night and just drive back and forth to town. It's a cool drive, and you get to pass by a prison, complete with signs telling you not to pick up hitchhikers in the area! You can't beat potential entertainment like that... Dave "And Whiskey Pete's has the Bonnie & Clyde Death Car!!!" Thomas
  24. Well, I find BGT/BGW to be overrated, especially in the customer service and food department. I still don't know where all this "amazing" food is, especially at BGW. Sure, it's better than your average park food, but stuff from 7-11 might be better than what you find at a SF park. I had one of the worst park food experiences ever at BGW, so I can't figure out where all the praise comes from. I think for park food, WDW pretty much blows everyone away, except for Mythos at IOA. But anyway, I have had the misfortune to visit BGT on two horrible days. One was apparently "every Jr. High School child in FL gets free admission to BGT for line jumping practice" as the place was PACKED with kids of that age who were the most obnoxious and ill-mannered people I've ever seen in a park. The only amusing part was my brother confronting anyone that tried to line jump us. That at least provided some laughs. But the place was packed, and when we were leaving, the line of buses coming to get the kids was over a mile long! That was disturbing... My last visit was during Country Western Day. Um, yeah, park full of people wearing Garth Brooks t-shirts and country music being blasted from all park speakers. Nothing like looking at African themed buildings while hearing songs about pickup trucks being blasted at threshold of pain levels. Other fun that day included a park worker yelling at us when we asked if the Rhino Rally single rider line would be open later in the day (not that the 2 hour line the ride already had should have perhaps prompted them to open it or anything). The park has some great rides, and it's certainly a nice looking park, but it doesn't seem to handle large crowds very well, and then does stuff like that Fun Card promotion to constantly generate large crowds. I'm sure I'll end up visiting again sometime, but I just don't get thy hype,,, dt
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