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Hey guys, uhh, well my name is Eric Formato... my home park is SFGAm... and Ive been to many parks on the east coast as well as Cedar Point and Geagua Lake and Knotts. I live in the western suburbs of chicago, and i have a psp? i guess thats all I have to say... umm my favorite coaster is probably TTD or Millennium Force... I don't know what else to say, Robb, I LOVE YOUR SITE!!!!!!!!!

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I have been a long time fan of the site, but just decided to register for the forums recently. I am trying to kick my Virtual Magic Kingdom habit. My name is Doug and I am 39 (40 in March :? ) and live just south of Atlanta, GA. That would make my home park SFOG. I have been married for 14 years and have a 10 year old son. I am teaching him to be a coaster fan too. Thanks for the great site!

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hi mi name is daniel im from yucatan mexico, i have been in like 24 roller coasters, including the ones in six flags mexico, my favorite coaster is the incredible hulk coaster in IOA and im planing to go to cedar point next year

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hello, i am ryan, i am the 12 year from Melbourne AUstralia. I am of german and English origin, with some scottish and the tiniest bit spanish. I go to school, and doodle. My freinds don't like coasters that much.


I have ridden about 35 coasters. My Fav stell coaster is dragon Kahn at Port Aventura and my fav Woodie is TOnre De Zeus at parc Asterix.


i joined a few months back.

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My name is, uhmmm...Phil.


I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America, North America, Western Hemisphere...Earth.


I'm not sure how many coasters I've been on, to be absolutely honest. I never really cared. I'm not much of a credit whore I guess. :?


Aside from the real thing, I like simulated sex OOPS coasters too, like those found on No Limits. I'm a No Limits user, and a proud non-owner of a cell phone!

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My name is Chris. I’m from San Jose, California. I hate livening here because of the people. I’m 17 (18 on April). I am training to be Asst. Manager at Century Theaters 20 Oakridge mall. My home park is Paramount’s Great America (big whoop). And TPR kicks ASS!

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im corey landers

im 21

im in marietta, GA (15 min away from SFOG)

i rode the great american scream machine for my first roller coaster (@ sfog) when i was 5


and was terrified of coasters for the next 7 years

then as a reckless teenager, i realized that this outa control feeling is frickin awesome and ive never gone back


with the construction of Goliath @ sfog, ive recently become addicted to roller coasters and elissa is hot


uuuuuuuh i think thats it

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I never posted in this thread, so i may as well formally introduce myself.


I'm Justin and I currently live in the Tampa area, so obviously BGT is my home park (and was my employer during this past October). I also try to hit The Universal and Disney parks but my passes are either expiring or have expired and I am currently to broke to renew them.


I'm not quite sure what my first coaster was, but I'm fairly certain that it was at Disneyland (so either Matterhorn, Space Mt., or Big Thunder Mt.). My coaster count is currently at 201.

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Well, me llamo Andres y vivo en South FL, 20 minutes west of Ft. Lauderdale. I first rode Space Mountain in WDW when I was 4 or 5 and I've been hooked ever since. I'm a concert-goin freak and I love being a Scientologist Thetan.

Ok, that's not true. But I am majoring in advertising and I'll be transferring to Univ. of FL in the fall. Also, I'm from Ecuador...sorry about the Spanglish. No I'm not.

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well. my name is dan

as i see i'm not the only one from the atl area.

home of the 2nd six flags to be open in the late 1900s.


I'm a rollercoaster fanatic btw.

i to research the anatomy of it.

I'm also a video gamer.


it's always a pleasure to be with a growing community.


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Hi, I'm Peter fom Belgium (Europe). yep, that small country just above France. We have (my girlfriend and I) found your amazing website via www.rollercoasterfriends.com. We have read most of your Trip Reports en viewed some of your great videos.


Naturally we've read your european trip reports and it was nice to see some photos of parks that we didn's knew they were exisiting. We are 32 and 35 years old but still enjoying all kind of coasters etc...


We are planning to visit some parks in the States this year. Most likely Cedar Point. Maybe you have a better alternative, but CP looks very exiting and an nice park to go.




