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  1. After a fantastic behind the scene tour, we head over to the BooFet and Don gets made into a Killer Clown! You also must watch the opening ceremony with the Witch! The BooFet! Oooooh, Spooky The Witch's Opening Ceremony New Scare Zone I think this was a good change Outside of Toy Factory The new Sideshow/Killer Clown Area Our buddy Don made into a Killer Clown I'm knocking out an escaped patient from Insanitarium! The make-up was great in the Black Light! Don getting ready...
  2. Our group had a behind the scenes tour of 2 mazes at CGA. The mazes were Dia De Los Muertos and Insanitarium. It was great getting the back story of their new maze. The skeleton key room is pretty cool too! Don, a friend of mine in our group, won the raffle prize and was able to become a Killer Clown. He scared people in the Sideshow area as well as in Toy Factory! It was a fantastic time! Jill & Liz Our Group! Don, Susan, Gyen, Me, Jill & Liz The entrance to Dia De Los Muertos! These colors really pop with the 3D glasses! I met a friend.... Cantina! Mas Tequila por favor! Grateful Dead Band! Don & Susan Gyendolynne Can't have enough photos of the front! Vote early and often... for your favorite maze and scare zone! Lockdown took the place of the clown area, since CarnEvil is gone. New Maze, the Skeleton Key room is a must! Before the Earthquake.. The Skeleton Key Room! It's an Earthquake. Don't walk fast through here! Post Earthquake
  3. The last set of photos...for now. We will have Behind the Scene photos of CGA's Haunt mazes soon! The witches caldron in Trick or Treat! These are the ones that don't make it Voodoo at night Elvira's show Having a great time in the front row! I rang the doorbell! Shots at Amber Waves inside Knotts Hotel Last Day at Knotts! Once again, no lines, no crowds during the day in October! Happy Trails, until we meet again!
  4. Ok, on with the Behind the Scene tours of VooDoo, Tooth Fairy and Trick or Treat! Voodoo's Skeleton Key Room! It was great that they let us take pictures Really creepy in the maze I did say creepy, right? A different ending, for sure! Tooth Fairy Maze I had a photo from the Skeleton Key room, but it wasn't that good. The creators family photo. I can do some drillin' with this. Anyone want some coins for their teeth? I think they used the cage from the trapped maze You crouch down and get through it. So much gore Our guide, Brad. Trick or Treat, be sure to ring the doorbell! A witch brings you into the parlor This is one of the scareactors trying to take a nap before the night. It was funny to run into her later in the maze. Has to be the most lifelike/creepy looking doll I have ever seen! More skinnings of animals1 Anyone want to bob for apples? The photos will continue....
  5. We had the opportunity to be at Knotts Scary Farm Media Day and CGA's Media Day! Gyendolynne and Susan attended the CGA Media Event and I went to the Knotts Media Event. We went to Knotts after the CGA Media Day for the weekend and had behind the scenes tours of 3 mazes (VooDoo, Tooth Fairy and Trick or Treat)! We stayed at Knotts Hotel and did Pre-Scare meal along with the Fright Lane on Saturday. The behind the scene tours were on Sunday along with Fright Lane. Great times, good people and a fun couple weeks. I hope you enjoy the pics as much as we enjoyed going to the events! There are a lot of pics. SFMM was crazy on Wednesday! Glad I didn't go there. TGIF at Knotts! Knotts is never busy during the day in October, on the weekdays. Walk ons.... There will be a hangin' here tomorrow! Day 2, no crowds! Everything is a walk on... See? When has Iron Reef been this empty? I was so good, no one would ride with me...or there wasn't anyone at the park! Pre-Scare dinner at Knotts Hotel This shirt was $20 last year, now only $5! Getting ready for Knotts Scary Farm! Media Event is getting started... The Media Meal area Interviews Ice Sculptures Séance room.... These walls move You can actually play cards, if you stop There he is! Elvira's show Not the Big Top, but it's Elvira! CGA's Media Event on Firday, October 2! The pre-scare meal, also known as the Boo-Fet Stella stand isn't operating Susan in the Black Light Gyendolynne in the Black Light There is definitely a crowd here! Mirror Mirror Maze is a little different this year Pumpkin Patch! Photo bombed by the DJ! Clowns No Biting! Snoopy Someone very anal placed all those packets in order... Monkeys An escaped inmate from Insanitarium, Robert! Carousel at night Knotts Berry Farm was crowded on Saturday, good thing we had Fast Passes! A bit different than last week The Pre-Scare dinner at the hotel Paranormal maze was really great! Be sure to go to both sides! He's just a little Boy, or he wants to be one... That is all from night 1. I know there aren't a lot of pics, but I will make up for it with Behind the Scenes on Sunday! Day 2, daytime, not very crowded. There will be a hangin' here! Limited Crowds We're ready for the behind the scenes tour Noted....
