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  1. Great Lakes Brewery Lake Erie Monster Imperial IPA
  2. ^Been there, done that. Hurts almost as much for an adult as the Little Dipper at Memphis Kiddie park.
  3. FatHeads HeadHunter IPA Sierra Neveda Torpedo Buckeye Brewing Hippie IPA The Brew Kettle 21 Great lakes Commodore Perry.
  4. With the exception of last season, I've seen all the episodes. It is a a great show. Ice Road Truckers i could only watch one season... that show got monotonous.
  5. Last Week: Stone IPA Stone ruination Brew Dog Punk IPA Sierra nevada torpedo Great Lakes Burning River Rogue Northwestern Hoppin' Frog IPA Brew Kettle Hippie IPA Founders IPA Love IPA's...
  6. http://online.wsj.com/article/BT-CO-20100309-715968.html?mod=WSJ_World_MIDDLEHeadlinesAmericas WILMINGTON, Del. (Dow Jones)--Creditors of Six Flags Inc. (SIXFQ) have found signs that life after bankruptcy for the troubled amusement park operation could include a combination with rival Cedar Fair LP (FUN). Avenue Capital Management, the investment fund leading a drive to take over Six Flags in Chapter 11, sent representatives to Cedar Fair last fall, said Andrew Dash, attorney for the official committee representing Six Flags' committee of unsecured creditors. He's with Brown Rudnick.
  7. Well, considering the big deal they made over CornHole this really doesn't surprise me much...
  8. Here's another site that has working models... http://www.rocousa.com/search_results.asp?txtsearchParamTxt=fa140&txtsearchParamType=ALL&txtsearchParamCat=ALL&txtsearchParamMan=10&txtsearchParamVen=ALL&txtDateAddedStart=&txtDateAddedEnd=&txtPriceStart=&txtPriceEnd=&txtFromSearch=fromSearch&btnSearch.x=69&btnSearch.y=13
  9. I hope they have better luck with their loops than Traction Park did... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Action_Park
  10. THIS JUST IN: Lawsuits filed against Cedar Fair By MELISSA TOPEY and TOM JACKSON Wednesday, December 23, 2009 1:12 AM EST SANDUSKY New legal action could delay the sale of Cedar Fair to Apollo Global Management. Four lawsuits filed in Erie County Common Pleas Court on behalf of five Cedar Fair unitholders claim the deal is unfair. The civil suits represent Sandusky residents Mary Denslow and John R. Sprau, Indiana resident Todd Miller, Connecticut resident Kenneth Loiselle and Milford resident Joseph J. Braun. They allege the offer price of $11.50 per limited partnership unit undervalues the company's worth, depriving its unitholders of the profits they seek. The Dec. 16 deal, valued at $2.4 billion, includes $1.6 billion in debt. At least two-thirds of Cedar Fair's unitholders would have to approve the deal before Apollo could take the helm of the amusement park company. Meanwhile, the company has 33 days to accept another offer. Stacy Frole, director of investor relations for Cedar Fair, had no immediate response to the lawsuits. Given the size of the transaction, she said, "it's not surprising there would be people looking at litigation." As for whether the offer is generous enough, Frole said the $11.50 per unit is a 28 percent premium over the Dec. 15 closing price. Cedar Fair's managers and board of directors considered a wide range of options and decided the deal was in the best interest of unitholders, Frole added. The lawsuits argue Cedar Fair and its executive board breached their financial responsibility in this deal. D. Thomas Rengel, attorney for Denslow and Sprau, said part of this breach includes the fact that Cedar Fair may be required to pay Apollo up to $19.5 million if the sale sours. Those who disagree with the Apollo deal are not convinced it's in their best interest. "The whole objective is to make sure the shareholders get a fair shake," said William Flynn, one of several attorneys for Loiselle and Braun. The lawsuits seek to stop Cedar Fair from moving forward until legal issues are addressed. To do that, a judge would have to determine if the unitholders have a solid case against Cedar Fair. The judge must also determine what's in the public's best interest and which action would cause the least harm. The lawsuits will likely be assigned to Judge Tygh Tone. Tone said he will check to make sure he does not have a conflict of interest. Judge Roger Binette said he's not aware of any reason he could not accept the cases if Tone steps down. While he would not discuss the particulars of this lawsuit, Tone said he generally addresses a request for injunctive relief -- in this case, stopping negotiations -- as soon as possible. Denslow and Sprau requested the cases be consolidated into a class action lawsuit that others may join.
  11. Because of the economy. I'd agree with this. Given the unemployment in the CP tri-state area, it makes sense.
  12. ^if you get the chance, try Goose Islands IPA, it's quite good.
  13. Heavy Seas DIPA is great. funny seeing Mils Best (i cook brats in it all the time... also makes for good beer can chicken.) Had a sampler of Mendocino: White Hawk IPA, Red Tail, Black Hawk stout and Eye of the Hawk. Odd beer. It tasted good, but there was no head whatsoever. The Stout tasted very good. Also tried Stone Ruination. Without a doubt, the best IPA i've tried yet.
  14. "Tigger, please come to office immediately. Have we got a Job for you!" Tigger will mess this up long before it goes to appeals. That's just Tiggers way.
  15. Try emailing Rogue for distributors in your area. http://www.rogue.com/about/contact-rogue.php I've tried that with Full Sail, but they never mailed back. Hope that helps.
  16. http://www.cleveland.com/crime/index.ssf/2009/08/boy_drowns_at_sandusky_waterpa.html Sad. My thoughts and prayers go to all those involved.
  17. Over the last week, i've had a few good IPA's. DogFishHead 90 min. and 60 min ThunderHead IPA Fat Heads HeadHunter IPA Rogue Captain Sigs Ale (this was way better than i thought it would be) Rogue Dead Guy Ale. Buckeye Brewing's Hippie IPA Magic Hat Wacky Kat IPA Does anyone know if Full Sail went out of business? I can't find their stuff anywhere in Ohio anymore.
  18. They dropped their gate price to 22.99 from what i read elsewhere. Have a good time!
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