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  1. Way back in this topic, but who cares... The Europa Park folder is so ridiculously German Showing the university titels of the owners (The fact that they even show them), all about gaining thrust which is really important in Germany (Yes Germans, that's why you are so "Grundlich'). Showing how they are constructing their bobsled in the factory, come on... who cares besides us freaky fans? Love it! Thanks for sharing all of your really cool stuff!
  2. Well... I am glad to see the 'Norwegian loop' get's used again. Also nice to see this coaster has a few more curves then the current 10 loopers, but still... not so impressive in my opinion. Would be nice to it build though, just to see how far we can go with inversions (Who will build the first 13 looper?)
  3. Brilliant logo! I assume they got a discount on the paint. Glad to see the Invertigo rising again. Thuur -please don't take this too serieus- Crompvoets
  4. Anyone rode Magnus Collossos Hellmachine? Or the fantastic superduper amazing Cobra Killing Machine (People have died on that ride... not especially because of the roughness though) in Tivoli Aarhus. They both suck and qualify for 'roughest ride I have been on'
  5. Exactly the thought we had on the Dutch forums! They like to go for decent capacity rides so I expect lines to move fast there. The model of the ride is on display in the park, that's what Europa Park usually does when announcing/building a new ride or hotel. Currently on display are the new woodie and their new hotel 'Bell Rock'. Looking forward to the TPR Europe trip, hopefully I can join for a few days!
  6. Very nice trip! Sometimes, you need these whoring-trips. I can imagine myself spending a bit more time in some of the larger parks. But otherwise, what's there to see when your coming for coasters? How did you experience the new Vekoma SLC trains? Personally, I think the restraints are a massive improvement.
  7. I do like the name, like most of you. I would also understand if Walibi Holland was building an I305 like coaster next to Goliath (46m tall). But adding 23m to a coaster you already have (Oke, not really... but you get the point). It's quite a strange story to me. Anyway, I am not the B&M speed coaster type of guy but it doesn't look real bad. I did expect something more innovative though.
  8. I'm sorry, but why is the track before the launch of the Maurer X-car longer then the track after the launch? (Yes, I know it's not...). I understand the transfer part, but after that...? The park was high on my todo list for this year, but I have to be honest that I am disapointed when viewing these TR's. I doesn't live up to my expectations.
  9. Hmm, to bad they use these famous restraints again. EDIT: I do expect some great detailling on the nose of the train. Anyone seen concept arts? Cheetah's are great animals, great picture of the one running. I have been very close with a couple Cheetah's in South Africa last year. Actually stroke some of them, one of the few cat-like animals (The only one besides the regular 'house-cat') that naturally attract to humans.
  10. No not at all. They are going to be basically reimbursing and building all the structure thoroughly over the off season. i can guarantee you. These are the people that actually built multiple coasters, some with very high forces such as el toro. They know what they are doing, they have seen what is needed in order for a ride to handle forces. Robb, can we add a humor tag or something like that to the forum...?
  11. Is anyone else getting scared about thos messed up supports in that (over)banked turn? I can't help myself getting the feeling that it might just all collapse when a train is going trough there
  12. Does anyone have an idea of how long this coaster will be? I don't see much space for a stretched lay-out.
  13. Just want to say: hello! I went to South Africa for three weeks and saw a themepark next to Johannesburg highway (Gold Reef City) without visiting it... I did cry for 6 hours
  14. Especially since these are old Arrow trains. The Vekoma trains have much stronger pedals, that can't be pushed easily (Emergency only). The Arrow trains used to be operated without the 'restraint opening bar' underneath the train in the station. They needed to have weaker springs, so operators wouldn't break their legs kicking the pedals Does anyone know if these restraints are still opened by foot?
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