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  1. First of all thanks to everyone that posted with suggestions. I stayed in Orlando 9 days all of them were great. The best thing were: - Car = $0 Just payed a couple tolls and gasoline. - House = $0 A couple of meals out. - Sea World= $0 But payed a 20 buck meal for my girlfriend and me. - Disney = $70 me, my gf (and 3 kids for $115, their mom payed.) - IOA = $70 Here was the worst: - Skull Kingdom + Ripley = $66 for two hours of boringness! I would rather use that money on Universal! - TGI Fridays $120 for me, my girlfriend, and her sister. I payed half This vacations was great! First we went to a lot of places with the free car. I wanted to buy the whole Ross store. Totally amazed! Old town - not that good. IOA - totally worth it! First we went into Ice Dragons. First rollercoaster experience in my life. Not the best but good. Then we went around to Spiderman...it kicked a$$! Dr Doom was worth the 20 min wait. Hulk was the 2nd best attraction in IOA. Well everything was great and I'm looking foward to going again on the next spring break or even better, during an out of season time. Disney- we went there just for 1 day and I wanted a hopper. After walking around for 4 hours, we we rode Rock and Rollercoaster. Next up was Tower of Terror. That was very good and even better than Rock N Roller Coaster. Animal Kingdom safari was cool and Tough To Be A Big was awesome specially for the kids(and the older kids like me.) Sea World was kind of the best park. My girlfriend got to touch a dolphin for the very first time and she even cried! Next up was Atlantis and it was very good, then we went to Kraken(ohhhhh *gregorian heavenly music is heard*) it was so sooooooo goood we went twice on that one and I wanted to keep going. That ride its just twisted, literally I really enjoyed it. It was longer than any other in Orlando and just the best. Word of warning: DONT GO TO SKULL KINGDOM OR RIPLEY!!! ITS NOT WORTH $66 Btw is Busch Gardens coasters as good as Kraken??????? ADMIN EDIT: Had to re-format, fix spelling errors, fix grammar errors and re-write this post to make it legible. Last warning! Don't let it happen again! - Robb
  2. i will buttonman. what about restaurants? i want to eat sushi, indian or any other ethnical food. i heard about red lobster is it good? is the Kennedy space center boring? well it is expensive and :? i have to take a couple childrens to a museum ANY SUGGESTIONS?
  3. is cypress gardens worth it? i saw a couple pictures and didnt seem to be any kind of special what about gatorland?
  4. Im going to orlando from march 15-26 i have 7 full days to go around on everything. i need to know anything that i should be trying. At least i have on my schedule disney, universal, sea world, ripley odditorium, florida skycoaster, wonder works, skull kingdom and a couple more on Int D. i want to know if i sould go to cypress gardens, busch g. , or any place i haven't seen on internet that would be a "dont miss" heeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllpppppp
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