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  1. Six Flags is not in great shape, like most companies right now. My question about this is simple: If they go Chapter 11/13, what happens to the pending lawsuit from the SFKK incident? I would hate to see that kid get nothing.
  2. Isn't this the second park to open and shut down in the same year in the last two years? I can't remember the other name though. I guess the King really has left the building....
  3. Imagine the frightfests they could run. "Let's Play Whacka-Satan!"
  4. I think anything with a biblical theme is a rough sell. No matter how many you please, you'll p.o. more if they feel excluded or if they simply have no interest in the bible at all.
  5. if you like functioning models, check this place out... http://www.internethobbies.com/ampaki.html the Fallers look awesome...
  6. Another classic biting the dust. Sad news indeed.
  7. Dollywood had the best. How can you beat the Smokies for views, especially on a live steam train.
  8. Per the Meadville Trib, The beach club will be selling beer/booze this weekend. They got their licenses in order for alcohol...
  9. Absolutely! Though this probably doesn't do anything for flight, when i get in the tub, i'll lean right and left to get the tub wobbling.
  10. CLP's gumwall... http://www.laffinthedark.com/articles/conneaut/dmwrvt6.htm
  11. Nope, they stopped running it, along with the Monorail, after the original water park area was left to rot. You could see the green water, rotting building etc. from both rides. So rather than clean up the original water park, Cedar Fair decided to just not let anyone see the areas. I thought it had a blown motor... I could be wrong though. True, they let that whole area go to hell.
  12. Words of encouragement: If the ride messes up, you could get a big paycheck.
  13. Perhaps this is the reason that Dollywoods Rubber raft ride thing makes people walk on a scale....
  14. What will the future of coasters be in ten years? Most of them will be rotting in parks that went bankrupt...
  15. Agreed. Many good choices in one company. If not them, there's plenty of Micro Breweries in the US. Great Lakes Brewery getting my vote.
  16. ^ you are very accurate on the housing market around here. Even this place is having problems selling. http://www.clevelandhomes.com/myhomes.asp?filter=yes&location=Solon%20-%20Signature%20of%20Solon Signature of Solon is about a quarter mile from GL. It can be said that is where the money is.
  17. ^LOL... Submerged park highly beneficial for the collective good of the people!
  18. Great Pics. I think the circle swing would be a blast with water.
  19. Stone is great! One of the best IPA's i've ever had.
  20. ^Correct, that was Sea World. They ran that vid on the news for days.
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