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  1. Because if I'm not mistaken, behind Hulk, DD had one of the highest operating times of any B&M in the world? And with that much operating time comes a highly fatigued machine that was mostly only designed to operate for a certain lifetime.
  2. For what it's worth SFDK Superman has slightly slower acceleration than Phobia. Phobia is more along the lines of Sky Scream at Holiday Park.
  3. I'm pretty sure "squinching" is only for correcting 3D images while moving. And unless they paid royalties to Universal, they wouldn't be able to utilize it because Universal has a patent on that method that is valid for another 4-5 years.
  4. This happens a lot more than you'd think on coaster constructions. I know of companies that had to ship truck loads of shims because of tolerances being out of whack during installation. Usually, a column coming up short is 100% more manageable than a column being too long (cutting and re-welding in the field is a PITA). It's pretty common that your column will come up short by a few millimeters. If there is still a gap after they torque the bolts, the erector will put a shim in that make up the gap. But by the looks of that gap, they are probably re-fabricating the spool. I'm pretty sure ther
  5. You'd be surprised at how many people still manage to get cell phones, cameras, etc. on the rides even with all the new security.
  6. Also False From the beginning, both USD and USS were always designed to have Revenge of the Mummy - both with track layouts virtually identical to USF To be fair, even though USD and USS share(d) the same track layout as USF, the show for USS is pretty different than the USF version. USS isn't about riding the movie like USF is and there's a lot of things Universal improved upon. Whether or not USD was going to be the same show as USF is up in the air since it was never built, but I can guarantee the track for Dubai was not used in the Singapore version.
  7. I thought I read somewhere that some of the track for UAE's Revenge of the Mummy was actually manufactured and delivered to the construction site before the project stalled. So I feel like it's possible that some of the Hulk track for UAE could have been made already. Of course, they're different coasters and manufacturers though, so who knows? I don't even know if the story about Mummy is true- just read about it on another theme park site. Dubai Mummy became Singapore Mummy False.
  8. Other than Intamin, I don't think any major manufacturer provides LSM launch systems in-house. Intrasys is pretty much the go to company for these types of systems and I know for a fact they have provided them to at least Vekoma, Premier, Mack, B&M, and Zierer.
  9. I'm not typically one to be a Debby Downer, but this is pretty underwhelming announcement. I don't care what kind of "records" this thing breaks, no matter how you look at it, Sheikra did most of what this coaster does 10 years ago. The lack of a tunnel, water splash, or theming in general kinda kills the excitement of this coaster for me.
  10. We don't actually know if it's a 3D ride yet. They've given zero information, really. Just speculating, that's all. There will be some 3-D elements in the attraction. At least that's what I've been hearing.
  11. Most coasters in general use sensors only around block areas (Near lifts, brakes, etc.). It is a rare occurrence for sensors to be used midway through a ride (cost is a big factor, and they aren't really necessary). There probably was not a sensor in that area, so the train wasn't detected. So unless maintenance overrode the error, there is a good chance that they overlooked the train and switched the train dial thinking an operator accidentally touched it. I don't think you understand how a block system works. A coaster is split up into block zones such as a lift, mcbr, launch, etc. Each
  12. I know Robb touched on some of what I'm going to say, but I figured I'd give my two cents given my background working with amusement rides. I am leading to believe that this was a human error issue, especially if the rumor that the loaded train was on the lift for a few minutes prior to the incident. From personal experience, I know that there are ways to clear a block while you are in maintenance mode. Usually there's no second alarm that will warn you about doing so because with Maintenance Mode all bets are off. You are basically disabling a lot of the systems that are put in place to p
  13. I seriously hope they have a new **attraction** in the pipeline after the success of jurassic world. This seems more like "we need synergy since the movie is on the heels of being released". What success are you speaking of? The movie hasn't even released yet. Now, if the movie comes out and it makes 2 billion dollars, I'd put my money on them developing some sort of new attraction to follow the film and any others in the future.
  14. I think people need to realize that whatever fee Universal has to pay to Disney to use their IP is insignificant compared to the cost of having to redo an entire land. This isn't Six Flags or Cedar Fair, Universal isn't just going to take out all the Marvel IP and try to re-use what they can under some new IP. If Universal was to ever re-theme the area, it would most likely be a complete overhaul. Do I see Universal using the Nintendo opportunity to rid itself of Disney IP? No I don't. Hulk is by far one of the most popular and efficient attractions and I don't think it really fits the Nintend
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