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  1. In the last twelve months, I was diagnosed bipolar and treated with meds. At 50 years old, made a diff to me, though my closest family and friends knew this a while ago. What my family and friends didn't know was a diagnosis that came a time later after meds equaled me out. Over a period of two to three sessions a week that flew over three months, I was further tested for something else. I was given questions from Dr. Robert Hare's PCL-R (Psychopathy Check=List, Revised, that gave me a label. This label, to me, made sense. That I am a psychopath. I lacked emotion, emp
  2. Not sure how this will work, but will try all the same. Part two: Photography and the Hunter. Inspirations. <<<<<>> http://psychopathyanotherlife.blogspot.com/2012/10/part-two-photography-and-hunter.html Photography and what inspires a Hunter.Part 2. by Mark William Darus Part one of this entry. Cleveland Steel This world of fire, heat and stench has been a huge part of my life
  3. I cannot believe this really happened to me. Just over two months since having gone completely digital I was asked for the permission to have one of my photographs used for a book cover. -Flyingscooter aka Mark William Darus. Robb and admins: This is not a plug for anything. All i want to do is share my good news with everyone.
  4. Hope you like this one. -Mark aka FLYINGSCOOTER http://psychopathyanotherlife.blogspot.com/2012/09/tara-room-of-9-chairs.html
  5. I had a chance to photo shoot a horse in movement. This, to me, is most amazing. I will share my facebook link to this event : http://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/?set=a.3202642284185.105484.1809940336&type=3 and my writing about this via my blog; http://psychopathyanotherlife.blogspot.com/2012/09/earl-proud-thoroughbred-and-serenity.html Feel free to friend me on F-Book. I am Mark William Darus on f-book. TPR: I have followed this site for many years and you never to amaze me!
  6. Hi, I find it amazing how writing made me start taking photographs once again. I also find it astonishing how taking pics has fueled my studies and furthered my writing. The blog I started just over six months ago has reached over 60 countries. Gotta love the internet! This entry I devoted to Photography. Thank you for reading and maybe checking out my site! Mark William Darus aka FLYINGSCOOTER. http://psychopathyanotherlife.blogspot.com/2012/09/worth-thousand-words-unexpected-marriage.html
  7. I wrote this one tonight. Would love your feedback. Thanks, Mark aka FLYINGSCOOTER. http://psychopathyanotherlife.blogspot.com/2012/09/time-passing-as-i-sit-motionless.html
  8. Happiness: The ability have photography in my life once again. http://www.facebook.com/mark.darus/friends?ft_ref=mni#!/media/set/?set=a.3154331356442.104128.1809940336&type=3
  9. I have heard this before. Many years when i was in college, i had a Psych Professor that said the same thing. There are plenty of studies out there that indicate Mankinds true destiny is it own self destruction.
  10. Having recently turned 50, and certain events that have occured with both friends and family recently, I felt this question would be good to throw out there. Your opinion: What is human?
  11. Todd Rundgrens Mr Trisquit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpG8HdROHbo
  12. Currently playing Team Fortress 2 Battlefield 1942 (online) Flight Sim x
  13. I took these over the last several weeks. I have a new Fujifilm S4200 and love it. Photos of Cleveland Ohio.
  14. Great Lakes Brewery: Lake Erie Monster. A nice Imperial IPA. Just prior to this, I had a Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA and a Crooker River ESB.
  15. "Do the smells in my head bother your ears in relevance to your blistered feet?" -Wallstreet man in the pits to hot reporter.
  16. It's been a while since I've visited TPR. Robb, Glad to see this site better than ever. a Follower from Way-Back, -Mark (aka) FLYINGSCOOTER.
  17. No. Do you think Cedar Fair will ever be able to sell the land Geauga Lake was on?
  18. Anyone Remember Red Barn Restaurants? http://www.barnbuster.net/ red barn
  19. Good question: Six Flags selling Worlds of Adventure to Cedar Fair at a huge loss. Cedar Fair closing Geuaga Lake thinking it would have no problems selling the land.
  20. ^ the Jacobs Brothers were going to buy a good hunk of the acreage. They were going to put up another shopping plaza by the lake. When the economy tanked, they withdrew their bid.
  21. i think you got this in the wrong section....
  22. Bells Two Hearted. Dundees IPA, Stone IPA, GLBC's Lake Erie Monster IMP IPA, Bear Republics Racer 5, Brew Kettle's 21 IPA. Was a great weekend!
  23. Resigning at mid season seems a bit odd to me. Hope his health is okay!
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