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  1. I've received the DVD's, very great and thanks! 8) The first minutes I saw, it was great again! Let's go to Volume 7!
  2. What a great reports from your Europe-trip!! 8) I've read all your reports, and you had a great time! See you next time, when are you again in Europe? If there are DVD's from this trip, I'm going to order this DVD's!! :shock:
  3. What a great trip!! :shock: Maybe I see you in a park... I'm from 12th till 25th of June in Italy.. Maybe I go to a park in July, where you are.. 8)
  4. What a great trip dude, hope I can meet with you!!! From 10th - 24th of June, I'm in Italy!! 8) Tell me when you are in which parks, and hope to see you!!!!!
  5. And some photos from the Dutch Coastercrazy! :shock: Arco @ the lifthill from Pegasus @ The Efteling It's me in the monorail @ Fort Fun Yessssssssss, I like ribs!! I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it!! Let's drinking in Colosseo @ Europapark One of my favorite hobbies, sleeping and sleeping 8)
  6. Aaaaah, Walibi and Walibelle... aren't they cute?? Walibi was from 1995 - 2000 in the park, and is back from travelling around the world.
  7. For me it's Universal Studio's Florida!! 8) And I'm a rollercoaster fan, let's go to Ohio!!
  8. Superman = Xpress and Roadrunner Express = Wok's Wirwar :shock: With Xpress, they keep the theming from Superman, all the books and newspapers etc. Wok's Wirwar, I can't explain in English!! The other rights, they keep it.
  9. heheheh that one rulez!! Robin Hood is now much faster than in 2002, airtime, smooth and still a few rough but nice spots!! It always is a good ride, thanks Vekoma!!
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