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  1. No!! A beautiful Chance Zipper is a Chance Zipper. Don't let it get junked. It's probably okay. Sorry, I would never take a Chance on Michael Jacksons Zipper... ewwwww,
  2. Last week a Waitress at a Friendlies Restaurant (berea, ohio): I can't wait to go to Geauga lake this year and ride my Villain! I was sorry to burst her bubble.
  3. 3.99 to 4.09 in cleveland, depending on what side of the street you're on.
  4. Turtle-Whirl?!?!?!?! That looks cool. Looks like a cute park.
  5. They're not saving money for a museum, they're saving money to visit a buffet everyday of their lives! I really don't think the museum will ever happen. They call themselves "perservers" of coasters, yeah right. Is it likely for a Theme Park Review Amusement park? First coaster, The Big Dipper. -Tatum Good quality Gravy cost money$$$$$!!!! Maybe had the Dippers name been changed to Gravy Rider, ACe would've been all over that like maggots to rotting pork.
  6. this is pure speculation, but i think Cedar Fair thinks they have enough headaches already with the Beast, Son Of Beast, MeanStreak and every other damn wooden coaster they put their hands on...
  7. many places in and around cleveland 3.99 reg/ 4.79 diesel.
  8. I think it could be fun. Imagine the games: Whack-A-Infidel! Dunk the Judas! It couldn't do any worse than that one park that was open about 1 month.
  9. Great Pics! We went there about a month ago to check it out. i wanted to cry. (no flyingscooters this year either...) That whole area seemed off to us. We ate at Mama Bears and talked to those working there. They're weren't pleased about the park one bit. I can't imagine the motel owners are pleased at all.
  10. My favorite was Mind Eraser: SFWOA/GL. That sucker HURT! It is currently up for grabs via Norton Auctions.
  11. Some would say Conneaut Lake could be called defunct. Hasn't opened in two years, had the ballroom fire and generally looks abandoned. Sad.
  12. This is sad news. I'm glad no one was hurt. I fear this may be the death-blow for CLP.
  13. I few moments of peace would be nice. This year's been nuts!
  14. http://www.meadvilletribune.com/archivesearch/local_story_310000219.html Didn't they try this before?
  15. looks like a Toboggan on steroids... i could see where it beat the hell out of you...
  16. Rides on the moon... hmmmm... Well, riding during a Full-Earth could be pretty.
  17. Make them show proof of liability insurance for when they run over some kid chasing a mini basketball.
  18. As fas as Thunderhawk's concerned, I hope when they relocate it, they do a good job refurbing it. The first two years weren't so bad on that ride, but the last 4-5 have been horrible. (thought my ears were going to bleed.) Good luck to it wherever it goes.
  19. You do realize that Gilroy Gardnes already has a clone of this coaster in it's current collection, right? --Robb But imagine, the worlds first dueling kid-coaster! Dueling Beavers! new for 2008! i give WildWater kingdom about 2 seasons before it meets mr. Wrecking ball, but then again, look how long the other waterpark has been sitting/rottingon GL's property.
  20. Why would they go back? They went four years without adding any worthy attractions. When they removed two of the flagship rides in the park, the GP probably thought the park was done. You gotta give something for the folks to come back for, and CF failed in doing that. (talking the ride side, here) But the Mega-Buck, ego-superior, vastly enormous Cedar Fair did give GL something!!!!! A twenty dollar beanbag toss game probably jacked from some locals backyard! ! Oh, and how can i forget. They did buy toilet paper.
  21. That dosen't say much when there are only 2 waterparks in Northern Ohio excluding WWK. Besides Pioneer, what other one is there? (not including the sandusky area) Just cuirous which one i missed.
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