Wendy and Peter

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Hey everybody. I'm Reggie, or you can call me RJ. You may know me as a staff member over on CoasterSims, the second newest moderator on GADV Updates, or just a poster on Thrillnetwork, GAInsider, or CoasterFuel. I use NoLimits a lot, but not as much as I used to. I go to school at Montclair State University, which is in Northern NJ, about 14 miles from NYC. I'm a proud product of Central Jersey, home of Kingda Ka, El Toro, Nitro, and other fine coastering experiences. I don't know how many coasters I've riddem, but I know it's not anything that's worth bragging about. My bragging rights lay with my 62 laps on Kingda Ka this season, 40 of them in one day. 8) I got to ride the coaster for the commercial, and WB-11 in NYC. Fun times...


Other than coasters, I'm a USSF (United States Soccer Federation) licensed referee, bored insomniac college student, Red Bull addict (manifest itself during finals), and madly in love with my girlfriend (slowly converting her to coaster-ism, her riding with me in the Ka shoots helped) and roller coasters. Oh crap, I mentioned coasters in the non-coaster section.


Anything other than that you'll just have to find out throughout the random journey we shall embark on with this whole interweb thing.

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I'm David and I think I am the only Austrian guy here!

No wonder, there aren't that much Coasterfreaks over here!

I am 16 years old and yeah, everything else stands in my profile

I visited all 5 "big" parks in germany and 3 in italy. I also visited everything in Austria *g* and one in the Netherlands.


Greetings from Austria!

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Hi, I'm Robin Schroder.


I live in London, England and work as a radio studio manager for the language sections of the BBC World Service. This essentially means that I press buttons and move faders about on live news and current affairs broadcasts in languages that I don't speak! I also write electronic music using synthesizers and mad noise making software (such as Reaktor), although I play electric guitar and electric bass too.


My favourite bands tend to be 'Post Rock' (whatever that means) or electronica-based e.g. Tortoise, Town and Country, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Boards of Canada, Sigur Ros, Bibio, Pullman, Chessie, 33.3, etc. etc.


I'm a big fan of comedy (who isn't?!) such as Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld, Ricky Gervais's work e.g. The Office, The Day Today, Alan Partridge, Lee and Herring, etc.


I guess you could describe me as a 'fair-weather coaster enthusiast' - I'm mainly interested these days in the big steel coasters and also the tall drop towers, and tend to avoid anything that's going to bang my head around too much or cause my back to shatter (such as the feeling I had on Mean Streak @ CP!).


As a young child I was fascinated by a picture of Moonsault Scramble in the 1987 Guiness Book of World Records and also by footage of Corkscrew at Alton Towers on a children's TV quiz show for which a trip to Alton Towers was the prize.


It wasn't until many years later that I actually rode my first proper coaster when I was about 12, SuperGerbil at Holiday Park, Germany on a school trip and then I was hooked!


The year after I rode Goudrix at Parc Asterix, age 13, after having seen a picture of it in a French magazine and also being on holiday near Paris at the time. It wasn't rough back then, so it was good!


And then I rode Nemesis @ Alton Towers when it opened in 1994, which totally rocked my world!


Although I went up to Alton Towers a few times over the years between then and more recently, I kind-of forgot about my coaster interest until one day in 2003 when I stumbled across RCDB on the internet and also realised that there were a whole load of coaster sites out there! I found out about X @ SFMM and just had to get out there and ride it, so I made a trip out to California especially (and also managed to see San Francisco too). I don't drive, so I had to negotiate CA by public transport! Then, after that I was desperate to ride MF and TTD at Cedar Point, so I arranged a trip out there in 2004 - again using only public transport. I had an amazing time! I made another trip out to SFMM plus also Knott's Berry Farm last year, because I had been visiting a friend who moved out to San Francisco, and figured it wasn't too far away. This year I just had to get out to Holiday Park again and ride Expedition GeForce to see what all fuss was about - and I wasn't disappointed! Now I find myself immune to high positive Gs but craving more of those negative airtime Gs!!


Anyway, I have been visiting Theme Park Review for a while now, but haven't really posted that many messages on the forum. So, er, hi!


All the best,


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