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  1. It looks like there's an update over at Business Journal, but you need a subscription to view it. https://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2017/10/27/skyplex-developer-ride-parts-being-built-themes.html
  2. Seeing that Opryland was my home park, then I'll have to go with Opryland. Today, you might consider the site rather small however, it would've been so nice to see how they managed to use the space.
  3. It's a little over a year old now, however I have a vlog from the Carnival Valor for the 7 Day Eastern Caribbean Cruise in case anyone is considering that particular cruise. Overall the trip was great. Food was great, ports were fine, but the ship needed a little more to offer in terms of things to do. This was my first cruise, so with that said, I don't have anything to compare it to. For my next cruise I plan on going with Royal Caribbean, because I hear that line is by far better than Carnival. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  4. I saw those from my apartment window and thought to myself, hey how long has that been on there and I didn't notice lol. They look great!
  5. I'm sure someone at the parliament house has a task that'll pay kinda good! Went to the Parliament House for the first time a couple of weeks ago. deaconnor is definitely in for some hardcore work there. Lmao I'm dying! This is the first thing I thought too lol.
  6. I'm excited about the growth of Fun Spot and glad they've gone with the themed areas idea also. It's awesome to see how fast this location is expanding. I saw a few commercial looking buildings in the artwork, so I'm looking forward to what those will be also. There's a few other things that pop into my mind with the expansion though... 1) The parking garage. Would it be a pay to park garage? Is it strictly for Fun Spot? My guess is it will be a pay to park garage, because the overflow from the Outlet Mall would take at least half the parking spots, if not more. From a business stand point, if people who are not Fun Spot customers are willing to pay for it then I think Fun Spot should bank off of that. 2) Will there be a bridge going over Fun Spot Dr. to connect the two sides? From the concept art I saw a crosswalk by White Lightning but no bridge anywhere. I think the better idea would be to have a bridge so traffic isn't interrupted. 3) I think it's great we'll have a cheaper park to visit in Orlando, but I hope there's enough security to keep the park at an enjoyable environment. I'm looking forward to hearing more details about the development! I can't help but compare the overall size of what will be Fun Spot to Opryland USA that used to be in Nashville. Opryland might've is a little larger I believe.
  7. I'm shocked no one mentioned The Voyage at Holiday World until today. The triple down in the tunnel mid way through the coaster took me by several surprises. That's the first time I can remember myself not being prepared for a coaster element. The second time was the Rolling Thunder hill on El Toro.
  8. I'm so glad they voted for the Skyplex, I think it'll do great and everyone who visits me here, I'll be trying to get them to ride lol. Super excited!!! If Universal was indeed negotiating something for the space by Universal Blvd, then that should've been part of their plea during the meeting. I understand they may not have all the details and plans ironed out yet, but a smidget of something would've been nice to help their argument. The tease of a new Universal park or resort would've stood out more and possibly caused second opinions. All in all, I don't really believer Universal had plans for that space and if they did they certainly don't have plans now lol.
  9. Now this is the messed up thing about what Universal is doing now... they're reaching out to the general public who are easily persuaded. They're making bogus statements and because it's in writing from Universal these people around here going to take that and run with it. We know better because we know about the indurstry. This is sooooo messy on Universal's part smh.
  10. I like the idea of a Animal Kingdom styled resort by the train on the right of the park. As far as parking goes, take a page from Universal and build a parking garage that'll be able to service the parks and potential resorts.
  11. I really hope this happens. I love Universal, but I don't agree with their decision to fight this. I-Drive has so much potential and the growth I see happening is so promising. The north part of I-Drive is so cheap looking and something iconic like that could do so much more for the area. As far as Universal hating, I only see Skyplex adding to their visitor numbers. That one attraction will make for more visitors in Orlando, thus more possible visitors to Universal. I'll be truly upset if they let this fall through the cracks.
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