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  1. here's the list: Telstar Pong atari 2600-5200 commodore 64 sega genesis 3DO PS1 -PS2 GameCube
  2. i loved Spirited Away. My 14 yr old daughter got me hooked his work. Awesome stuff.
  3. resource hog is right. You really can't compare this game to other heavy-graphic games. Even a game like Battlefield 1942, which may have around 200 hundred soldiers tooling around can't compare to RCT3 w/1500 to 1800 peeps tooling around. I haven't played half-life, but does it have 1500 objects moving in unique directions?
  4. Barry Manilow: truly, the antichrist of the highest order. Whitesnake: arrrgh. Poison: They should've just killed each other. ...more to follow...
  5. KiLlEr DwArFs: Stand Tall. n'uff said. sorry for the duplicate post... my 'puter burped... Cocteau Twins Rock!
  6. if you made interconnecting loops, from a few angles it might look like a number '8'... because you have more than one of those, why not call it 'Crazy 8's'.. ? just a thought.
  7. Mr. Volcano: True about the fences. Have you tried putting paths across railroad tracks, or even coaster tracks? That's always fun to watch. Put down the track. lower the land. put in a pathway under the track and raise the land til it's level w/the original land. bingo: pathways across tracks. The peeps just walk right thru whatever is going over the track, but it does look nice for railroads. some might call this a glitch. visually, i call it an accidental realism.
  8. With rct3, the design engine won't allow you to build underground. However, i found this to be a cool work-around: take out a ton of ground using the shovel icon. go as deep as you need. build the coaster, surround it w/landscapping, lights, dino's or whatever. build your pathway from the top (level land around area. next, cover the whole area w/pathways to enclose it. it works fairly well. if you haven't tried it, bive it a shot. let me know how it works. enjoy!
  9. Realism: I am happy w/the graphics and delighted to watch the peeps interact. One thing that doesn't make sense to me is this: On a bobsled coaster, they should have the ability to fly off the track, as they did in rct and rct2. This is not the case w/3. not sure if that is a bug or just an oversight.
  10. We went on TTD right after it broke down: Hyd failure. Freaked out my kid, but she loved it...
  11. The Dry Heaves are the worst! Really gross puke? catch somebody w/bad stomach ulcers sometime.
  12. RCT3 does not drown its peeps. It does, however, turn them into Jacques Cousteau. They freak on top the water for a bit and eventually end up on the bottom of the lake. It's hilarious watching them chill down there. has anyone else noticed this?
  13. nice work! i've been doing that w/mine. I made a few mouse coasters and built the ground up through them. came out nice. really added a lot to the ride.
  14. I love all three. I think the rct2 was little more than an expansion on the first one. The third one, visually speaking is fantastic when you get it running. I think they should've shown more accurate minimal standards for running it. (no one i know that had the min could get it to run at all.
  15. Hi, this is Mark from Cleveland Ohio. Cleveland is an enchanted place. Where you can have 65degrees at 8pm at night and 22 the next morning w/3 inches of snow... lol good thing i ski. good to be here! this board rocks!
  16. Considering the struggle to get RCT3 running, i hope this patch is bug-free. yes, i like rct3, the graphics are great and watching the peeps is fun.
  17. I've followed your site for many years and i would like to say thanks! Your pics are great, and the caps' bust me up. Keep up the great work! Happy one year anniversary!
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