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  1. So, I had an account here, years ago, and it crossed my mind today as to whether it still works. Turns out it does, and its 9 years since i've visited. Apologies, and long time no see! Here's me.
  2. System are the masters of the most random bits of music combined with big heavy verses and the most catchy choruses known to man. This isn't normally my sort of thing, bit heavier than most music I listen to, but there's just so much to like about System that i can't help but listen to them. Great band.
  3. As long as its open by 13th July I don't mind! Which is a bit selfish, but never mind. I'm probably looking forward to this more than anything else on my belgium & holland trip actually. Well, apart from Goliath maybe...
  4. Wahey, ERS on Cobra last saturday with CF, and its bloody excellent! Its so smooth its unbelievable, and its just a great mix between the positive G of the helices, the negative of the airtime hills and the laterals through the wild mouse turns! It was probably more fun overall than Stealth was the day after. Such a superb ride for little Paultons Park. We need more of these little fellas around the world.
  5. Aha, tracked your photos down Tom! I knew they'd be somewhere, you were snapping like a madman all day. Good selection you've got there. The queues looked bad but generally moved pretty quickly, so it wasn't too painful. Magic Mountain really is still pretty messed up, even if they got rid of the most racist parts.
  6. Wow, you got replies over here, when I posted one on CF, it fell on deaf ears! I've been really looking forward to the games for quite a while now, but I stuffed the timing of my operation right up, so that I recovered and had to go back to uni just in time for the start of the games, and the lack of Eurosport at uni means that i've missed pretty much everything I wanted to watch. Fortunately, my mum has been Sky+ing things at home for me, so I can have an olympics-fest when I get home tomorrow.
  7. Well, you've started something, everyone seems to be calling me Robb now, even though i'm a 'single-b'. I guess it doesn't make things easy with my username as it is...
  8. Wow, it looks really nice at Plopsaland actually. I wish i'd thought about visiting there next summer on my Benelux (without the lux) trip. Some nice shots there, shows off the park well.
  9. Sunny, clear, and rediculously cold. I didn't put a big coat on before because it looked sunny, and never mind the coat, I wish i'd put my gloves on! ...its not sunny now, as its 11:20pm, but it is still clear...
  10. I might have a good think about this one, as i've got the exact same Coke bottle, and I know how much I had in there a couple of summers ago!
  11. Wonderful! Thanks for the help, and a big sowwy to rollermonkey for kinda hijacking your topic for a minute there!
  12. Yeah, i'm flying in that morning to Schiphol, driving down to Drievliet, which shouldn't take long, and then heading across the border to Wavre. I might just have a lazy drive down in the afternoon if we get tired of the park. Another quicky while i'm here, there isn't anything complicated about driving across the border is there? Just need passports handy?
  13. The student day: Had a lazy morning at my girlfriend's, and eventually got up about 10:30 Walked through town from her flat to mine Ate some lunch Sat down in front of my laptop, and I don't appear to have moved since. I did have the intention of doing some work, but that doesn't seem to have happened.
  14. I'll take this slowly, but basically, I took the shortened version of my first name AND my surname, and ingeniously subtracted the space... Yeah, its about as creative, as, errrrrmm, me, I guess...
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