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  1. Um, what?!? Are they not pleased with the number of spinal injuries this thing already generates?!? This seems like a bad idea... dt
  2. I was jut coming here to post this. People would have gone nuts over a Sharknado ride. You failed, Universal. dt
  3. Wasn't too excited by the first episode, but the last two have been outstanding. dt
  4. Started playing Fallout 3 again in preparation for Fallout 4 in a few weeks. dt
  5. Saw it last weekend. Loved it. Probably my favorite movie of the year. dt
  6. You have no idea how happy I would be if this were true. BTTF 2 is a TERRIBLE movie. Glad we're past that date. dt
  7. Really not in the mood for cold weather. dt
  8. Saw The Martian over the weekend. Loved it. Perhaps my favorite film of the year, or at least tied with Mad Max: Fury Road. A movie about smart people solving problems with science was a nice change of pace from the average celebration of stupidity that plagues our entertainment (especially television). Highly recommended. dt
  9. There will be lots of complaining, but this is a good thing. Let's hope they stay strong during the bitchstorm they're about to endure. dt
  10. This looks nuts, and I can't wait to ride it. And I think it's way to early to be worried about trim brakes and such. dt
  11. We just started watching Scandal on Netflix and are loving it. Any show where a character will enter the room screaming "SHE'S A WHORE" is worthy of attention. The Blacklist is still our favorite network show. And we really enjoyed watching Daredevil and Mr. Robot this summer. dt
  12. Yeah, go Cubs! Though since the Orioles are done, I pretty much stop paying attention to baseball now until next season. dt
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