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  1. I eat a whole boxes of uncooked cake batter.
  2. Well whataver it is, its an intamin and appears to have airtime and has inversions
  3. it may not be launched, it could be an intamin looper seeing there is a corkskrew looking inversion thingy, or even better it could have a launch and a lift, or atleast thats what im hoping for
  4. 8 months magic mountain in decemeber to wild waves and enchanted village a 3 days ago.
  5. No Is your favorite color orange?
  6. I think they already have that record, is there a park with 4 or more red coasters?
  7. Pointbuzz has a new update and there is more supports going up, and im thinking this could end up being a family coaster and not a record breaking coaster or one aimed at teens. heres the link http://pointbuzz.com/2007watch.htm
  8. From that picture the site looks like it could easily contain a coaster with the legnth record
  9. I still haven't been to an amusement park this year As for the new coaster(s), we know that it will have a custom layout, will not be an inverted coaster, will not be a ballcoaster, and most likely not a flyer; because as far as I know, intamin hasn't been working on a flying coaster. Edit: Its Red, has white creamish supports, and probably will break a record or two or more. Is there anything else we know or have speculated
  10. American for longer flights and other then that southwest.
  11. I sent 79 in one click, beat that...wait someone probably has.
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