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  1. Phish has announced a run of shows at the Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, Virginia March 6th, 7th, and 8th. Amongst Phish fans the venue is referred to as "The Mothership." To anyone who was lucky enough to score tix see you there!
  2. Wish granted. See you at the Mothership!
  3. http://www.tulsaworld.com/NewsStory.asp?ID=061109_Ne_A1_Expir33432 So sad. Basically Bell's has 120 days to vacate. Publicly they have not yet responded. From the link above: Bell's Amusement Park's lease with the fairgrounds expired Wednesday -- and so, too, perhaps, has its future at Expo Square. In a letter sent to Tulsa County Public Facilities Authority members on Wednesday, Rick Bjorklund, president and CEO of Expo Square, recommended the authority not renew its contract with the amusement park. ... No decision has been made on how the 10.4 acres that Bell's has leased will be used in the future, Orbison said. "The easiest thing for it to be used for short-term is parking, and that has been considered," he said. "But we keep our options open for the use of that land for any other appropriate purposes." I'm glad I was able to visit for a couple of hours this summer. Bell's was my original homepark. It looked the same as it always has: kind of junky and over a parking lot. It does have it's skeeballish charm though, and I will miss it if it goes.
  4. I was 18, in college, and broke. I tore through my apartment and car to find loose change to buy smokes. Walking to the store I felt SO depressed and pathetic. When apologizing to the clerk for the change, she looked at me in such a sincere fashion and belted "it all spends the same honey!" Random but life changing.
  5. http://www.afn.org/~afn04050/level/atlantis/atlantis.html Cool, until now I never knew the park existed.
  6. I have seen it on another (less) popular coaster site, where it's being discussed. Apparently it's old, and was on America's Funniest Videos at one time.
  7. Entertaining PTR! Thanks for posting. Being a resident in the tourist town, (and saving $$$ between jobs) I chose to sequester myself to my apartment for "fall cleaning" for the weekend. The few times I made it out to Ralph's (or the newly renovated Henry's on Park- for those SD readers...) it really made me sad I at least didn't go *somewhere* for the weekend. Out of state tags were everywhere and no locals in sight; it made for some interestingly slow driving. Gas isn't THAT expensive. Silly me. Being a beer connoisseur myself, I admire your itenerary. Sorry Liar's Club sucked. I would chalk that up to "it's a LOCAL place, for LOCAL people"! The cleanliness, like the service, leaves much to be desired. After a couple of hours in the surf, though, those burgers and beers are absolutely heaven. If you want to try another dive bar on a return visit try out Live Wire on El Cajon Blvd. They have good beers on tap AND local rock stars serving them to you. It's a neat place, but definitely a dive bar and not the caliber of beer friendly places you chose to visit. It seems that you pretty much hit it on the head making your local beer "credits." For the researchers out there planning a San Diego/LA credit whoring beer trip (why else would you travel this far down the coast?)... Arrogant Bastard Ale IS served on the Pacific Surfliner- $8 for the 22oz bottle. Not quite a growler, but a darn good value when you can shop the 'ports and know you've got a good smoothie between destinations. Just to comment on more park related stuff... Shipwreck amazed me when I first rode it (first season of Atlantis... 2/3 years ago?). I nowhere near visit the amount of parks most posters here do in a season (or most quality posters, anyway) but as far as rapids rides go, it's pretty freakin' awesome. JTA SD is a joke, but I can not compare it to it's counterpart. Again, thanks for the report. It's always fun to hear someone's impression of my five year hometown. Scott "favorite growler stop will always be at Free State in Lawrence, KS" Moore
  8. Blue Velvet! Kevin (the piano player) is a good friend of mine. During the filming they were totally duped into doing their "intro", just so their EARLY dismissal could be edited the way that is was. Soooo sad. Scott "love me some BV" Moore More BV info: http://americasbluevelvet.blogspot.com/
  9. That's the most entertaining PTR I've read all season. Awesome, and I am SO there! I mean, WIPE THE SEAT? :shudders:
  10. Amen Zingo! Wildcat was great until it left. I only wish I was a little older so I could have ridden Mad Mouse-
  11. I'll be at Coachella and the first LA show at the Forum. The new album is my fav. since Ray of Light. I never actually buy her albums. Being a young gay guy that goes out way too much, I hear her all the time by default. It's crazy that I spent 100+ for a ticket to the forum, and I will probably enjoy it less than most of the $8-$12 shows I go to all the time. Last night Captured! By Robots rocked my a$$ for $8. I even went out on a limb and bought a $10 tee. Whatever, Madonna is an icon I grew up with, I'm happy to spend the bucks. Anyone going to the shows I am?
  12. The Legend of Billie Jean No one seems to remember the movie but me... Scott "wanted to be Billie Jean's hostage" Moore
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