  6. I know this is late, but we had a blast at Knotts Scary Farm. We went on behind the scene tours of Voodoo and Tooth Fairy maze. It was a great event and an incredible time. I hope we can do this again next year! Not running at the moment...we'll ride it tomorrow. Need I say more? Sierra Sidewinder wasn't running either! Day 2! Everything is running today. Yes Jill, you are tall enough Behind the scenes tours... Tooth Fairy first.. Really weird maze.... The Tooth Fairy! Voodoo maze Smashed Penny overload! Final day, all by myself! ERT on Xcelerator!
  7. We had ERT at a Special Event a couple weeks earlier. The Media/VIP event didn't have ERT. We had a great time at both events. We were glad the twins were still there too. I think the Awakening is a great way to start off Fright Fest!
  8. We had the chance to do the Media/VIP day for Fright Fest. It was a blast! Fright Fest has some new mazes and scares. We also went to SFDK and FF earlier in the season. There are multiple photos from both dates. The Boathouse at Blood Lake is a new great maze. The Ghoulish Gathering is an awesome event! Gyen was a little Scared! The Gang! ERT on Superman The Awakening! Great time on the Bayou
  9. We had special behind the scene tours of Mirror Mirror and Wax Museum. CGA Haunt is a great event! You must do Voodoo Chophouse and Fright Lane Skeleton Key, if you want to fully enjoy every maze.
  10. Hi, The girls went to the Media/VIP Event for Haunt at California’s Great America! I arrived later in the evening and saw a few shows. CGA’s Haunt has new mazes, scare zones and shows! We’ll be attending again in a couple weeks, but below is the Trip Report for the Event! Wax Museum – new maze. Really interesting with wax characters from popular movies. Can’t wait to see what they do with this maze as the season goes on. Roadkill Roadhouse – This maze is where Slaughterhouse was set up. It takes over for Slaughterhouse. This is a gruesome maze and I think we could enjoy it more if it wasn’t for all the line jumping. Mirror Mirror – This isn’t a maze as much as it is a unique experience with mirrors. You will hit some dead ends though. They give you gloves to wear before you go in so you don’t smudge the mirrors with your fingerprints. Academy of Villains – Spectacular new show! I thought it was long, but everyone really liked it. Nytewalkers – New show near the Carousel. Another unique show. They scale walls, bounce on trampolines and jump REALLY high! IronWorx takes place of the Pirates scare zone. A new scare area. It is an experience to see! Werewolf Canyon is gone. Blades of Horror is still a MUST see! The rest of the event is the same as last year. Favorite Mazes in order – Massacre Manor, Dia De Los Muertos, CarnEvil, Toy Factory, Wax Museum, Roadhouse Roadkill, Zombie High, CornStalkers. There isn’t a bad maze, but these are my opinions. Can’t wait to go again! The Girls! Gyendolynne with her Fright Lane Pass and Skeleton Key It glows in the dark! First stop A wide variety of Alcohol MMMM Blades of Horror Pre-Show Fire! I'm Jack Academy of Villains I made it!
