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  1. Add me guys...Robbins117. I'm level 26 with everything but the Popstick Tower.
  2. I find it strange, too. When you give your park so many additions all in a short matter of time, you kind of saturate the market and don't see the kinds of revenue/attendance increases that you'd want as opposed to if you spaced them out (and had some park rennovations/improvements inbetween). Sometimes I get jealous, then I remember when we got Chiller, Medusa, Nitro, S:UF, KK and El Toro in an 8 year span Well, technically 9, but Chiller didn't fully open until 1998, sooo.... Long time no see!
  3. Ride it before you act like it won't effect you. The ride is amazing, but it beats your thighs up. Which I don't mind, I can't wait to see the ERT line for this.
  4. I'll be heading to those three parks next week and if anyone has any helpful tips, please post them! Any suggestions on anything will be really appreciated!!
  5. I went there yesterday, the park was 1 train op for all the coasters that day which made for long waits. Monster had a 45 minute wait with one train running, it was running good. I still like Raptor better though, maybe cause it doesn't look like a construction zone like Monster does.
  6. I think it's stupid how they won't run coasters below 40 degrees. I've been up at SFNE during there closing weekend and it had to be below freezing and S:RoS at the time was hauling.
  7. Anyone hear any updates on this? I was going to head to the park the other day and luckily I called first.
  8. Phantasialand Klotten Park Walibi World Holiday Park Europa Park Casino Pier Morey's Pier Six Flags Great Adventure and a whole bunch of German fairs!
  9. What fair is that at? I've never seen them at any of the Fairs in Germany before?
  10. It varies per ride, it was anywhere from 4-7 Euros.
  11. Oh, I got some beer pictures but my memory got a little distorted at that point! Plus, I only took pictures during the evening and it was mostly of the rides really. I got a few from the Hard Rock Cafe in Munich and the beer there from the local brewery was awesome!
  12. Amazing beer, amazing rides, amazing women, amazing time....Germany is awesome! Here's the pictures! Just a little busy... Awesome time! I have more pictures, but felt this might be a little too many.[/img]
  13. I was at this fair on Saturday, the highlight of the trip for me was the Commander by far. Awesome flat! Olympia Looping was a plus too...
  14. Does anyone know where it is right now? Where in Germany?
  15. Thank you. It looks like I'm going to get on the Olympia Looping in Duren!
  16. I'm asking anyone who lives in Germany if they know the dates for the big Ride Fairs this year and what cities it will be in? If anyone knows it will be greatly appreciated!
  17. ^It's from the news article on the first page. No matter, what any park or company does there is always going to be people bitching. Just look at the last five pages of this, I say way to go Six Flags!
  18. Just thought I resurrect an old thread, but is there any newcomers into he military? I'm stationed over here in Germany and I've been over here for six months. It's awesome!
  19. You figure it would have a lightning rod at the top?
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