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  1. I've been wondering... With all the sailing/sea voyage theming/hints, I wonder what the name of the ride will be? Obviously the Voyage is taken.
  2. Personally think it might be an iron horse treatment for the woodie... With rumours of "iron colossus" at SFMM, maybe the two parks are thinking the same thing? If it's a hyper/mega m type coaster, I actually think it'll be an intamin, seeing as their last two major installations have been from them. Could we see North America's first mega lite?... Or at least something sick like SFNE Bizaro or Wallabi's Goliath? Then again, with the falcons fury issues, maybe they'll decide to go with someone we haven't thought of for a similar ride?.. Maybe chance perhaps? A higher capacity, larger version of LR would be awesome!
  3. Wow... Haven't seen this in about 10 years! Actually, this is probably one of the better coaster videos I've seen... Better than insane coaster wars Around the 2:30 mark, it kinda shows how outdated this video is though... RMC, the coaster gods, are changing it all Love how after 10-15 years, BTR clones are still awesome though
  4. ^I can relate to that for sure. Find sometimes, if a POV is shot properly, and a ride is good, you can almost "feel the airtime". ^^I also really like the park walkthroughs. Really gives a sense of what vibes a park gives off. I also find it helps to give a sense of how the park's layed out, and what rides to hit first... Those cartoony park maps don't always do justice lol.
  5. Sorry if this doesn't warrant a full blown thread. I was just wondering if anyone specifically had a reason why they watch YouTube vids and POVs of various rides. Personally, I'll mainly watch POVs & off-rides of new rides, or of stuff at parks I'm going to soon, but occasionally, when I'm bored, i just type in a random coaster or flat's name into YouTube and sort of follow the links in the side bar for no real reason. Oh, and of course, if I just wanna watch a plain old good video, that'll be sure to make me , i just head on over to TPR's channel! So, what are your thoughts?
  6. Just a thought, who here watches YouTube videos of rides, just to find hilarious GP comments?
  7. If you haven't heard about Aerosmith before hearing about Rovk'n Rollercoaster. Guilty.
  8. ^Awesome... Now all we need is a pov & this ride will be complete!
  9. ^^Ya, if only I knew that B&M hypers were actually relatively tame, with mostly fun light floater air, gentle giants so to speak... I came off Behemoth (first 200'+ coaster), and thought I could ride anything... I had a pretty big shock after riding a few drop towers
  10. ^For some reason, my first inverting coaster didn't really shatter any barkers for me. I wasn't as scared of "upside down ride'a " anymore, but it tookriding my first coaster over 200ft to give me that "I can ride everything" mentality.
  11. Granted, but raptor, MFN, Maverick and MaxAir are down all day. I wish myhometown would get it's first park, with a lightning run clone, and tons of amazing flats and attraction.
  12. Granted, but then the lines for your favourite ride are massive. I wish the GP didn't think rides were unsafe.
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