  11. What would your amusement park trip be like if you had 3, 4, 7 days or more for your trip? How would you plan it? Where would you like to go? I have some ideas below, but I’m wondering what other people on the site might plan. 4 Day Trip – Day 1 - Fly into San Antonio on an early flight. Go to Sea World. See the Alamo, hit the River Walk for dinner. Day 2 – Go to Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Fly to Dallas that night. Day 3 – Go to Six Flags Over Texas. Day 4 – Fly home Pretty quick trip, but I hope everyone understands where I’m going with this. 9 Day Trip - Day 1 – Fly to Cleveland, Detroit, or Columbus (depends on ticket prices). Drive to Cedar Point. Go to Cedar Point at night. Day 2 – Cedar Point all day, probably get fast lane. Day 3 – Cedar Point in the morning, drive to Michigan’s Adventure. Depending on time, go to MA that afternoon/night. Day 4 – MA in the morning, head to Indiana Beach. Go to IB, depending on arrival Day 5 – IB in the morning/early afternoon. Drive to Santa Claus for Holiday World (try for Holiwood Nights to be mixed in here). Day 6 – Day 2 of Holiwood Nights. Go to Beach Bend to ride Kentucky Rumbler before night time ERT at Holiwood Nights. Day 7 – Drive to Kings Island. Go to KI at night, try to get a night ride on The Beast! Day 8 – ERT at KI on Diamondback and The Beast. Ride everything else after, maybe get a Fast Lane pass depending on Crowds. Drive to Columbus, Cleveland, or Detroit to fly home. This also might help you choose your incoming airport. Day 9 – Fly home Nothing is perfect and I think some have jobs that don’t allow for so many vacation days, but I wanted to know what other people plan/dream for the Roller Coaster vacations. I usually start with an event (Holiwood Nights) and add around that event.
  12. We had a great time at CGA’s Haunt a couple of weeks ago for an event! We had backstage tours of 3 mazes (Dia de Los Muertos, Slaughterhouse Annihilation and Massacre Manor). We were also behind Gold Striker for some more photos. The night was terrific! We went through the mazes a couple of times (once going into line and once with Fright Line passes) and rode Gold Striker for an hour without getting off! The Voodoo Chophouse is the best value! The only downer of the night was blatant line jumping, even in the Fright Lane! We went through the fright lane for Werewolf Canyon. There was a couple that got in between a couple of us (we had 8 people with us). They got up to the front with us, without a fright lane pass. They told the person at the entrance that “my brother is inside, I need to go in.” She told him that it is line cutting and he could be kicked out. She also said to go to the end of the line. We got through and then she let him in….RIGHT BEHIND US! We couldn’t believe how blatant the line cutting was. We also went last night and had a blast! The park looked crowded, but we were able to get through everything! It is a shame that Haunt is almost over. It seems like it just got started. We will be back out there next Sunday! Behind the Scenes of Dia!!! The cantina! Serve 'em up, we'll knock 'em down! Oooooh....the Theatre! The OVERLORD! Zombie High's entrance got better! Day 2
  13. Great post Mike! I'm glad that Robb's new app works for you. Hopefully the Big Mike Road Show will have many more updates.
  14. We had a great time at the VIP/Media day event for Haunt’s opening night at CGA! There have already been some reviews and my review is below. The new mazes and changes to Haunt are great! I agree with the reviews of Massacre Manor and other mazes that didn’t have the music. I hope that it was just opening night issues and I will find out next Saturday when we go again. If you have gone to CGA for Haunt over the past 5 years, their main mazes are still good. In order of Favorites mazes – Carn-Evil is still terrific! Massacre Manor has some changes and I hope it works out some kinks before next Saturday. I don’t know what happened to the ending of Toy Factory, but I wish it would come back. The new changes to the Corn Stalkers maze was good. Slaughter House is still gross! WereWolf Canyon has gotten better too! One of the new mazes, Dia de Los Muertos, was done very well. The 3-D affects and monsters were terrific. I couldn’t stand the line jumping that was happening right in front of security though. There were also people smoking at the entrance and nothing was stopped too. Just a minor rant…the maze is great though. The other new maze, Zombie High, is different. It is very bright in there and you can see everything. Not too many scares, but it is a neat maze. The entrance needs to be labeled better. Scare Zones have always been terrific. The Gauntlet is usually my favorite, but it seemed like they didn’t have as many scare-actors on Friday night. Underworld Alley was good too. I’m also a big fan of Dead Man’s Cove. The shows – What can I say? Overlord’s Resurrection is a great way to start off the night. Blood Drums does a good job throughout the night too. I have to say, hands down, the BEST Haunt show that I have seen is Blades of Horror! If you don’t go to this show, you are missing out. Make time to see it! Let’s get onto the pics! The Haunt Vehicle out front! They have new flame affects all the way around the water! It's a VIP Night! First Stop.... Gold Striker, all by ourselves! The new food option was very terrific! Shrimp, Bruschetta, Stuffed Mushrooms and Crab Cakes for appetizers! Roast Beef carving station The indoor seating. Dessert area The outdoor area The Overlord's Resurrection... This is an actual spider and web outside the exit to Madame Marie's Massacre Manor That's it for now....
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