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  1. I have to stay within the Dubai area so the 80mi out wouldn't work. I was wondering about the water parks. Are they crowded normally? Or do-able in a day or two?
  2. Hi Alvey's! I'm currently planning a trip to Dubai for some work but I have a bit of leisure time. While there I was hoping to squeeze in a few credits and parks. My time is limited however so I will only be able to do a few things. My question is, in your personal opinion, what are the top parks/attractions in Dubai that someone should visit? What are standouts and what can be skipped? The trip is taking place in the Fall of 2013. Thanks so much for the help!
  3. Definitely work on the sound.I remember in Hyper Rails the sounds would start and end abruptly. Work on the sound transitions, because nothing is ever quiet in a theme park or on a coaster. Also, I know it's been said to not be included, but OSX support is definitely something to consider. Maybe not now, but down the line.
  4. This is my idea on how to make the loops safer but still give the duel. Encase them in a semi-destroyed burnt out castle structure with holes in it too see parts of the loops from off the ride and remove some of the top of the structure so the top parts of the loop remain visible also from off the ride. Inside the tracks can see each other through giant holes in the wall between the two loops. These holes will be draped with netting so while you can see the train there is no chance of getting struck by an object from the other train. It would look good, keep the theme and keep people safe. I'll possible draw it up later. But that's my idea for the situation.
  5. This is very upsetting. I rode the coasters for the first time in July and was absolutely blown away by how awesome the dueling aspect was. Maybe Universal will at some point change their decision and let them duel again after a bit of investigation?
  6. Based on the screen above the title it looks as if you'll also be able to play in the rct 1&2 isometric view style as well. If so I might actually consider buying.
  7. Love that last screen, my only thing is maybe cover the coasters re-entry into the building. You can see into the building from the queue. Other than that, I think it looks fantastic!
  8. ^^ Oh my bad, I never saw PA, in that case please continue Sorry Again.
  9. I actually don't think you need trees in the surrounding areas of the coaster, it's the south-west and from what my view is ( I could be totally wrong ) many parks down there don't have heavy forestation if any at all. I really like the way it looks now, without forestation, but it's your call. Absolutely incredible work though!
  10. Athena - seeing as she was the goddess of war. (not good at this lol)
  11. To be honest, it's been 2 months since we were there, and I don't really remember all details of the maze. Have you ever been in the previous maze at that place ? I do remember that this year the chainsaw guy held a 'real' chainsaw. So the noise was the chainsaw, while in the previous maze it was only chainsaw noise through loudspeakers. I remember this because I've always thought it was fairly ridiculous in the previous maze. The awesome smoke room right before the end is also still there. No, I have never been there. It just sounds like a difficult maze to pull off and very interesting. Thanks though!
  12. Very interested in hearing how the paranormal activity 2 maze was/worked.
  13. I have a 2009, 13 inch macbook pro and was wondering if it is possible to run RCT2 without having to run windows on the computer? If so I would like to know how. Thanks in advance!
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