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  1. One to two feet of snow predicted for this weekend. Winter needs to die. dt
  2. My thoughts: The KC game is why I DVR most NFL games. No need to watch a blow out. I felt bad for the Vikings. Can't believe they lost like that. So happy to see the Redskins lose. I said all along they were overrated because of the weakness of their division. Yeah, they looked good at first, but were soon exposed. Any season where Daniel Snyder gets nowhere near a Super Bowl is a good season. The Steelers/Bengals game was perhaps the most insane NFL game I've ever seen. The Bengals and their fans are completely classless, and I'm so happy they lost. There should have been some ejections long before the end of that game. dt
  3. Saw two movies in the last week: The Hateful Eight - Was apprehensive about this, as Django Unchained is easily in my top ten worst movies of all time. But I liked this. It's kind of predictable, but it did hold my attention, despite being over three hours long. Was glad I made the effort to get to a 70mm showing. Spring - It starts out like a drama/love story. And then odd things start to happen...seriously, this movie works best if you know nothing about it. Don't even read the description on Amazon Prime. Just watch it. Best movie I've seen in a year. Or more. Scary, creepy, occasionally funny, and totally original. If more movies were even half this good, I'd go to the theater a lot more. dt
  4. I really expected to find that it was way overhyped, but Star Wars: TFA was really, really good. Really a lot of fun. dt
  5. Our unseasonably warm weather seems to have gone away. Boo! dt
  6. I just want to go on record saying that Shadow of Shiriki is the best attraction name ever, and needs to become a movie immediately. dt
  7. The original Starliner would be way down near the bottom if I ranked coasters. There was nothing memorable about it. Like Robb, I just don't see this place getting resurrected, especially since it's failed twice. dt
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