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  1. Wow, Spectre is pretty terrible. Which is a shame, since Skyfall was so good, and they had a lot of cool ideas they could have worked with here, but the don't do anything interesting with any of them (especially the villain). Daniel Craig looks agitated throughout, and there is zero dramatic tension. Some of the action sequences are OK, but the ending of the film is just dumb and exceptionally uneventful. At least the volume in the IMAX theater was at maximum, and every time something blew up the building shook. That amused. dt
  2. Great photos. It's been two years since I've been to WDW and I really miss it, especially Food & Wine. Really have to try and get there next year. And the Great Movie Ride still wishes it was Hollywood Tour. dt
  3. Haven't quite decided if it's a good or bad thing that a World Of Beer has opened less than five miles from my house. Probably a bit of both. dt
  4. 1 - I don't have a 4K TV 6 - I'm in no hurry to get a new TV. I'm quite happy with my 65" Mitsubishi DLP, which I still think has an amazing picture. 7 - When I decide to get a new TV, 4K will likely be a priority. Certainly more than 3D, which I have zero interest in. dt
  5. Original Ghostrider was on of the best coasters on the planet. The rides we had at the nighttime ERT at the first Solace are still among the best rides I've had on any coaster anywhere. To be able to get rides like that again would be amazing. But like Robb, I'm skeptical, mainly because of how other rehabs/new trains have worked out. I'm really hoping for the best here, though. Would love to see people experience the "real" Ghostrider, and not the pain machine it's been for so long. dt
  6. This ride just looks nuts. Can't wait to check it out. Hope I can make it down there next year. dt
  7. That shuttle coaster is still the most frightening thing I've ever been on. dt
  8. Just putting some folding chairs in Gwazi's spot would be a much better use of the space than what was there before. dt
  9. Knoebel's in the spring. Unless I suddenly decide to drive to Orlando at some point before then. dt
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