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  1. Oh yea I also forgot to add "Breakin' Dishes" by Rihanna, "I'm so High" by Grind Mode, "Tha Crossroads" Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and "Changes" and "To Live and Die in L.A." Tupac/ Makavelli.....if I could add more songs to the list
  2. haha im glad other people like "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga because that is probably my favorite song right now. 10) Check Yes Juliet- We the Kings 9)The City is At War- Cobra Starship 8)Safe and Sound- Rebeluton 7)That's Classy- Breathe Carolina 6)Lovely Breathe Carolina 5)A Milli- Lil Wayne 4)Beautiful- Akon 3)Fast Car- The Dream 2)Don't Trust Me- 3oh!3 1)Poker Face- Lady Gaga
  3. No he's not, he's in Cuba hiding out! lol
  4. Every Lil' Wayne song. I never knew someone could think of things so horrible towards women. I think Lil Wayne was pretty good when he first started out; besides all of the songs that were offensive, he actually had somewhat decent lyrics and great flow. Now his lyrics are horrible and his flow is even worse, especially when he is on someone else's track.
  5. I admit it, I have to get gangster and listen to some random rap song somtimes. No, you should just stop being so closed-minded about music. The whole genre of rap contains some of the most powerful lyrics ever written. Granted there are some bad rappers and songs out there, but you still shouldn't base a whole genre of music on three or four songs you heard on the radio.
  6. Of Course he is! His death has WAY too many coincidences to be believable; he's hanging out with Eazy E Cuba
  7. First, if you are a guest at the Atlantis then you do not need to pay extra. All you do is get a wrist band from the towel rentals and you're free to ride whatever slide you want. As for the slides themselves, there are two main areas. The one area I'm sure you are familiar with is the Mayan temple area. This area has 5 major slides around the structure (one is a double racing slide). This includes the Leap of Faith, or the waterslide that goes through the shark tank. The challenger slides, on the other side, is a pair of racing slides with two or three bumps and a landing in the pool. You can get a little airtime if you start off fast, and they record your time when you reach the bottom. Another slide, I don't know the nameof this one, you ride in an inner tube in the middle of the Mayan temple. The slide takes you through a long dark tunnel with twists and turns, and then you end up in the same shark tank as the Leap of Faith until you return outside for the splash down. The last major slide is basically a typical body slide with any twists and turns. The other area is the Aquadventure area. Essentially this is like Schlitterbahn's transportainment and master blaster structure. The most prominent thing Aquadventure has is the Power Tower. The Power Tower has many different sldes, most of them being master blaster slides. I'm not so sure how to describe these slides other than calling them master blasters. The one slide that is not a master blaster is the Abyss. This slide is completely in the dark and catches many people off gaurd. Basically this slide is just like the Leap of Faith other than there is a bunny hill. The best surprise, however, is at the end. Also, the transportainment is very fun. Essentially, the transportainment is a way to get to the slides witout leaving the water via conveyor belts. However, there are really only two slides you can do while using the transportainment, but I recommend staying for the whole thing because you can ride the rapids which is a lot of fun. As for the restaurants, I recommend Nobu, which is really the only name I remember. However, there is a whole area of shops and restaurants outside the hotel with places like Johnny Rockets, Starbucks, and pizza places. I recommend going to this area at night because it really looks cool. As for other things to do, there is a whole list. You can alwyas go to the beach and do stuff there like jet skiing or just relaxing. Also, there is a casino and night club area. There is a bunch of shopping there, and not just gift shops, but also places like Gucci, Versace, and places outside in the village area if you want to shop. Also, there is a dolpfin center where you can get the opportunity to swim with dolphins, there are countless bars and restaurants, teen clubs, kid clubs, and there is an aquarium like place just down the main tower's lobby. I'm not so sure which building you are exactly staying at. If you are staying at the Reef then it is VERY nice, that is if its anything like the Cove. When I went, the Reef wasn't opened yet, but it had the same style as the Cove. If it is similar to the Cove, then you have a large suite with two plasma screens, a small downstairs area, a walk in closet, and a nice bathroom, and a great view. If your staying in the Coral towers, then I gues it would be ok, I really don't know since I've only stayed in the Cove. Hope this helps and enjoy your trip!
  8. I'm probably the only one who did not want the kid to get hit by the boat. I'm DEFINATELY NOT defending him because he made an incredibly stupid decision to swim across the lagoon, but I don't think he deserves to lose his life.
  9. ^I understand that teaching is a very tough job, but I don't understand why arresting the girl is necessary. Why did the teacher have to take it THAT far if no one felt threatened? Sure a knife is a weapon but its sole purpose is a utensil for food. I would think the teacher would be a little more understanding when she saw the steak. I'm not trying to criticize or disrespect your profession, I just don't understand why arresting the girl was necessary.
  10. I understand why the teachers might have been a little concerned, but arresting the girl is WAY too extreme. I think the teacher should have asked all of the students individually what happened and if they felt threatened or not. Depending on the responses, the teacher could simply confiscate the knife tell the principal and her parents as a warning. As for the parents' common sense, its not their fault either. Like someone said earlier, things were a lot different back then, so they were probably allowed to eat their food with metal utensils. Based on past experiences, how are the parents supposed to know that knives in general are not allowed?
  11. This is one of the most irrational posts I've read on here in a while. First the poster says that visiting two parks on the same calendar year is not a valid comparison. Then he goes on to say that he has no interest in visiting Great Adventure even though he's never been there because "it looks worse even worse than MM". Actually I think he made a valid point (well until he started bashing SFGADV). Time makes a difference in a park experience because I went in October 2006, and it was horrible. The nly rides they had open were the coasters, and not even all of those were open (X was the main thing that killed my fun there). When I went last month, it was actually very enjoyable; a majority of the rides were opened and it just seemed to be cleaner. Overallits a tough call. X is one of the most in sane coasters ever, and IMO beats El Toro any day. As for coaster variety, I would definately give it to SFMM, but SFMM has practically no flat rides which is a big minus. Although I think in a few years, SFGADV will be the next SFMM where it will be the "overrated crown jewel."
  12. Ha last year at Disneyland we went on the Indiana Jones Ride. The ride was previously shut down for about 20 mins, but it re -opened and we got our ride in until the very end when the whole thing just stopped. I t was no big deal at all for us though because we were in the loading and unloading portion of the ride and were two trains away from the air gates. The other people, however, might not have been as lucky. Also I got stuck on the Tower of Terror in MGM (or Disney Studios whatever it wants to be called). Howver, it was also at the very end where the elevator was supposed to back up and let us exit into the library. That ventriliquist doll freaked me out though since it was looking right at me. lol
  13. Umm, lets see, in Vegas, some nice hotels that aren't too expensive are Paris, Monte Carlo, and the Luxor. But the prices all depend on what dates you are planning to visit the US. If you are lucky and happen to catch some great post-holiday season rates, you might be able to stay at the nice hotels like Bellagio, Wynn Las Vegas, and the Venetian. As far as Los Angeles, I've heard the Standard on Sunset Blvd. is nice, also the Renisannce at Hollywood and Highland should be nice. There's also the Disney property hotels and your standard hotels such as Hilton, Hyatt, etc, are all around the three cities you want to visit to cater to your schedule. I really don't know much about San Francisco, since I've never been there. Hope this helps
  14. Those teacup things at Islands of Adventure. The longest line I've seen for the ride is 15mins. I'm not sure if they were trying to compete with the Teacups at Disney World, but they are not that popular. Also, the location of the ride does not help. They put the ride next to one of the biggest attractions in Universal Orlando, which takes away some of the visitors they would've had.
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