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  1. I honestly don't get the hate on El Diablo being a carnival ride, after all... Deja Vu = carnival ride Swashbuckler = carnival ride Tango = carnival ride Twister = carnival ride Fender Benders = carnival ride Buccaneer = carnival ride SkyScreamer = taller version of a carnival ride Giant Wheel = taller version of a carnival ride Them marketing it as a roller coaster? Sure, I can see the backlash at that, but El Diablo isn't bad addition to the park's non-coaster lineup.
  2. Sometimes the skill of the operator can result in a good Zipper ride, but more often than not they're not allowed to toggle the conveyor movement because it wears out the switch faster. If you sit tight, you'll get a good ride by luck mostly, so the best thing to do is to rock the pod. When you're heading into a turnaround, try to rock it so that the pod is rolling into the turn. You might get multiple flips out of it, but you'll always get at least one, insanely forceful flip. Going around the turn with the pod pointed inward is also great; the resulting airtime makes El Toro feel like a kiddie ride.
  3. shouldn't this carnival ride already be installed by now? its already Jan 2nd, next we will get some huge snowstorm, and come opening day, the park will blame the winter for not having the ride open. this park really needs to get moving. To be fair, this isn't a true carnival version of this ride. LD is certainly going to be a permanent mount and is more bulky and slightly taller than the versions seen at fairs. Also, a trailer mounted Ring of Fire can be setup in like 6 hours, now that's efficiency!
  4. Come on, Scream Machine isn't NEARLY as rough as Rolling Thunder. RT is like riding down a cobblestone road on a skateboard! lol I'm bummed that GASM is coming down myself, I always thought it was the most intense coaster at the park. The front row had some ridiculous Gs while going through the loops! You kind of had to ride it correctly though, leaning into turns and holding the upper part of the harness to stabilize yourself more.
  5. Here's a cool site I found: http://www.kermissimulaties.nl/. It's a site full of flatride simulators that you can mess around with; kind of like No Limits Fairground. Just go to the "Database" page to find the list of rides with download links. One thing is that all of the directions to run them are in German or Dutch, so you might need to translate them to figure out what keys do what.
  6. Here's my top five flats with videos of each! 1. Breakdance (video of a small Breakdance 3 model with some riders standing up!) 2. Zipper (here's a video of a very fast Zipper ride in Austrailia.) 3. Top Scan (nice short video of it) 4. Top Spin (The quintessential Top Spin video.) 5. Himalaya (here's a video...not like you haven't seen one before lol)
  7. I think that Vekoma sitdown coasters seem to be smoother than Arrows. Boomerangs that don't use the original trains seem to be smooth as glass actually. SLC's however are just awful! The SLC's alone made me choose Vekoma as the rougher of the two.
  8. I always like the guy who runs the Polar Express Himalaya ride in Coney Island, he has some pretty good lines. For example, instead of saying that the ride is going to go backwards next, he'll say something like "Don't move, don't get up, don't you dare get out; I'm gonna slow you down, take you around, take you backwards baby, part two is coming up!" And whenever he slows the ride down he'll go "eaaaasy Polar, easy Polar, eezay!" It's like he's trying to calm it down or something. lol
  9. I've been using the name Cygnus12 forever at many different sites. It simply goes back to when I was really into astronomy and I decided to use the constellation Cygnus as a screenname. And the 12? No reason at all...sounds better than 1 or 2 maybe. lol
  10. I went to a modest amount of parks: Keansburg Amusement Park Morey's Piers Six Flags Great Adventure 2x (with more trips to come!) Coney Island parks/amusements Ocean City, NJ parks Hersheypark * and planning on taking a trip to Dorney in October. I also went to about 8 carnivals...a lot less than I hoped to go to; I think I went to around 14 one year!
  11. My park would be located by the ocean somewhere and would include: Coasters: Primier manufactured custom layout LIM coaster GCI woody that rounds the park Schwakopf Jet Star A kiddie coaster Flats: Huss Breakdance with lighting, fog, loud music, etc Funtime Star Flyer Top Spin 2 with water sprayers Mondial Top Scan 120+ foot ferris wheel Log Flume (long custom made flume) Huss Rainbow Musik Express with strobes, siren, etc Dark ride Tilt-a-Whirl Bumper Cars and a bunch of kiddie rides. The park would also have a waterpark somewhere next to it.
  12. Rolling Thunder at GAdv...right side...back seat...prepare for bump induced airtime or "bumptime" if you will.
  13. Back seat...the last airtime hill back there is x20. If you didn't have a lapbar, you'd be launched to Mexico City I think.
  14. Yeah, it's almost completely gone for me as well; although I get it during launches which is sort of strange. Everything else though, including the likes of El Toro, Fahreinheit or even a drop tower won't do it anymore.
  15. Worst: Great Bear at Hersheypark...although the rest of the ride is GREAT! Best: Great White (staying with the 'great' names) at Morey's Piers is pretty good with a dive under the pier before the brakes. Laser at Dorney was pretty good too with a high G helix right into the brakes.
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