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  1. Anyone that was at the first Solace knows how amazing Ghostrider was in the rain. Some of the best coaster rides I've ever had... dt
  2. That Call Of Cthulhu United Offensive cover OWNS!!! I would so like to play that game... Dave "proud owner of a Miskatonic University shirt" Thomas
  3. Chaos or a Frisbee. I'm looking forward to trying some new and interesting flatrides in Europe... dt
  4. My first coaster and first new credit of the year was Silver Bullet at Knotts. I've already gotten four new credits this year, which is three more than I got all of last year... Dave "closing in on 300" Thomas
  5. Nope, not my finger. I need them for grabbing things and tossing them and other tasks. Of course, it could be the dead DT's finger. But if that's the case, they really missed out on an amazing marketing opportunity. They could have held a "Find The Founder's Finger" contest, and the person that found it in some Wendy's food could have been elegabled for valuble cash and prizes. Just another reason why big companies should really contact me for really unique marketing ideas... dt
  6. I thought you could now get a choice of human fingers, fries, or a selection of rabid bugs as you side choice... Dave "I may have misheard the commercial, though" Thomas
  7. That second pic should be captioned "The park now offers an "ACerSized" portion on their lunch menu." Dave "never tires of ACE jokes" Thomas
  8. Space Mountain at WDW. Dave "I want to go back to FL" Thomas
  9. Wow, that sounds amazingly cool. I haven't listened to the radio (other than Stern) on a regular basis since KNAC went off the air. Radio has been a joke for years now. Be nice if there was something on the dial besides Top 40, Rap and Spanish programming. We lost two "rock" stations here in our area recently, so it would be cool if someone around here would adopt this new format... dt
  10. Well, Robb, I recognize all those games. Of course, I'm old and remember playing those in the arcade, and I was in that basement more than once... My favorite games include: PC - Total Annihilation, Half Life (both versions), Doom, Quake, Warzone 2100, Diablo games, Warcraft/Starcraft, Mechwarrior games, all the old Infocom stuff Console - Katamari Damacy (I bought a PS2 just to play this), Mario Party, Sonic games, NFL 2k, Soul Calibur...probably more, but can't think of any at the moment... Arcade - MARBLE MADNESS (I still want one of these machines), Gauntlet, Tempest, Defender, Galaga, and pretty much any pinball machine dt
  11. Is there some technology out there that could make the last two Star Wars movies not suck?!? Dave "not really looking forward to the last one" Thomas
  12. OK, got to watch the show last night after our return from FL. The two that lost deserved to lose. How dumb can you be when you go and get specific directions and manage to go 2.5 hours the wrong way?!? And shouldn't a clue be that the ocean does not equal mountains?!? God, they were so dumb. And they are a bit more than "best friends", I think... Anyway, we're cheering for the gay guys. They are hilarious! At least they have a personality, a lot of the other teams are kind of generic. Oh, and there's no way in hell I could eat four pounds of meat. The idea is just disturbing... dt
  13. ^Agreed, though I think SFMM has a better collection of rides than PKI. But yeah, since I lived in LA, I do know how to get around SFMM when it's busy, and would probably have liked PKI a little more if I knew the same tricks. I guess it just seems odd that PKI is one of the busiest parks in the US, and instead of installing some sort of very high capacity ride (like a hyper coaster or B&M inverted), they keep putting in these themed but very low capacity rides. Just seems odd... dt
  14. Laying around on my desk: Fates Warning - X Hollow - Modern Cathedral Helmet Of Gnats - s/t Andromeda - Extension Of The Wish Deadsoul Tribe - The January Tree Canvas Solaris - Sublimation Queensryche - Empire Pain Of Salvation - The Perfect Element Neal Morse - One I mostly listen to music in the car on my Dell MP3 player. But you still have to rip stuff from CDs to get the MP3s. ITunes and other online services are so not going to have the music I want to listen to on them... dt
  15. Yeah, they were previewing this the other day when I was at the park, but the show wasn't until 3, and considering that shortly after opening ToT had a 65 minute stand-by line, I really didn't feel like hanging out until then for the show. Plus, I figure I'll see the original one this summer. I'm not much of a park show person either, but if stuff blows up, it should amuse me for a few minutes... dt
