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^ Do you really live in Celebration! We were there in December trying to find where the lake was where all the people died!!!


Aaaaaaand two months later:


I've never heard of a lake here were lots of people died. I just moved here in June. But have been familiar with Celebration since its inception . . . . this sounds like a juicy tale!


(My wife and i have seen two gators in the lakes here -- were they gator related deaths?)

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I actually can't remember if I ever posted in here, and 17 pages is a fair bit to sift through to check.


Anyway, i'm Rob. I'm 21. I'm from Cheshire in England, and i'm at university in Liverpool, studying an Information System degree. I'm a big music fan, play bass guitar (to an extent, more just get a noise out of it than play it), play tennis, watch football/soccer (too much effort to play). I'm part of the team at Coasterforce. Only conquered my fear of coasters about 12 months ago. Meh, that's about it...

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Hi everyone, I'm a SoCal baby, born and raised, and a poor college grad paying off my student loans and still living at home (maybe that's a Mexican thing :? ). Anyhoo, I've been an avid reader of TPR for many years now (Robb & Elissa, you guys ROCK!) along with numerous other coaster sites, but have yet to try a message board of any sort.... until now (muahahahaha).

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Like benzo41190 my name is Ben, Benjamin, Benji or what you want, nevermind... I come from France, a little country where you can count thrill rides on your fingers


I hope to share moments of fun with some of you during Rob & Elissa's European Trip...




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Hi all!


I grew up in Tulsa, OK. I went to college at the University of Kansas, Lawrence. I now live in San Diego.


I just started a new job where I need lots of break time, hence my recent postings. See you all on the boards!

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Hey....My name is Jahangir Edward Makanvand the 1st.

But you can call me Jahan...or J-Dog


I have been doing the coaster thing for 3 years now. I have been looking for a new site to become a member of, and this one seems to have some great community, so I thought, "heck--why not try it!" After all, you guys posted a picture of me in a pictorial from an event, so we're practically family, right?


My favorite park is Disneyland, and I apreciate both art and engineering--Whether its X, Xcelerator, or the Matterhorn, I just want a good expirence.

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Are you from the SoCal area? (guessing from the rides you listed!) If so, check out the thread about the BBQ and get together we're having on June 4th.


Elissa "I need to arrange some elissa friendly food for the party!" Alvey

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