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  1. I rode Voltron two days ago... It was the most painful and shaky ride I've ever had on a coaster.... It seems some trains are better but mine was extremely bad, it was the first time that i didn't feel well enough to ride it again. I don't think it was a good idea to build a wing-seated coaster with such extreme elements... Will be interesting if the park can fix this.
  2. There are more onrides, were you can see some pre-ride effects and a little surprise before the ride starts... So be aware of spoilers https://youtu.be/veh7SxNQOMo?feature=shared And one more report (in english) of the opening ceremony and the queue etc.: https://youtu.be/9yHWVZCOwAU?si=-V-mmZDfc13WNmQI The ride look like a huge hit and has excellent theming again
  3. Trip One: South-Germany First day: Arrival at Swiss Zurich or Basel Airport, drive between 1,5-2,5h to Europa Park and check in a hotel there. Second day: Enjoy "EuropaPark", at the evening after park clöosing, drive about 2h to the Park "Tripsdrill" and stay at a hotel nearby. Third day: Two smaller but nice parks - visit Tripsdrill for half a day, to do the main attractions and than make an one hour drive to "Holiday park" and ride the main attractions there. At evening take take a two hour drive to Phantasialand and book there a hotel. Fourth day: Visit "Phantasia Land" and enjoy the day. On the evening take the car on a 2h drive to a hotel near "Walibi Belgium", book it for maybe two days. Fifth day: Enjoy your stay at Walibi Belgium nd your second night in the Hotel. Sixth day: Drive to the airport in Brussels (30min) or enjoy Brussels for the morning before doing this and than fly home Here is the link to drive on maps in a hol ( so all stations) on maps: https://maps.app.goo.gl/Vd57NmjUU2gGbrgTA If Splitflight is to expensive may landing in Frankfurt, could the trick, too. But this will add a longer drive at the first day (about 3,5 hours) and the last day, about 3 hours Positive: - A lot of nice parks with nice attractions. -Everyday about 2 hour drives to the next park. negative: - Split flight: You land in Swiss and fly back from Brussels, most times this is more expensive. - You need to rent the car from a company that operates in all 3 countries ( i think "sixt" and "hertz" are the biggest ones) - it will be kind a of exhausting trip. No time to handle the Jetlag, a lot of 2 hour drives. Another Trip could be one that some above suggested: Landung in Cologne: Visit Phantasia Land and than maybe Walibi Belgieum and 1-2 Park in the Netherlands (Toverland, Plopsaland dePanne, Walibi Holland, Efteling etc.) and maybe on the return Trip visit another German Park like (Hansa or HeidePark) before flying back from Cologne. The third and maybe most relaxing and sightseeing trip would be: Fly to Paris- France, take the bus from the Airport to Park Asterix, Book a hotel there and stay there for 1-2 daysand enjoy the park. Than take public transport or rent a car to go to Disneyland Paris and maybe book a hotel there or in the city and visit 2-3 days the DisneyParks there. Maybe enjoy the city a bit, but not go to the most touristy places. Or if you really have to visit the Eiffel-Tower, be prepared for touristy hell. I would suggest enjoying a smaller city near Paris the get something from France. This is most chilling Trip but you will only visit two Parks, which are High Quality ones, but France is quiet expensive (but i think still cheaper than the US). But be aware that Paris tourists areas are full of scams and overpriced everything....
  4. Can't wait for your reports of my home park EuropaPark. I am often there these days... So maybe I am lucky to meet you.