  16. ^Damn! I forgot all about that!!! Yes indeed, collecting the free porn ads while walking around Vegas is amazing fun! Try and get a complete set of those hooker trading cards... dt
  17. We just went to Orlando. On the weekend, Mary and I enjoyed IOA/USF. Monday - Wednesday, she had a conference to attend, so I visited WDW on my own during the day, then met back up with her at night for food and general making fun of things. Anyway, I had fun, but not as much fun as I would have had if she or someone else had been with me. There are advantages to being at WDW by yourself, like just being able to do whatever you want whenever you want, and being able to walk really fast and not having to worry about anyone else keeping up or getting lost in the crowd. But the downside is waiting in line with no one to talk to, though listening to the bizarre conversations that go on around you can be amusing... Anyway, I probably wouldn't take such a long trip on my own. It wasn't so bad on this trip since we were staying together, just not together during the day, but I don't think I'd want to take a trip like this on my own. Just my opinion... dt
  18. Stuff we're watching lately: 24 Lost Alias The Shield Deadwood ER Pretty much any of those HBO shows (Sopranos, The Wire, Six Feet Under) kick all sorts of ass... dt
  19. ^Paula Dean scares the living hell out of me! I think she speedlines a bag of sugar into her body before each taping. I thought my cat had too much energy...but I will give her some positive points if she was performing a tribute to Elvis. Everyone's home should have a shrine to Elvis... A Cook's Tour is AWESOME. You gotta love a show where the host wanders around foriegn nations drinking and eating random bizarre things. Comedy classic. dt
  20. Diet Coke is the greatest liquid substance in the history of the universe. All other liquids are like used motor oil in comparison... dt
  21. I haven't been to Vegas since 2000, and have no idea when I'll get back (Mary HATES Vegas!), so my advice is pretty much out of date. LV amuses me, mostly for the collection of mutants, trolls and other disturbing folks haunting the casinos. I don't gamble, and have horrible memories of having to stand around watching someone dump quarters into a slot machine for hours on end...*shudder* Anyway, like Robb said, you can probably get all the credits in a day. The only place in town I've stayed is at Excalibur, which was OK. 90% of the time I've been to Vegas it was for business, and since they jack up the room rates when there's a convention in town, I usually stayed out at the state line at Whiskey Pete's. Why? Well, rooms were $20 a night, it was only about a 20 minute or so drive to LV, you get to pass by a prison (complete with a sign warning you not to pick up hitchhikers) and the hotel has (among other amusements) The Bonnie & Clyde Death Car. I don't know about you, but any time the phrase "death car" is used, entertainment is sure to follow... dt
  22. I was indeed in Florida, but I have returned! And yes, Comet pre-brakes was KICK ASS! It was many years ago, but I remember being slammed into the buzz bars on the second half of the ride. This was a great coaster and it now runs nothing like it should. I doubt it will ever run like that again, sadly. Even during the ACE con in 2001, the park refused the groups request for a brakeless ERT session, saying the that structure just could not take the stress. I'm not sure about that, as I think it's likely a bit more structurally sound, but it seems that the Comet giving the sort of ride that it used to be known for is just a memory... dt
  23. We were just at IOA last weekend. We got to the park a bit after 8:30, and the gate was open and rides were running. We rode all the major rides (except the two water rides, as it wasn't warm enough to get soaked) by 11:30. Our longest wait was for One Fish Two Fish at fifteen minutes. You MUST get to this park early to take advantage of the shorter lines. After lunch at Mythos (which everyone visiting IOA should do), all the lines were MUCH longer as the park population had swelled to what you'd expect on a Saturday. It sucks to get up so early in the morning, but it's worth it when you can get on most of the major rides with almost no line... dt
  24. I just returned from Orlando, and all the effects are working on Test Track. Since it's one of two rides that have a single rider line, I took a lot of rides on it! As for The Italian Job, I'm in no rush to get there. Like Elissa, I just do not like PKI. I know the park has lots of fans, but I just don't "get" the place. The other thing about TIJ that is concerning is the capacity, or the lack of it. The lines for this are going to be INSANE. Curious to see how they end up running the ride... dt
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