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  1. Bummer. I loved that ride. I know I'm in the minority on this, but it was my absolute favorite ride at any park, anywhere. (And I LOVED the movie.) Now, I have little reason to go to Universal. :
  2. This just in: Approximately 30 minutes ago, Reno resident James Umbach was suddenly and maliciously attacked by an ampersand. The attack occurred at the beginning of the lunch hour at the Safeway on Mae Anne Ave. Umbach was walking out of Safeway with his cart full of groceries, he said, when suddenly "This giant ampersand came falling out of the sky, missing me by only a few feet." Safeway employee Brian Davis, who was just inside the store at the time, came running out upon hearing the loud noise. After ensuing that Umbach was OK and unhurt, he returned to his checkstand. Richard Shaw, President of the Reno area Chapter of Punctilous Punctuation, had heard rumors of surprise attacks by exclamation points, question marks, and even the occasional hyphen, but never an ampersand. "This can only mean one thing," Shaw told reporters at a press conference held outside the Safeway. "And." When asked if this could be the vanguard of an all-out war between humans and punctuation marks, Shaw replied that he didn't think so. There have been occasional sightings of those mischevious apostophes trying to show up where they shouldn't, like in plural's, but they don't attack. They just like to sneak into words for fun. Nonetheless, police are asking residents to be alert for any strange grammatical activity, and to report suspicious mechanics to them at their non-emergency number. They also warn that, should anybody get hit by an ampersand from the sky--or any other grammar mark--the best defense is to immediately pretend you are in a comma. The grammar police have cordoned off the area and are expected to remain on scene for the rest of the day. The Safeway, as well as the rest of the businesses in the Ridgeview Center, will operate as normal. Throughout history, man and punctuation have always gotten along very well. Recently, though, that has begun to change. "It isn't just the sneaky commas--next it'll be tildes moving into English, umlauts sneaking out of German, who knows what will be next?" one witness speculated. Umbach took this picture with his cell phone right after the attack.
  3. Nice pics. I used to live just a couple blocks east of the Sac Brewery . . .[/u]
  4. Has anyone ever been to the Adventuredome near La$ Vega$, Nevada? Dione and I will be down there for a few days next month, and wanted to know if this park is worth it. Also, what about the Stratosphere? Rumor has it the rides are shut down for rehab right now.
  5. Ah, well thanks for letting me know. I stand corrected. There IS an amusement park of some sort in HI, in this case, a water park.
  6. Per my sources, Hawaii is the only state in the USA with no amusement park of any sort--no water park, no Six Flags, no itty bitty park, no nothing. (Even Alaska has an indoor water park, outside Anchorage.) Does anybody know of any plans to correct this oversight?
  7. Yeah, I know that opining will not result in a ban. It was a joke.
  8. Oh. Well, that's a bummer, then. Of course, shows have been cancelled and then reinstated . . . (like "Family Guy," for example, which I don't watch) But I won't hold my breath. I guess I'll just have to make up my own ending for the show. []
  9. This is the entire text of one I got yesterday: To claim your free Wall-Mart $500 gift card please reply to this e-mail with your social security number for tax purposes and the mailing address of where we should send the card to. This is a free gift to you from Wall-Mart don't pass it up. [Yeah, right. -JU]
  10. Aha, but what about the plot lines, like: 1. Who is Ryan Hunter? 2. Will Joan and Adam get back together? 3. Why is the city government STILL so corrupt even after the crackdown in season 1?
  11. Actually, when we went to WDW, it was in what we were told was their slowest week of the year. (Nov. 7-14, 2005.) Our longest wait, strangely enough, was for the "kiddie" rocket ride at the MK.
  12. jumbach


    I ate at a Hooters once. I didn't care for the food at all. Yuck. As for Circus Circus, well, we sometimes go over and play the midway games at the one in Reno, since it's only five minutes down the road from us. Of course there are going to kids there--that's part of its family appeal.
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