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  1. What th!!!!!!!!!! Did someone Puke on the Laptop Computer?????
  2. I am not sure if Facebook Counts but i am on Facebook as Betsie Beadling.
  3. ZOMG!!!!!! I was on that ship in 2004!!! I do miss Puerto Vallarta and those Bimbo Donas Snacks!!!
  4. I heard it was going to get turned on the 10th!!!!
  5. I sure hope Elissa got her B-Day card that i postal Mailed to her!?!?!?!?
  6. Because i'm into Anime and Manga and Japanese Culture, i guess i would be catagorized as an Otaku!!!
  7. I sure hope Robb and Elissa and our other California TPR Members are ok from the Scary fires????
  8. Gee Whiz!!! Dont be so Grouchy, its just a dumb Halloween Prank thats been going around the internet!!!
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