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  1. ^ Isn't Goliath Jr or Percy's w/e technically a roller coaster? and counted as one? Chances are, they will add a new roller coaster in 2010, but it could be a roller coaster for children lmao.
  2. "Children's ride?" FML I hope this means we are getting a Tony Hawk clone. At least something that I can ride and not a Goliath Jr...children's ride.
  3. I don't think Batman: The Ride would be rotated. This ride is in like 10 other SF parks (mirror versions, etc) already. If something like this does happen, then I only see it involving Scream! or Deja Vu.
  4. So when would be the best time to go to the Mountain in October? I've never been to fright fest before and I probably will head up to the Mountain in October. Not sure if it will be more crowded during this month than usual. Thinking about going early in the month rather than later in the month.
  5. Millennium Force Maverick Kingda Ka El Toro Superman Ride of Steel(s)/Bizarro Titan Nitro Evel Knievel Raging Bull
  6. It would make sense to use Flashbacks previously occupied land for Hurricane Harbor expansion if said is the case. I also think they should get rid of Tidal Wave. The ride is pointless. Might as well add some of those water thingys they added with Thomas Town..that's much more effective than Tidal Wave... There's not a lot of space in between Goliath and Colossus, but I think if they were super ambitious, they could build something below Goliath. What you think? JK I also think they should build a ride above Colossus if they're really constrained by lack of space. JK 2
  7. So where is this supposedly new "2010" ride supposed to be again? Where Flashback once stood?
  8. Hearing that people went like 7, or 13 times, on X2 in a one day stint, makes me super jealous. Damn you guys! Haha. Only kidding of course, but that sounds like the best anyone could ever do at the mountain. FML!!!!
  9. LOL. Last two times I went to SFMM (which was the first week of August), the dude at Tatsu goes...."ya boi".....on and on and on....with every train dispatch...like "enjoy your ride on the Tatsu.......yea boy!!!"
  10. ^ that's a good guess. But I don't think that is the case, considering the amount of water wasted in Goliath's queue for one. Plus other queues like Riddler's Revenge.
  11. I'm going to try to go this Friday. Depends on my friend though. He's a season pass holder as well. I haven't heard from him lately, but hopefully I do hear from him in the next day or so. Being that I am so close to Six Flags (San Fernando Valley), it is a shame if I don't make it.
  12. Has anyone heard anything about Six Flags Inc. lately regarding their attempt to adjust their balance sheet (lose debt ,etc)? I read this...off Wikipedia.... So I guess they'll have sliced their debt down from 2.4 billion if this goes through.
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