  5. Coasters: as others mentioned before, go to Wodan first (has the slowest queues since it has no block section mid track). But Wodan is getting a little rough and sometimes gives me headaches (like EuroMir). So take some headache medicine with you is my advice. Blue fire next, because it is nearby, but it has a fast moving queues and should stay at about 20 minutes wait time on Sun-/Mondays. Next one I would visit Arthur, since this has quite a low capacity, too. And it's a family ride, so more people go there and the lines come rarely under 20 Minutes till the park closes. Between 10:30-12 am is good time than to go to Silver star and CanCan-Coaster, since the crowds which enter through the entrance move to the back of the park. The other coasters normally have waiting times between 5-15 minutes, if you do not walk with the main crowds in which their waiting time will spike up. If you quickly want to check the queues, i use this homepage, because it shows waiting times better than the parks app and you don't need gps: https://www.wartezeiten.app/europapark/ - you can even look at the waiting times if the last days/weeks/ months, if you want to get a better knowing if the rides queuing times. About Virtual queues: you can queue at one ride, but you have to scan your ticket in the app. You should do this in the morning, since they are gone quickly... Don't waste it for "Piraten von Battavia" since it normally has no or short lines. I closed my gps and the app to save the battery of my phone, when I reopened the app without GPS on, my virtual queue was cancelled - be aware of this. For food: there is the castle near the entrance, which is a nice and more quiet area - good for relaxing and get some good food. The Biergarten is there to, but it has not much variety, but it will stay open one hour, after the park closes and sometimes has a German Volks band performing there, so if you want some beer this could be the place. I think the entrance area stays open till later in the evening too. Hotel guest can take the monorail above the entrance back to the hotels in evening (the entrance of the monorail is closed but hotel guest can enter the monorail through the exit). I think the 4D cinema there is open in the evening, too. Playing some normal movies. But if you want to try some other food, nearly every country of the park has a (mostly good) restaurant with the countries typical food. So in Switzerland you can eat "Raclette Cheese", inside the swiss village. Near Poseidon/Greek they have a Greek restaurant, Spain (Spanish), Finnland if remember correctly, is good for fish and so on... But be aware, like others mention they always have a fast food restaurant with burgers in each area,too. The restaurants are often a little bit more hidden inside a building, while the fast food stands are always in sight. Most people i know loved the Fish-Burgers/Sandwich in Finland. Another nice to try, is the "Food-Loop" Restaurant, where your food is delivered through small rollercoasters-style cars to your table. Food is just okay, but it is a interesting concept... It is in the glas-pyramid near EuroMir. Overall, EuropaPark has a lot of little small hidden dark rides, but most of them like "SnoriTouren" are made for kids, but they still can be fun. I liked the small laser maze in England, there is not much - just a themed room with smoke and some laser beams... They count the time and how often you touched a Lazer... But is very small, not await to much. At the exit of Poseidon is a nice mad house "Fluch der Kassandra" which is easy to miss. I don't know much about the shows, but when I was younger I enjoyed the show in the Italian area very much. It had kind of mixture of artist, art, magician and dancing. It is near the haunted house "Geisterschloss", in the building to right of it. The 4D cinema is ok, depends on the movie which is shown. The others shows I never visited. I think the show in the Spanish area, a kind of rodeo stadium, is mainly a horse/action show. Than they have a ice skating show near Poseidon. In England there is a theater style show. If I want to relax, i always do the small monorail, or one of the smaller boat rides. Or take the train to the front of the park and relax in the castle park. About the wet-rides: Atlantica and Poseidon are quiet tame, you most times don't get really wet. But in the rafting ride and the log flume "Tiroller Wildwasserbahn" you can get quiet wet, if you are unlucky - but there are always human-dryers outside the rides, were you can get dried for 1-2€. But now it starts to get hot here in Germany, and normally you will dry in minutes. I forgot the name of the hotel, but I had a good "all you can eat" buffet, which was 2 years ago about 30-35€ (before COVID, war and inflation) for a person. It was the hotel with the lighthouse. And I had a good cocktail at the Coloseo-Hotel Bar. In the evening they have a nice show in Coloseo, too. And if you like water parks, don't forget Europe Park just has build the big water park "Rulantica" nearby, maybe a good possiblity for relaxing in the evening or check out the slides. Maybe they a have Combi-Ticket for hotel guest. The VR-experience "Yullbe" is not worth the money... They have a small experience for 12€ which is like 5 minutes with a oculus quest and another for 35€ which is like 20 minutes and a walking adventure. But if you know/tried VR before or if you have an OculusQuest, you experienced most it offers. If they would price it fair 3-5€ for the small experience and 8-12€ for the long, it would be just okay - but still not a must do. Before spending 35€ in Yullbe, visit Rulantica which costs about the same. But I never tried the VR-coaster, maybe they are better. But if you get VR-sick not suggest riding them, but I think they are priced more reasonable. Good to know: In the main-season (June to mid Sept. & during the German Autumn holidays around Halloween) the Park decides how long it is opened after the length of the queues of the park... So for example today most of the major rides had 20 minutes wait or less and was quiet full - so between 3-4 pm they will place signs at the rides when the park closes. Today they opened 1 hour longer, to 19:00(7pm)... So between 20-30 minutes, it mostly opens 1 hour longer, 30-40 minutes queues - 2 hours, above 40 (only in holidays) 3-4 hours. So the park really makes sure, you have enough time. One time i was on the most crowded day of the year, with a huge traffic jam in front of the park and some coaster had waiting times between 40-50 minutes... Even than we could ride all major rides and many even two times. And the park opened till 10pm, so we could do some night rides. They really know how to push the people through the rides - really great operation. If you see signs with times showing up in the ride stations, they are the closing times of the queues. So the queues/entrances of the rides will be closed at this time everywhere in the park. Another tip: Tiroler Wildwasserbahn, Atlantica, Alpenexpress and the other smaller rides, most times have 1Minute lines in the evening 40-30 Minutes before closing, because everyone wants to ride the bigger rides before the park closes. This i use to get the smaller rides done I missed or i enjoy. Another tip, check everything: in every building or pathway which is open to enter is something: most times it is a shop or restaurant, sometimes there are exhibitions, small animatronics or little (animatronic-)shows. Some pathways lead to nice point of views - for example in the swiss village you can walk on some balconies from which you get a nice view on the "Schweizer Bobbahn" coaster, or you can walk under the tracks of BlueFire near the Wodan entrance. When no people walk somewhere (empty stairs/walkways), it is often a good possibility to check out what is inside and get some relaxing times from the crowds.
