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  1. Tonight at about 9:00 p.m., I thought it strange that the Wendy's on The Old Road was fairly busy - considering Magic Mountain closed at 6:00 p.m. I did see a few "pimped-up" cars in the Wendy's lot, but thought nothing of it - other than they may have been a group possibly a part of tonight's announcement, but not knowing the real reason other than a sheer coincidence. Ironically, across the street, the new McDonald's was dead...I mean dead not a single car in the drive-thru or any patrons inside the restaurant...very strange for McDonald's. The McDonald's near my home on Decoro Drive has more business at this time of night, and that's a fairly dead neighborhood after 9:00 p.m....lol PARK_HOPPER
  2. No truth to this. A 2019 Combo Gold Season Pass will cost $81.99 https://www.sixflags.com/magicmountain/store/flash-sale-zap Thank you for the clarification. PARK_HOPPER
  3. On Friday, August 30, 2018, Six Flags will once again offer their annual Labor Day holiday Flash Sale on yearly passes. I overheard something not too long ago that this is the last year for Annual Season Passes, and that going forward as of 8/30/18, any/all passes sold will be in the form of a membership. Any thoughts? It would be a shame if Six Flags eliminated the Season Pass with the monthly memberships. To me, I see this as a BIG/HUGE cost increase - that's if Six Flags is truly eliminating the Season Pass. PARK_HOPPER
  4. Did anybody notice the abrupt change to Six Flags parks disability policy and the elimination of the Equal Access Pass? Effective November 7, 2015 - Six Flags parks will require a doctor's note in order to obtain what is now referred to as an "Attraction Access Pass". https://www.sixflags.com/magicmountain/plan-your-visit/guests-with-disabilities What do you think of the change? Reminds me of what the Disney parks used to refer to as the "Special Assistance Pass", commonly referred to as the SAP pass. So - will this be the "AAP" pass at Magic Mountain and other Six Flags parks? Will guests receive some kind of Flashpass to use with their AAP pass to manager their reservation times for rides?
  5. Columbus Day and it's also a Federal holiday - most U.S. government employees have the day off. It's not observed at the state and local level. California eliminated Columbus Day as a paid holiday for state employees back in 2009. Santa Clarita Junior/Senior High schools and L.A.U.S.D. will be in session. Also, it's a bank holiday - although some bank and credit union branches are open - most are not though. So, add all those groups not working Columbus Day together and take into consideration the number of the season pass holders in that group - plus each season pass holder may bring a friend on Columbus Day for $25.00 - it should be a fairly busy day at Magic Mountain.
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