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  1. just to give an update to this thread.. my progress kinda stalled in the spring.. i have started really pushing it this summer and am now at 290 exactly.. My trip to cedar point is in about three weeks.. hope to give you guys some updates.. I don't care at this point if i can't ride MF & TTD.. i just want to ride my raptor again.. If i can fit that i am going to be a happy camper.. Has anyone been there since windseeker opened?? how are the seats on that one?
  2. 307 and 6'2.. hoping to fit on b@m's at cedar point this year when i go.
  3. how is sky rocket for bigger people? Am i going to have to not ride it?? I can barley fit in even the big boy seats so not sure? I have lost about 30 pounds though since i last tried to fit on a B@M? How are the coasters at KW for bigger people? If this isn't the place for this can someone refer me somewhere else?
  4. Just a quick update.. I am now in the 300 club. This feels so great to keep posting positive things here.
  5. Please help me stay motivated. I am working on this through out the winter months here and it is going to be hard.. I want to get down to like 220 before i go hopefully i make it.. Planning on going in july.
  6. Not sure why my other topic on this was deleted but I am searching for some pictures of my favorite ride harnesses : The ones that I am searching for are: MaxAir SkyHawk Milli TTD Manta - Orlando - Favorite coaster Wicked Twister.
  7. Just a quick update : I ran a 5k this past weekend.. My finish time was 48.28. My next 5k is going to be on december 4th and will probably post an update at that time. My big update now is just to tell you how much weight I have lost. Starting weight : 340 Weight now : 307 Does anyone here know the measurements that cedar point reccomends to fit there rides : IE: Waist size thigh size that sort of thing?
  8. Maybe some people can post test seats for some rides... These are the test seats that i am seeking : WT - Cedar Point Manta - Sea World Orlando X - Six flags.
  9. Going to start playing some world of warcraft again on my 28 rogue.
  10. My rant list: 1. People that sit online on facebook you say hi to them and they ignore you. 2. Girls that think they are better then you 3. Overweight people that are doing nothing to help there situation 4. Lazy people 5. Everytime I turn on a radio station expecting something new and it is the same old garbage.
  11. Just want some input on this.. I have never gotten to ride wicked twister at cedar point.. I have wanted to ride this ride since they put it in.. What should my goal weight be.. If it helps any i did fit the BBS on the rides in orlando but just barely.. I also fit manta.. In other news 5 pounds gone.
  12. For me the best themed coaster has to be Manta in Orlando.FL Seaworld.. It is the only coaster that I actually want there to be a long line in so i can observer the nice que and things around me. What about you guys? What is your favorite themed ride?
  13. Please post your ID for starcraft 2 and what rank you are : Adamas.852 (?) I think will double check tonight and rank of gold.
  14. I usually run every night for 20-30 minutes and then walk 20-30 minutes. I have lost this 20 pounds in a month !! What do you guys think I can realistically expect to lose by summer time 2011?
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