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  1. Adventureland and Worlds Of Fun and Six Flags St Louis. That's all I can go to.
  2. I think all the sights that won deserved to. They are all the best in their category.
  3. This site has TV listings for coaster shows too http://www.roller-coaster-pictures.com/category/television/
  4. That's encouragement? Then be careful. The people around here seem to act a little more like the idiots over there every day. This looks terribly similar to the newb bashing that happens at CoasterBuzz.
  5. How much of that is due to a long zoom lens and how much is cropping down those big 8 megapixel photos to simulate a huge zoom? I only ask because I'm interested and the photo of TTD at the top is noisier than most of the others and looks alot like it was a smaller bit cropped off of a large photo. Really nice shots as good as the best coaster photos sites.
  6. Why would there be issues? The only Intamin launch issues come from the hydraulic launches. As far as I can tell this uses LSM's all around.
  7. This is a pretty cool quiz. It's good for a laugh or two and kind of accurate. I'm at SFMM!
  8. No because Chris Sawyer had little to nothing to do with RCT3.
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