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  1. What a great day at CP. I was expecting a big crowd as there was a lot of traffic on 250 and with hearing about the huge crowds all of last week, I was surprised to see it was not a very crowded day! So got there at like 11 and entered at the side entrance by Famous Dave's and the employee dorms. We rode ID dragon first what was about a 15 minute wait. Someone threw up so it made the wait a little longer. How do you throw up on Iron Dragon?? Good ride. Next we did Mantis and we waited like an hour and again someone threw up so it made the wait a little longer. I had not ridden Mantis in ages so it was fun to try it out again. Overall the ride is OK. Time to eat! So we went to coasters and I got that kiddie corn dog basket and a drink for like $9.04. It was yumm. We were hoping to sit inside because of the heat, but every seat was taken in the restaurant so we ate outside. Next we took the train to Frontier Town (noticed Maverick was down) to ride Thunder Canyon. TC was like a 10 minute wait and got a little drenched. It felt good though, because of the heat! Next we did Mine Ride and waited maybe like 10 minutes. We did the front row. Fun little ride. Then we did Mean Streak. Line was at the bottom of the stairs, probably since Maverick was down. It was funny though, because we waited for the front so we were in a line for that and while waiting the station totally cleared out probably because Maverick opened while in line. Now I try to defend Mean Streak, but I can't anymore. It was so rough and we were in the front. As we were getting off lots of people were warning the people getting on about how rough it is. I think MS needs to be retired or re-tracked to make it in good shape like other woodies. Do something with it! After MS, I bought a water bottle at The Roundup and we sat for a little bit away from the heat! Maverick had a line coming out of the entrance so we passed on that. We walked over to Paddlewheel and rode that. Not much going on at the "mystery site". Then we walked all the way over to Disaster Transport for the air and ride. The line was not being air conditioned today so we just walked out of line. It was hotter in there than it was outside! Next we played a basketball game. My sister tried 3 times ($2 each) and missed all 3 times. She was trying to win something for her BF. I finally said "let me do it!" and I made it on the first shot. So we walked over to Raptor and waited maybe like 10 minutes. Awesome ride as usual. Then we ran through the new fountain. It was fun. Next we did Dodgems, Cadillac Cars, and Iron Dragon again and went over to TGI Friday's on the beach at Hotel Breakers for dinner. We met the rest of the fam there and had a good dinner. It was crowded and lots were in line to check into the hotel. After dinner we rode Magnum which was like a 20 minute wait and then we did MF which was like an hour wait. We had great rides on both and then rode the Cadillac Cars one more time with the fam, then decided to leave. We had a really good day!
  2. I love CP. It is a great park and I really enjoy the rides and atmosphere. The water is beautiful and so is the beach at CP. They have very good flower arrangements and I feel CP does give great atmosphere. What I don't get is why people go to CP and then come back here to complain. Don't go if you don't like it. CP DOES have lots of family coasters. Iron Dragon, WildCat, Blue Streak, Mine Ride, Disaster Transport, etc. They do have lots of flats and tranquil rides also.
  3. Ah, another great day at CP! We got to the park around 9:45 and walked right to Raptor. Everyone was waiting outside the ride, because it wasn't quite 10 yet. There was a big crowd in front of us and behind us too. We waited about a half hour. We had an awesome ride as usual. Next we walked over to Disaster Transport and we saw it doesn't open until 11, so we decided to ride Wicked Twister, the Ferris Wheel, and then Space Spiral. All were good except I never noticed how long of a cycle the Ferris Wheel had. I haven't been on it in ages, but found it kind of boring. The cycle is too long and wanted to get off actually. Oh yeah, and people really like to stick there gum on the posts of the Ferris Wheel. Yuck! So DT was open and we rode that. We waited about a half hour and I still really like this ride. The air is nice and still pretty fun! Oh, and this big family in line were obnoxious and singing songs as a group really loud. Annoying! Next we took Sky Ride (10 minute wait) towards Iron Dragon. We ate at "Coasters" and had a good meal. I got a kiddie corn dog basket (lol) and a pop for like $10. The fries were SO good.We rode ID and waited about 20 minutes. Then we walked over to Millennium Force and it was an hour and 15 minute wait. We waited and had a great ride. It did seem a little more rough though... Still great though! Then we walked back to Thunder Canyon and rode that. We waited maybe 5 minutes and I didn't get drenched. That's exactly what I wanted too. I just wanted to get a little wet. So then we ride Cedar Creek Mine Ride and wait about 10 minutes. Fun little ride. Next we walk over to Maverick and it was an hour and a half wait. We rode and loved it as usual. By the way too, we got tons of those free cups of water throughout the day. So then we take the train towards Iron Dragon and Wild Cat. We rode the Dodgems and Iron Dragon again and then went to Famous Dave's for dinner at around 5. We had a great meal at Dave's. I got those ribs and they are just awesome! So then we go back into the park at around 6:30 and walk over to Top Thrill and see it's a 45 minute wait. Cool! So we get in line and right as we are about to get into the train the ride breaks! UGH! Luckily it only took 10 minutes to fix. Great work CP. Awesome ride as usual too. Next we walk over to Magnum and it said a 45 minute wait and it was really only like 30 minutes. This was by far my best ride on Magnum yet! It was SO smooth! Way smoother than usual. That was our last ride of the day and we leave around 8:30 after having an excellent day at CP!
