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HI , Tonnerre de Zeus is still very smooth for his age compare to his neighbour coaster lol .


they have one Red Train wich is the old one repainted and the blue one wich is new .



On Tonnerre de Zeus we can Notice that you still don't have the CCI seatbelts , it's only the lap bar .

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Howdy gang!


I'm Paul, and I'm from Minnesota. I made my first visit to California outside the LAX and Frisco airports this March for Winter Coaster Solace and West Coast Bash. I've been reading the site for some time, but Solace and WCB were my first big coaster events. I have been spoiled rotten by ERT on some sweet coasters I hope to be making a habit out of coming to Solace and WCB. If any of you are coming through Valleyfair or Mall of America, let me know. Thanks, and have a good one!


Paul "Still feeling the Gs from Xcelerator" Miller

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Hi all,


I'm Billy? Well, not really, but I do get a kick out of the Billy Hill and the Hill Billies shows at Disneyland, so... Anyhow, my family and I live in northern California, near Sacramento. I originally stumbled across this site while searching for coaster videos. I've found a lot of very useful information here and I really appreciate the site. Thank you.


Billy "I just feel compelled to put something in quotes here" Hill


P.S. I'm a newbie to all the coaster jargon and have a somewhat limited experience when it comes to theme parks, but I do know how to have fun. I usually spell and punctuate pretty well too. (Without using a spell checker)

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Hi. My name is Anthony, and I am an alcoholic.


Wait...wrong introduction.


Hi. My name is Anthony, and I am a coasterholic.


Happened upon themeparkreview.com a few years ago, just looking for coaster vids. Always used to check back for new videos, but didnt notice there were forums until recently. Wanted to stop in and hob-nob with all the other coaster nerds out there.


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^Your spelling is inferior even to your friends! Firstly, let me be a control freak for a second and say please, unless you're a true coaster enthusiast, don't bother coming to the boards. This isn't a Sheep Shed.


Anyways, I'm maliboomer, my name is not maliboomer cause I love it, just 'cause I couldn't think of anything else. You'll find me on the DIS, Intercot, DF and numerous other locations (mostly Disney, 'cause I'm a disneyfreak). I live somewhere, I'm something years old, I enjoy doing something and I like saying hello to someone.

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hey im robert but call me bobby


im zaneymons best mate i'm eating and love sleeping

Hi there Bobby,


Welcome to the boards!


I hope you have a good time here. Please do make sure your posts are easy to read, for example, capitalizing the first letter in your sentances, the letter I, and stuff like that.



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Hi, I'm Bastien from Paris, France (Unfortunately no as good as the US for the coasters, at least we have goudurix ... lol) I've got an annual pass to Disneyland Resort Paris & just can't wait for Space Mountain Mission 2 opening !

I love Theme Park Review and I've been seeing and reading your reviews for 2 years ... they're the best !!

PS : Sorry if my English is not very good

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