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  1. Hey guys. Quick update from this weekend, another turn and a lot of connecting transitions went up. This thing is going up FAST!!! -Jahan One last shot of the two bigger turns that have gone up. Thanks for reading! Still more bents in the back, awaiting erection! Oooooh! Looks like they're prepping for more work behind Deja, on the other side of the ride! The newest and the oldest construction, you can see all the new transitions and and the end of the ride sweeps around. ...and here's a close-up of what has primarily been completed so far. Up in the SkyTower, here's an overview of the construction. The original turn is still just chilling. A shot by the old Psyclone sign. All of this added construction was despite some heavy rain (for SoCal). The coaster isn't even half built, and it's already shaping the skyline on this side of the park! Next to last week's turn, the final turn also went up this past week. "Hi. I'm Chris Fourmont. And welcome to the Terminator construction!"
  2. The state investigation (the first of its kind) concluded that the boy was placed on the wrong side of the vehicle (on the open-door side, not the closed, as is the policy) and the lapbar wasn't securely fastened, which doesn't surprise me--somewhat typical when the CMs have to hit a certain dispatch interval. There wasn't any mechanical failure, but Disney is faulted for both operation error and their poor response. With accidents like this, it takes a lot of things going wrong to make something like this happen. Believe it or not, a lot of safety IS engineered into the attraction and the operation policy. My point is, yes this would have never happened if the mom paid more attention--but it also wouldn't have happened if Disney changed one of many things on their end. -Jahan
  3. LOL! Congrats Colin! That's quite an achievement, from one non-runner to a runner! Seeing these events makes me wish I was physically capable and mentally dedicated enough to participate, if anything, to see the show that Disney puts on! But at the end of the day, that's what I have you and your pictures for. Lol. -Jahan
  4. ^ I agree! I thought last year's WCB was probably one of the greatest one-day events that a park has ever thrown for enthusiasts. I sure hope that this year continues that. I'll be there. -Jahan
  5. I don't know if I find this funny because I'm someone who is absolutely reliant on my car, because the sexual freedom in America was founded IN CARS (or at least in the backseat), or because I simply don't have sex-- --either way, I find it funny! -Jahan
  6. Perhaps in an effort to keep conversation on the Terminator Salvation coaster, instead of whatever we want to talk about, an overview-update picture is in order. I took this photo with my phone, as I wasn't expecting to get to go up the SkyTower, as it's closed for the New Year event assembly. A few things to note-- -The slab is FULLY poured! -Bents are staring to be positioned for erection! (teeheehee!) -The current work involved filling the "island" with dirt. -The massive turn anchors were being welded and assembled (two visible in the picture). -Hard to tell in the picture, but Dejavu is sporting part of it's new refreshed paint job. -Not visible (sorry, my phone camera nowhere near matches my real one), but the bent anchors have been installed and in-person you can make-out the ride layout by following the footings. I would guess that vertical construction isn't far off. Merry Christmas! -Jahan
  7. Very interesting coaster. I'm watching with intrigued eyes, definitely. Thank you Adam and Bryan for all of the updates! Great photos and captions. Much appreciated! -Jahan
  8. My favorite was Colins!!! LOL. But I equally couldn't pass up voting for "Emo on Nemo"...that's just double-amazing. -Jahan
  9. Cold winds + cold temperature, together. X had a history of valleying. It had happened several times. There are a lot of moving parts (aka, friction) and the ride slows as it makes it around the circuit. X2's trains are likely more affected by weather (likely due to less momentum) and therefore, the park is probably taking strong precautionary measures to not lose the operation of it's starring attraction. That's my interpretation, at least. -Jahan
  10. BTW, I've been corrected. X2 didn't open last monday, the entire day, due to weather as well. Other than those two instances, it hasn't been a problem. -Jahan
  11. -X2 will close for cold weather/high winds. Or rather open late, as once the trains are warmed up it's usually fine. This weather combination is not "regular" for So Cal, it does happen occasionally. I have only see X2 open late for this, once, so I suppose I wouldn't worry too much. -Ninja oftentimes will open late due to the cold-temperature, but it will open. This does become a regular occurance. -Some water rides will not be open, for various reasons. -Dejavu likely will not be open. The reality of the matter is the only coaster you're likely going to be missing is Deja. The "cold-weather rides" will still open, albiet possibly late. -Jahan
  12. Rants, jokes, and anything NOT having to do with the actual discussion of Cricket is ending in 3, 2, ....1. Ok. Anyway, I once saw a 4-hour long Indian musical, where a water-deprived village challenged the British to cricket, won, and the rain came. Always had me intrigued about the sport. It was actually a decent flick! -Jahan
