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  1. I ended up going to Cedar Point and the crowd was very light from noon to 6 pm got on all 15 coasters. All but 2 were 10-15 min waits or immedieate station entries/ walk ons. Those 2 being Melenium Force (30 min wait) and Maverick (45 min wait). The weather forecast scared people away I think. But bedides 30 seconds of the lightest drizzle you can imagine the rain held off til just after 6pm literally as we pulled out of the lot. Worked out perfectly. Saw the signs for Kennywood while on the turnpike coming back, was wondering how it ended up there. I still need to get there this year.
  2. Updated after Cedar Point Visit on Labor Day: 1- Stormrunner @ HP 2- Top Thrill Dragster @ CP (just the lap bar is great on a Strata Launch Coaster) 3- Phoenix @ Knoebles 4- El Toro @ Great Adventure (Interchanges w/ Phoenix at Num 3 based on mood) 5- Millenium Force @ CP 6- Nitro @ Great Adventure 7- Maverick @ CP (w/o head banging over shoulder restraints would be higher, unique ride for sure) 8- Talon @ DP (Best Inverted -Ive been on) 9- Farenheight @ HP 10- Lightning Racer @ HP Honerable mentions and notes and aside: -Kingda Ka fell way down, TTD is this ride done right the 1st time) -Raptor @ CP came close to 9 or 10 but I figure type into my Top 10, and as far as Inverted Talon still top for me
  3. Updated: Cedar Point (new) Hersheypark 2x Knoebles 3x Six Flags Great Adventure
  4. For those that are in the know about these two parks, I was thinking of taking a trip out to either one for Labor Day. I know some parks are insane on Labor Day like Great Adventure but others like Hersheypark aren't bad at all... Which one of these two parks should I hit up for Labor Day or will both be horrible in terms of crowds??? Thank you very much in advance...
  5. I went on a Sunday three weeks ago (the place was full but I followed a good strategy) its true about Comet getting packed right away and I can also tell you Farenheight will have a line right away, I was there for gate opening and ran straight to it and line was bad. (One thing people forget is that people that stay at Hershey Resorts get in an hour early) Skipped it and went straight to Storm Runner just hang a right, just shy of where Farenheight is located. This ride was a walk on first thing in most rows. I only had to wait two trains for the front seat. From there I cut through the Boardwalk to get to the back of the park, hit up Lightning Racer, again a walk on. Coming back got on Wildcat, walk on. Checked out Farenheight while passing line was still long. Went to the other corner of the park hit up Great Bear. The Walked down to Super Dooper Looper also a walk on. The line for Farenheight moves slow but the best chance I saw for a shorter line was around the 4pm time frame, just before that I hot up Comet which was better than it had been most of the day with lines. All other coasters had long lines after the 5-7 range. Rules of the road. Comet will be bad first thing and in the evening, hit up in between this period. Farenheight will have a long slow line most of the day, coaster junkies head here at park opening and after people started leaving the boardwalk it was also getting full. So its sort of the Comet strategy, advantage here is that where its located you will be walking past it a lot on the way to other coasters, if you see a line thats accpetable jump on it. Storm Runner gets overlook somehow and the lines never got extreme from what I saw, again first thing is my advice. Lightning Racer and Great Bear try to make these your 2nd and 3rd coasters perhaps throwing in Wildcat in between, the walk between the two sucks though, opposite ends. Super Dooper Looper is almost always a walk on or very short line. So hit up whenever. Sidewinder- I do not go on (painful memory), so I couldn't tell you. Trailblazer- family Coaster- popular with kiddies watch for when shows let out this is when lines do get up there for it. Roller Soaker- Looked packed at all times and didn't look worth it to me.
  6. Updated List 1) Storm Runner - HP 2) El Toro - 6GAV 3) Phoenix- Knoebles 4) Nitro- 6GAV 5) Kingda Ka- 6GAV 6) Lighting Racer- HP 7) Talon- DP 8) Farenheight- HP 9) Twister- Knoebles 10) Great Bear- HP
  7. New winner for me: Right Side Rolling Thunder Six Flags GAV
  8. Rode Kingda Ka twice today, it was my first times so I can't say how it runs compared to how it used to. BUT with having the flash pass it warns when rides re open. And I can say that breakdowns were frequent, I counted 10 notices that I saw (there xould have been more that I didn't notice). One of these was for an hour and a half. In all fairness one closure was due to a nosebleed once returning to the station, so they had to clean up. It does appear tho that breakdowns are fairly frequent, most of these appearerd to be resolved within the 10-15 min time frame.
  9. Hi, so this is my 1st authored thread at TPR and today in the mail I received my tickets for my trip to Great Adventure. I've done a lot of research and sorting through the threads on here has been a great help. But I do have some lingering questions. 1) My plan is to go the first week of Sept mid week. Being there when it isn't too crowded is my main concern. Does anybody have an idea what its like during this time? Also when it comes to Flash Pass is it worth the money for that time of year, any ideas on what amounts of thrill coaster rides I would be able to get on with or without. 2)Kingda Ka- Does anybody know when this ride is looking to open again, I know it was struck by lightning they did a patchwork job to fix and had problems and have been doing a real fix recently. But does anyone have further info? 3)Kingda Ka part 2. This ride, understandably so, stops running in bad weather. I read this also includes wind. Does anyone know if there is a wind limit so I can better plan my trip based on weather forecasts (if the ride is still down this is a moot point though) 4)Haven't been able to find the cost of parking 5)Are Sundays in August bad if I decide to bump up the trip? 6)I've read a lot of the tips stating to get there get on Kingda Ka and El Toro first and then work the way through the park. Any other tips for movement? 7) Flash passes, I know gold is pricey but worth it. Is the regular one worth it? As I understand it it tells when to come back, you wait just as long as everyone else you just don't do it in line. When you come back is there still a wait (haven't seen much about what happenes when its actually you time to ride and what the process is then) Any help is greatly appreciated thank for your time. Jer
  10. Thank you this trip report has inspired me to add Kennywood to the summer's to do list. Amazing pics and report.
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