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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2kb6nvx4Mg Just a little recreation I made, I thought it was pretty good.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYve5yq4VEw I recorded the testing on the webcam.
  3. Youre in luck with Kingda Ka, it's supposed to be open by the end of August is what the park has told me.
  4. I rode the front and while the air was better on the first two hills by a bit, that doesn't beat the incredible whiplash drop in the back and same goes for the twister finale and the hill over rolling thunder.
  5. This is a thread discussing which gives a better ride. The back, or front of El Toro. I'd say the back seat for the first drop, the whiplash feeling on all the drops and the insane airtime you get on the hill over Rolling Thunder.
  6. ^ Me too. That airtime is insane in the back seat. You feel you're whole body whipped back and then slammed into the restraint.
  7. ^Same thing happened when Behemoth was being built. Job posting for people working at heights of 320 feet. It only means, working on cranes and things of a that height.
  8. ^Don't worry Im travelling with my family. Thanks guys. Does anyone know if there is a chance of getting on KK while i'm there? Has it opened even sporadically since it broke?
  9. I wish it would open for my trip this weekend. But seems like its not going to. In the time it's been down has it opened for a while at all?
  10. I need Advice on which rides restaurants and hotels are the best at Six Flags Great Adventure. Im planning a trip and will be going in a few days. I'm aware that Kingda Ka is down But Whatever, still got El Toro. Any advice would be appreciated.
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