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Hi I am Airtime 2000, I am from Israel, and I believe I am the only coaster enthusiast to live in Israel. I am a regular visitor to the site, and hope to have a good time!


If I am not here, you can find me at these other forums:


Some of you may know me from the forums at CoasterForce, where I am also known as Airtime 2000, but without the space.


Occasionally you can find me at the RCT2.com forums as "Coastermaster", but I am there rarely.


Hope to have fun here!

Airtime 2000

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Hi, I'm from Sydney, Australia and I seem to only ride coasters on visits to the USA. I love Robb's videos especially the Point of View ones - it's a great way to relive coaster experiences and share those experiences with friends (and also see what the ones were like that were closed when I was at Great Adventure).


I am into playing sport and music, and I think Australia is a great place to live except it doesn't have any decent coasters.


I am a moderator and contributor to an Australian website run by an associate of Robb's (Ian the Rabid Kiwi), and I have loved coasters since I was tiny even though I didn't get to ride them that much.



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Hi, i'm Jordan. I was banned from Thrill Network, and have decided to make the themeparkreview forums my new home. I've lived in Woodstock, GA all my life. I'm very involved in the haunted attraction industry. I own and operate a haunted house and I supply amusement parks and other haunters like myself with props and animatronics. My website is www.frightmarefactory.net (it's not done yet)


Well, thats me...

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Hi everyone, I'm Heath. I also, post over at Coasterbuzz under the name Pale Rider when I'm partaking in more *ahem* serious coaster talk. I've recently moved back here to Pennsylvania, after having lived in South Carolina for over 6 1/2 years. My wife and I are living with my parents here in York, PA for a short time until I get a job in Baltimore, MD. She is allready working there, so as soon as I get some work, we will be relocating to the area. We're really looking forward to once again living in a hub of park activity here in the northeast. Hopefully we will see some of you out on the midways this summer.

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Hey everyone, just signed in today & thought I'd introduce myself here.


I'm Jorge from Tampa, FL. Never posted on a theme park based forum before, so this should prove interesting.


I love going to theme parks (duh). I own an annual pass for Busch Gardens, Tampa; Sea World; Orlando and the water park Adventure Island also in Tampa. I used to be a PreferredUniversal Studios/IOA passholder from 2001 to 2004, but had a baby late last year & decided not to renew my Universal pass knowing I was gonna cut down due to the newborn! I tell ya, I got a MAJOR withdrawal! I'm dying to go on Hulk and Spider-man again!


Anyway, just though I'd say hi!

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Hey everyone. I'm Matt. Unfortunately I live in central IL and the closest park is Indiana Beach (two hours away). That doesn't keep me from going to parks though. I am overly obsessed with roller coasters and can't wait til I am out of school to go to a lot of parks. In the picture I attached, you can see me and how my room is themed on coasters. Tomorrow I am actually giving a speech at school on how to build a knex roller coaster. How fun..... Haha.

I am also obsessed with DDR, not as much as coasters though. I like to take pics and movies at parks and make videos like Rob and Elissa. This is my latest one that I just finished a few weeks ago. Let me know what you think of it. What you guys would change in it? I realized after I made the video and I sent it to someone, they said on one of R&E's videos they used the same song, so sorry! Anyone on this forum, feel free to IM me. My aim screen name is coasterfrk11.




I love your forum R&E. Keep it up!


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Hey, what's up!


My name is Tom, and I live in Manchester, England. I post occasionally on Westcoaster as "Darkwing Duck", but can can be found more regularly on Coasterforce.com as "Shockwave", where I help organise the site's "Live" park trips.


It's taken me over 10 years to really get into amusment parks, and this year is gonna be a good one for me. I'm determined to hit 100 coasters by the end of the year (only at a paltry 65 so far!) but with a trip to Disneyland Paris planned, and a new car to get around the UK, it should be no trouble at all!


What I'm really hoping to do is finally get to the US by the end of the year and hit SoCal for a week, but there's a lot of planning to do before that gets off the ground.


Tom "Ten years too long!" Hardwick

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Hello everybody


I'm Dennis.

I'm 19 years old living in the Netherlands.

still a student


1 time meet Robb and Elisa in Six Flag Belgium (now walibi wavre) in the waiting queue of Calamity Mine. Still got you're card somewhere

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Hi yall! My name is Brent Shenton and I live in Socal, 15 minutes away from Disneyland. My birthday is December 26, so I just turned 11. I've been visiting TPR ever since 2002 and I love this website! Even though I've never met anybody from this site! Robb and Elissa live close, so I'll probably meet them sometime this year. Keep it up you guys, your doing great!

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Hi My Name is Louis and i'm from France . I Lives at 10min away from Parc Asterix where you have the famous Tonnerre De Zeus ( CCI ) and the worst Goudurix lol .


I'm going to Los Angeles in June and i'll make a stop at SFMM i hope i'll see Robb and Elyssa .

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Hello!! My name is Davon as you may know. I also live in socal about 1 1/2 hrs. away from Robb and Elissa in Victorville. I met them at winter solace at KBF a couple of days ago. I was sooo nervous when I saw them standing right in front of us in line for XLR8R. So, we rode with them and it was so awesome! I loved it so much, I sent them a letter, which they have just recieved(right?). If you want to call me, my home and cell number are in my profile. The numbers next to them are the time to call.

Anyway, my b-day is May 16, which makes me twelve years old. I also just signed on on Monday, so I'm new herre.

Since I have nothing else to say, I'm going to stop typing.



---Davon "just moved to a different topic and thread!" Dorsey

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