  6. The first beautiful train for the new Eurosat "Cancan Coaster" arrived: Source: https://epfans.info/?id=4919&lang=&PHPSESSID=17406022e83306729edbd18810ee5859
  7. Official video from testing: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  8. Please do not post things on our forum unless you actually know what you are talking about. Last time I checked, the coaster at Margate in the UK looks NOTHING like Wodan. Don't be like Trump and spread Fake News. We are better than that. Sorry, I should check that before posting, you are right. I life in a city close to the park and had a barbecue when all of our towns firefighters drive by in direction to the park. A friend just said that there are pictures of Wodan burning too. I already wondered how this could happen because Wodan is a good amount away of the pirates ride. I should have taken a good look at the picture than would have seen it is not Wodan. So sorry for that overhasty post. Just sad to see a part of my childhood in my home park burning down. But glad no one got serious injuries.
  9. On Twitter are pictures from Wodan wooden coaster burning too.... Sad day
  10. The black track you see in the picture is indeed the old track. They mentioned that they need to replace small parts of the track at one time to maintain the static of the the construction. But they will replace all the track piece by piece. And yes it was necessary because the ride was planned for about 20 years of lifetime and I think some track parts needed to get refurbished. And they add a second station for VR rides, so they have now two rides in one. They will use most of the original layout but they said they will add two new elements. In one interview one of the Mack's even mentioned one thing will be worls first. But not sure if he means an element on the ride or something about the theming (maybe an 360 degree projection).
  11. There is a nice german report of visiting the construction area of the eurosat with nice pictures from inside: https://ep-board.de/viewtopic.php?p=185394#p185394
  12. My latest latest workshop item. Enjoy! SkyRipper - this extreme coaster is high adreline rush for crazy people. A complete coaster around a huge tower. It is inspired by the SkyScrapper Tower Coasters which are planned to be build in the US. But i decided it to create it as workshop-item. So there is very little theming, cause i needed all parts to get it running. Most of the supports from the Tower are completly hand placed. So have fun riding it and rate if you like it (or maybe dislike it)! Steam-Link: steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=858735799 Here is the Video: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] and some pics:
  13. Thx... i tried to get as much as possible into this ride with the 2000 pieces blueprint limit. Still hoping that they will make this limit higher (at least 3000 pieces would be great ). And i really hope they are adding more theming parts and animatronics... they are really limited at the moment. Or maybe SDK-Tools for modders would be great
  14. My first full dark ride for Planet Coaster. Worked hard to get it done with the 2000 pieces limit (we need more..... PLEEEEASSE [haha] ) . But i got it work to get a good amount of triggered scenes into the ride. So while i tried to get a good amount of detail inside, i had nearly no pieces left to do some outside theming... so it looks a bit ugly on the outside but i think it will spare a lot of work to get a cool dark ride in the park and just need to theme it on the outside so that it fits nicely.... have fun trying it: UPDATE: Fixed the bug that caused the workshop item to be "obstructed" all the time when you try to place it. Should work now fine Feedback is always appreciated Onride: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] Steam-Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=821772360 Some pics: and some pics from the early stage to take a look an the track layout and on some scenes before the roof was put on the building:
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