  4. Yeah, they are terrible. They only live 24 hours so I hear. I heard they are a sign that Lake Erie is clean. I think they are supposed to be going in a couple weeks though. I don't think they last very long.
  5. It was definetly a great day at the park! The weather was perfect. It was 76 and sunny. So we get to the park around 10:15 and there was a big crowd at the front entrance which I was not expecting. We went straight to the season pass center to get my pass processed. It took about 5 minutes with a few others in line. We enter the park and are ready to ride. First we hit up Sky Ride and that is a 10 minute wait, so we take that over to ID and WC. We ride ID and didn't feel like waiting for WC so we take the train to Frontier Town. We noticed Maverick was down, so went over to MS. As we are in line we notice a lot of people leaving the line so we ask what was wrong and I guess a train got stuck on the lift. We get out of line and notice Maverick is running so we run straight there. Everyone else did the same thing. We waited for maybe 45 minutes because the line was totally empty since the ride was down and we beat the crowd because we ran over. It sure did get long later. The ride was awesome as usual. After Maverick we decide to go eat lunch, so we ate at The Roundup next to Maverick. I got a chicken finger basket and a pop and that total came to around $12. It was expensive but it was at least good and we got a good amount of food. Lots of fries and like 4 big chicken strips. Next up was Thunder Canyon. It was pretty much a walk on. Maybe waited a couple minutes. I of course got totally soaked unlike the others in my boat. After the ride I made a very stupid decision. I bought a towel to dry off for $8 when I should have used the Haystack Dryer for $5 and could have gotten more dry. After we decide to ride CCMR. It was a fun ride. We waited for about 15 minutes. We then head over to Gemini and they were running both sides and we waited about 15 minutes. Then we decided to ride Paddlewheel. It was the same old ride and took a look at the construction. There was pretty much nothing going on. After that we walk over to DT and waited about a half hour. As we enter the train they make us exit because of some problem. So yes, we waited. Can you believe it? Everyone else left while a few others and us waited like a half hour (don't ask why). We finally got on and it was good. I saw people bought the 3D glasses and I was like those poor people! After DT we rode the Cadillac Cars and then the Bumper Cars. Then we decided to ride ID one more time before we met everyone else at Famous Dave's. Dinner was very good. I love those ribs! Then after dinner we saw the Soopy Ice Show at 6 and then headed over to MF for an excellent ride on that. We waited about an hour. After that all I wanted left to ride was Magnum and TTD, but everyone else was tired and wanted to leave so we skipped those two rides. I'll be back though to ride those another time, but I did really want to ride both of those great coasters. Oh and the bugs are SO bad. They just swarm all over you. When we went under the bridge on the Cadillac cars they SWARMED us. It was terrible. They were a huge pain. Great day other than the bugs and the minor breakdowns!
  6. I had all the confidence in the world that my CP would get the ride back up and running. Remember Maverick? Great work CP. Just ignore the haters. You have more fans than haters!
