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  1. Over the holiday weekend I was of the Internet. When I came back, I checked the RCT website and I got an odd notification it said that the website is offline and the website is unreachable. Is it my system, or is the website broken. Any help would be appreciated because a new blog post was confirmed for this week and I would not want to miss out.
  2. Are the majority of blue prints for roller coasters still around? I would hope that local government and the manufacturerers would have kept the blue prints around. Can anyone verify if they have or have not kept them this long?
  3. It is a very, very common misconception that the Big Dipper at Geauga Lake was the longest roller coaster at the time of its opening. This is not true because the Thriller at Euclid Beach opened in 1924 and was 2,927 feet long, while the Big Dipper opened in 1925 and was only 2,680 feet long.
  4. I checked the requirements, and my processer is 1.4, but the game needs 2. The game agent said I might be able to run it. Will I really be able to if my processee is not up to speed?
  5. Do you still think the game will run fine on the laptop version?
  6. I just got a new Mac Air. It is the OX Yosemite or whatever it is called. I am thinking about purchasing RCT3. Without custom scenery, will the game run fine with out slowing down the computer? Also, will I need universal binary?
  7. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]Here is the fixed link for Whalom Park.
  8. [youtu_be]http://youtu.be/1os-MJKacSW[/youtu_be] Have you seen this video? Whalom is showcased from about one minute to minute five. It was filmed right before the park was lost.
  9. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]Here is the Palisades Cyclone. It is pretty similar to the one at Crystal Beach. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]The Aeroplane at Rye Playland was also a very intense coaster. https://www.flickr.com/photos/37416464@N04/6782319864/ The Coney Island Tornado was known for being intense back in its day.
  10. Are slot car rides like Test Track at WDW Epcot and Radiator Springs Racers at DL California Adventure considered roller coaster?
  11. I am not a huge fan of RMC hybrid coasters. I prefer the traditional wood rides, even if they are a bit rough.
  12. I'm not sure where to post this, but is really been bugging me. When ever a backspace on this site, random letters are added to what I am typing. Has anyone else had this problem?
  13. Here is a vide showing construction coming along. The first bend is already in place. It will be exciting to see this project develope.
  14. Elitch Gardens was not actually the only major park to move. King's Island was called Coney Island, and was on the river before they packed up and moved to Mason.
  15. In forums like these many people (myself included) like to air our sometimes very negative opinions about all sorts of things going on at amusement parks. My question is what park, in what year would give us roller coaster enthusiasts nothing to complain about? In other words, what is/was the perfect amusement park?
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