  13. Hanno!!! I've currently been traveling, so thus unable to see your photos until today and let me just say--I LOVE THEM! Especially the one of Kristen grabbing my nose. I adore it! Thank you for sharing these! -Jahan
  14. ^ I have never been engaged in a conversation where Lasik comes up and somebody doesn't go, "I know someone where they messed up an eye." At this point, the technology is far too young for my comforts. I just made the transition from glasses to contacts about a month ago and couldn't be happier. Yes, they're annoying, but no more so than glasses--they're just annoying in different ways. The freedom and clarity that I get with contacts are much greater than the inconvenience, in comparison to glasses. Granted, I have a pretty good fit. It seems that a lot of those who cant get into contacts don't have the fit for it. -Jahan
  15. ^^ Have her mark it with Clitter--that will help make it sparkly and easier. Though I have no understanding of flirtation whatsoever, I would say this--if she's started to like you for you (amazing, we all agree ), then however you flirt, make sure it's not in a fashion that changes you. -Jahan
  16. ^ And I thought my jokes were funny. C'mon Tyler--Wes knows how to introduce a little anarchy. -Jahan
  17. Cedar Fair doesn't need them. Even at their highest profile park, lines rarely exceeed 30 minutes except for their new "big thing" attraction. Efficient general operations + motivated employees > pay-to-play system. Their highest profile park is the only park at which the "Cedar Fair" formula makes any sort of sense. The majority of their parks that I have been to DO NOT run like Cedar Point. And even then again, I queued 45 minutes for both Millenium Force and Top Thrill Dragster. Comparibly, with my Gold Q-Bot, I bypassed a 90 minute queue for El Toro and got on in 8 minutes, Kingda Ka in 4. -Jahan
  18. Yay for China!!! Be safe guys! Look forward to you telling me how kick-ass T-Express is!
  19. That's a bad photo, but I have the capability of taking far worse! Great update! I really liked Leap the Dips! It was 200 for me! -Jahan
  20. If consumers are willing to pay for a service, be mad at them, not at the park--because if queue management systems were really BS, they wouldn't sell. But they do, more and more every day. They way I see it, you'd have to be stupid (*cough* Cedar Fair *cough*) to not offer a service that clearly is both profitable and offers the consumer more choice in the experience they want to have. As a matter of fact even Disney is catching onto this, as they've recently filed a patent for a new FastPass that will give priority to guests staying on-property, and even let hotel guests choose rides days in advance, making even the standard FastPass somewhat obselete. As the Joker said, "If you're good at something, never do it for free." I recently purchased a Gold Q-Bot at SFGAd and was able to complete the entire park in 3 hours. That's amazing. We're talking a day with 90 minute waits. I couldn't be more in love with the system. I prefer it to Disney's FastPass, which is both limited and fragments your day. The Q-Bot lets you go to a park at your own pace, enjoy rides as you want to enjoy them, without having to park hop and run across parks to FastPass different rides. -Jahan
  21. I'm not an engineer. And not representative of the ride maintenence in any way. But I am Arrowfanman and have walked beneath the inversion, inspecting it close up-- The trains are great. It's the track shaping there. The track essentially turns and twists 35 degrees--vertically--at a moment in the ride when the speed is fluctuating rapidly (causing different parts of the train to take the turn differently). If you're sitting on an outside, you're probably 6-7 feet from the point which anchors you to this twisting track--and a 35 degree twist, in line will be much more dramatic 7 feet away from that in-line. To redo the section would be a massive undertaking. They'd have to probably start as far back as the exit of the last inversion and retrack up to the break run, to lessen the angle of the turn. And the truth is, I'm with ajinaz on this one. I've ridden several times, including in the very seat you describe and haven't had an experience to the extent which you describe. It hurts, but I've been on a lot of coasters that hurt. I've never banged my head to the point I fear concussion. As for the tripod, it sucks you couldn't get ahold of someone. I believe it says the rule on the internet and know that it does in the park maps. -Jahan
  22. Be careful Scott! Historically, one of the easiest ways to commandeer the voters for a third party candidate and dismiss him, is to adopt his agenda and beliefs! These were offensive moves, so be on the lookout! -Jahan
  23. YAY!!! A Hanno PTR!! Great shots my friend! You have a distinct way of helping me see how stupid I look on a regular basis! -Jahan
  24. Brandon's still wearing his tags!? What a dork!!! Just kidding Brandon! Anyway, it REALLY was a good cake. Like, REALLY. I just wish I hadn't just eaten because I would have liked to have eaten more! -Jahan
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