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  1. Yes, there is. I'm from Jerusalem, Israel. Guess I'm not Israel's only coaster enthusiast anymore...
  2. My suggestions: 1) A clone of the hamster coaster from Fuji-Q. 2) A Intamin Rocket Coaster called "Humdinger". 3) An Intamin Hyper Coaster called "SuperCrack: Ride Of Steel".
  3. Israel sees Theme Park Review perfectly! Airtime "Hopefully R&E will visit here soon... even if the tallest and fastest coaster here is a SLC!" 2000
  4. OMG!!! I thought I was the only Israeli TPR member... guess not! BTW, I live in Jerusalem, Israel. Unlike Tel Aviv, we get snow, but very rarely, like once every other year. It ALMOST snowed here last weekend, but in the end we only got hail =(
  5. 44 Percent Theming at SFMM?!? Whoever wrote that quiz is clearly NOT from So Cal, otherwise it would be more like 0% theming, 100% rides, 0% atmoshpere and 0% value! Anyawys, I'm CP. My former homepark before I moved to Israel. Shame really, I never got to ride TTD.
  6. ^Agreed, Really laughed hard on that one. Also, Thundercoaster.... Woah. If I didn't know better, and if you wouldnt say it gave extreme airtime, I would say " I didnt know that Europe had a GCI woodie!". That thing is TWISTED! (although not as twisted as some coasters)
  7. OMG, this looks like it will be one heck of a ride! EIGHT tunnels, 24 seconds of airtime, two 90 degree banked turns, the steepest drop on a woodie in the USA... I think that Balder will have a serious rival next season. Maybe if the 24 seconds are ejector airtime, this might even dethrone Balder!
  8. Well, Robb's wish was granted... the rumors of the 95 degree drop coaster were false! Dollywood has announced that for 2006 they will be adding the first Topple Tower in the US. It will be named "Timber Tower", and will be in the Thunderhead gap. check out some artwork here: http://www.screamscape.com/html/dollywood.htm
  9. The video is great, this blows Oblivion away! One thing that let me down was the water splash, it looks REALLY impressive, but as the POV shows, its just a straight section of track...
  10. Mine is fixed, I know it's basic but I can't edit pictures to save my life...
  11. The best fireworks show is hands down Illuminations with the christmas ending. Even though I only saw a video of it, I have NEVER seen so many fireworks shot at one time before I saw the Illuminations holiday ending! I remember Robb saying he was blown away by the show!
  12. I wish that Superland would suddenly turn into Cedar point!
  13. How about these: 1) Launched woodie 2) Woodie with spinning cars, like those on Spinning Dragons or Dragons Fury 3) Stand up floorless coaster. They did it on a drop tower, so why not on a coaster? 4) Launched standup 5)Take a Intamin first generation freefall (a la Demon Drop), and after the pullout onto your back, add a layout, with airtime hills, inversions, spirals...
  14. Happy birthday to Elissa and Tiki steve, from Airtime 2000, in the name of all the Israeli coaster enthusiats (Meaning, just me).
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