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  1. ^ From what I've heard it's actually made of either recycled glass or plastic.
  2. Some of those pics should be printed on a poster. They are awesome! I really like that one from the causeway and the first one of MF after it.
  3. Sorry man, I didn't mean to upset you. I was just asking who would be getting the e-mails, not when. I won't mention anything about e-mails anymore.
  4. Now I'm a little confused. Is Robb going to send the e-mails to everyone who sent in video or just the one's who made it past the staff judging?
  5. Yeah, mine was sent at the last minute. I had to go to the airport on Sunday to send it out and make sure it was stamped by the 4th.
  6. Revenge of the Mummy at USO maXair at CP Italian Job at KI Superman Ultimate Flight at SFOG Goliath at SFOG and I think thats it. I almost was able to ride TTD when it opened but it broke down and was closed for the rest of the day.
  7. I was lucky enough do be one of the riders on the last ever ride Python gave. It was an employee thing after park closing. Afterwards they started taking all the stuff like signs and hight sticks out.
  8. Is that why I didn't see her with you on SheiKra? lol. It was cool that I got to meet you Saturday Robb. Maybe I can join you next time you all come to the park.
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