  7. So in this link are some wedding pics of some girl and guy on their wedding night and honeymoon. I personally think this is a heavy troll job. I mean this couple is real, but I think the poster is a fraud. Check it out. http://www.sherdog.net/forums/f7/i-got-married-last-weekend-pics-877461/
  8. http://www.cedarfair.com/ir/press_releases/index.cfm?current_root=15&mode=story&story_id=185 CEDAR FAIR ENTERTAINS 22.7 MILLION GUESTS IN 2008; REPORTS SOLID FOURTH QUARTER ATTENDANCE RESULTS SANDUSKY, OHIO, January 13, 2009 -- Cedar Fair (NYSE: FUN), a leader in regional amusement parks, water parks and active entertainment, today announced that attendance in 2008 at its eighteen locations totaled 22.7 million guests, up 3% from the Company’s total attendance of 22.1 million in 2007. “We experienced increases in attendance at many of our parks during the fourth quarter, as strong fall promotions and a favorable calendar increased attendance 8%, or 205,000 visits, from the same quarter a year ago,” said Dick Kinzel, chairman, president and chief executive officer. “For the full year, on a regional basis, our northern region and southern region parks experienced a 3% and 8% increase in attendance, respectively. The northern region, which includes the standout performer for 2008, Canada’s Wonderland near Toronto, and our flagship park, Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, entertained 12.8 million guests compared with 12.4 million guests in 2007. Our southern region parks entertained 4.4 million guests in 2008 compared with 4.1 million guests a year ago. Our western region parks hosted 5.5 million guests in 2008 versus 5.6 million guests in 2007, a 2% decrease. Meanwhile, preliminary results report average in-park guest per capita spending down approximately 1% between years. “Overall, we are pleased to have achieved increases in year-over-year attendance in such a challenging consumer market,” said Kinzel. “Record high gasoline prices throughout most of our operating season, a troubled housing market, rising unemployment rates and the ongoing credit crisis were all challenges our parks had to overcome. We believe families chose to stay closer to home this summer, and we were successful in positioning our parks as an affordable alternative to the weeklong, out-of-town, family vacation.” “It is likely that many of the difficult market conditions we faced in 2008 will be present throughout 2009, and we believe we are well positioned to meet these challenges,” continued Kinzel. “We will continue to focus on adding value to the guest experience through new shows, thrill rides, family attractions and special events that everyone can enjoy. I believe we have an excellent overall entertainment package line up at our parks for the 2009 season that will appeal to the budget-conscious consumers. Our parks are a family tradition and we believe they will continue to be for many generations to come.” Kinzel concluded by noting the Company plans to issue a news release and host a conference call with analysts on Thursday, February 12, 2009 to discuss 2008 fourth quarter and full year earnings results for Cedar Fair. The Company’s 2008 year-end tax information will also be processed and mailed to unitholders at the beginning of March. The same tax information will be available to unitholders through the Investor Relations section of the Partnership’s corporate web site (www.cedarfair.com) beginning Monday, March 2, 2009. Cedar Fair is a publicly traded partnership headquartered in Sandusky, Ohio, and one of the largest regional amusement-resort operators in the world. The partnership owns and operates 11 amusement parks, six outdoor water parks, one indoor water park and five hotels. Amusement parks in the company’s northern region include two in Ohio: Cedar Point, consistently voted “Best Amusement Park in the World” in Amusement Today polls, and Kings Island; as well as Canada’s Wonderland, near Toronto; Dorney Park, PA; Valleyfair, MN; and Michigan’s Adventure, MI. In the southern region are Kings Dominion, VA; Carowinds, NC; and Worlds of Fun, MO. Western parks in California include: Knott’s Berry Farm; Great America; and Gilroy Gardens, which is managed under contract.
  9. Great pics! I just love Cedar Point and can't wait to get back next year!!
  10. The points you have made are pretty bad. How was HRP better than any other CF park? The place was way over priced, no good rides besides one, and it was just a horrible time to open an amusement park. The GP doesn't ike CF? Gee, that's news to me seeing that about 95% of their attendance is the GP. Do you realize that makes no sense? And I mean come on, do you honestly even think the GP knows that the park they are going to is owned by CF? Their customer service seems fine to me and rough rides? Please. MF, TTD, Maverick, Behemoth, etc. Every park does have some rough rides but I think CF has the best collection of coasters out there. CF does great and their attendace was up this year. They know how to treat their customers with cheap gate prices and the smart idea on their part is to over price once people get into the park. They are better off than SF in the long run.
  11. Sarah made an unbelievable speech last night!! McCain/Palin 2008!!!
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